Fall 2022 Newsletter

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A Message from the Chair

Dear Civil and Environmental Engineering Community,

As CEE moves forward, we acknowledge the achievements of its people – the faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends who work together to engineer a better future for us all. With the collaboration of our Industrial Advisory Board, we continue to evolve and embed the needed power skills and technical skills in the curriculum so that our students excel and are competitive in the fields of civil, environmental and transportation engineering. Our students are getting ready to compete again in regional and national competitions, including Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, Water Filter and 3D Printed Bridge. 


Our faculty research in the areas of intelligent transportation, sustainable environment and resilient infrastructure continue to make headlines. Dr. Michel Boufadel was recently honored with the Board of Overseers Excellence in Research Award for 2022. Dr. Boufadel's research is a great contribution to NJIT's sustainability initiative.  Dr. Wen Zhang was also recognized this fall with an Edison Patent Award in Emerging Technology. The award is a great honor and highlights innovative research in environmental engineering.

We welcome our newest staff member to the department, Ms. Kori Hodges, as an administrative assistant. 


I invite you to read some of our recent news through this CEE Fall 2022 Newsletter. As always, I sincerely appreciate and welcome your support of our department’s academic, research and service initiatives. 


On behalf of CEE, I wish you happy holidays and best wishes for the upcoming new year.

Please join me in reading some of our recent highlights below.


Taha F. Marhaba, P.E., F.ASCE
(973) 596-2444
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In the News

An NJIT Water Treatment Specialist

Wins an Edison Patent Award

In daily battles with pathogens, legacy chemicals from long disappeared factories and a growing array of micropollutants, water treatment systems are often handicapped by clogged membrane filters. Replacing them regularly is both laborious and expensive. "Membrane filters are easily clogged when bacteria, natural organic matter and insoluble solids block their pores, aging and damaging them.

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NJ Research Institutions Host Environmental Symposium to Tackle Climate Change and Planetary, Human

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers, Princeton and Stevens Institute of Technology joined to present research projects and explore potential areas of collaboration related to climate change, planetary and human health that would benefit the population of New Jersey and beyond.

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An Engineer Wins Honors at NJIT's 2022 Excellence in Research Ceremony

Engineer Michel Boufadel, one of the world's chief experts on oil spills and a frequent consultant on cleanups, is the winner of the Board of Overseers Excellence in Research Award for 2022.

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Department Highlights

Left to right: William Pennock, Nora Chamesian, Diego Cabrera, Christopher Hanna, Dennis Truax, Nestor Garcia, Heba Yousef, Pedro Bandeira, Taha Marhaba, Stephanie Santos.

Dennis Truax Visits NJIT Campus

Former American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) Society President Dennis Truax visited NJIT's civil and environmental engineering department on Thursday, October 6, to meet with the ASCE student chapter and learn about the 3D printed bridge competition. The student leaders gave updates on the steel bridge and concrete canoe competition teams and their preparations for the 2023 student symposia at the conference.

NJIT's ASCE student chapter, received the 2022 ASCE Distinguished Chapter Award for Region 1 by the ASCE Committee on Student Members. This award is given annually to the outstanding student organization in the region.

NJIT will host the high school division of the 2023 3D printed bridge competition on Sunday, April 30. For more information, visit https://civil.njit.edu/3d-printed-bridge-competition.

Ranked Number 11 For The Best Online Master's in Civil Engineering by OnlineEngineering.org

Civil engineering is the ideal engineering concentration for those who aspire to combine the technical aspects of engineering with the kind of high-level planning, coordination and analysis required by complex, large-scale projects. Professional opportunities for civil engineering master's students can include leadership on large construction projects, such as bridge design and housing development or oversight of expansive...

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Fall 2021 CEE Graduate Seminar Series

Each semester, the department hosts the series, Graduate Seminars. The seminar features a prominent guest speaker from industry or academia and spans current topics in structural, geotechnical and environmental engineering, as well as transportation. The seminars are organized by Professor Rayan Assaad and are held on Monday afternoons.

Topics included:

Learn More Here

Department Research

Geomechanics for Geo-Engineering and Sustainability (GGES) Lab

The Geomechanics for Geo-Engineering and Sustainability (GGES) Lab is working on cutting-edge research at the intersection of rock mechanics, energy, biotechnology and sustainability. Our group investigates mechanical responses in microbial-rock interactions, and the multiscale failure and behavior of rocks and rock-like materials. Based on laboratory tests, our group further develops theoretical and numerical models to predict and mitigate geotechnical-related hazards triggered by natural or man-made causes at multiscale, ultimately elucidating these processes' impact at the field scale. 

Our research areas of interest are: experimental and computational rock mechanics, the engineering behavior of rocks, biogeomechanics, carbon geo-sequestration, geo-energy development & underground energy storage, geotechnical-related hazard mitigation, thermal-induced rock deformation, underground drilling and excavation, the stability of slopes and underground openings.


2022 - 2023 Algal Removal from NJ Lakes

Wen Zhang's research group works with New Jersey water conservation agencies, lake commissions and industrial partners to develop microbubble-enabled air-flotation/filtration platforms to replenish water quality and remove harmful algal blooms (HABs) from New Jersey Lakes. This work is funded by the NJDEP (Award number: WM20-040). The group was awarded $500,000 from NJDEP to work in partnership with the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI) and BRISEA Inc. to design and launch a mobile floating platform to mechanically remove and mitigate harmful algal blooms at Branch Brook Lake and Deal Lake, two New Jersey lakes that are negatively affected by algal blooms. The team proposes to apply filtration and air flotation, as well as unique engineering technologies to mechanically remove HABs from water. The boat, depending on the designed treatment capacity, has flexible and tunable dimensions and functionalities such as, water quality monitoring. The purged air micro-nano bubbles in the air flotation process also aim to replenish water with dissolved oxygen that may abate anoxia and hypoxia. This three-year demonstration project will involve three major stages: designing the boat’s specifications, including size and power with intensive water quality and algal characterization; building and deploying the boat in two lakes for demonstration testing; verifying its performance of algae removal and evaluating its impact on the lakes' water quality and restoration. Details can be found below:


Student Highlights

Lara Rios ’23, Student Speaker at NJIT's 2022 Celebration

Celebration is s festive evening of dinner, dancing and live entertainment which provides support for scholarships and honoring individuals for achievements of great benefit to New Jersey and our nation, and organizations that have been exceptional in their commitment to the university’s mission.

Lara Rios is a senior enrolled in the Newark College of Engineering at who studies civil engineering. She was raised in Bloomfield, New Jersey, and currently resides there with her parents, Jairo and Laura, and two brothers, Jared and Liam.

When filling out college applications, Rios' aptitude for math and physics led her to choose civil engineering, a largely white, male-dominated field. However, this path was difficult to visualize for a half-Chilean and half-Puerto Rican woman with very few engineers in her family, let alone women engineers. Her father, an NJIT alum and structural engineer, provided a piece of that picture. His influence on Lara’s life was the other reason she chose civil engineering. As a first-generation college student, her father had to overcome many obstacles including poverty and living in unsafe neighborhoods. Going to his alma mater to follow in his footsteps was her way of honoring him for all the sacrifices and struggles he endured while providing for his family. Both of Rios’s parents constantly inspire her to be the determined and hard-working student she is today. 

Thanks to scholarships from NJIT, Avanade and the Albert Dorman Honors College, Rios has been able to focus on her studies and work diligently to create a better environment for her peers. As a commuter, she knew the struggles they face and joined the Student Senate in her first year. By spending four semesters on the student organizations committee, she saw that these organizations were the key to engaging students. During her junior year, Rios served as Director of Student Organizations, the committee which revived clubs that had become inactive during the pandemic, and she created a system to encourage and award student organization activities. Later inspired by a student government conference, she sought to create a diversity and inclusion position in the Student Senate. 

This year Rios, serves in that role, taking a more targeted approach to continuing her efforts to foster a sense of belonging among her peers. With the administration at her side, she will use this position to and provide students with any resources they need. Rios is also president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), whose purpose is to empower the Hispanic community to realize its full potential. So far she has led her board members in hosting events for Hispanic Heritage Month, a “How To” professional workshop series, and a trip to the SHPE National Conference, in which 30 students where sponsored to attend. Following graduation, Rios hopes to continue her education by pursuing a Ph.D. in structural engineering and eventually take a full-time role at an engineering firm. 

Bio link here

American Rock Mechanics Association - NJIT Student Chapter

The American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA) is a professional and international engineering and scientific society which promotes interaction among specialists, practitioners, scholars and educators in rock mechanics and geomechanics. The association advocates for individuals and firms in all aspects of rock mechanics and geomechanics, including multi-disciplinary rock physics and rock engineering technology advancement and technological applications for civil engineering, mining engineering and tunneling, oil and gas recovery, and geo-related socioeconomic problem-solving.

ARMA-NJIT Student Chapter will be led by Mary Ngoma, a Ph.D. student and the chapter will be supervised by Assistant Professor Oladoyin Kolawole.

More information

2023 Newly Elected American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Executive Board

President: Pedro Bandeira

Vice President: Saad Rehmatullah

Secretary: Emanew Brito

Treasurer: Bara Ibrahim

Historian: Emma Abi-Atme

The ASCE student chapter promotes networking and social events during the year to provide students the opportunity to engage, de-stress, and make industry connections. With diversity in mind, the events have included guest speakers, resume reviews, and game nights that have served to establish a community within our department and foster a positive environment for our students. The resume review specifically is a successful event, because it provides vital feedback and interview skills that will prepare our students for interviews within our industry.

Bandeira said, "As president of ASCE, my main goal will be to build a stronger relationship with first and second year CE students. The e-board looks forward to hosting events that will benefit students in their careers and consequently increase student participation in the organization."

Learn more about ASCE

2022 Moles Student Day

On October 7, approximately 40 civil and environmental engineering students attended the annual Moles' student field trip at Newark Liberty Airport's New Terminal A construction site. According to NJ.com, the 2.7 billion dollar project is set to open at the end of this year.

The Moles' Education Committee has hosted an Annual Students Day since 1962, a widely popular event offered to Junior-year students attending participating colleges and universities, including the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and U.S. Military Academy.

During the visit to the new terminal, project managers presented their construction plans. Some of the presentation topics included the geology and soil profile of Newark airport, low voltage systems, the design-build process of the connection bridges and more.

The visit was very informative and allowed the students to explore different specialty areas within civil and environmental engineering.

Learn more

Congratulations Joseph Almedia, Recipient of the 2022 AISC Education Foundation Scholarship

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Education Foundation sponsors scholarship programs to assist qualified students, and to encourage creativity, interest and proficiency in the fabricated structural steel construction industry. Joseph was awarded $5,000.

Joseph graduated magna cum laude in civil engineering and is pursuing a master’s degree at NJIT full-time, focusing on structural engineering. Furthermore, he is a graduate research assistant under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Bandelt. Joseph is investigating the seismic performance of high performance fiber reinforced cementitious materials through experimental and numerical methods.



The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize their fullest potential and impacts the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.

This academic year five of the eleven e-board members are civil and environmental engineering students.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, the organization hosted a variety of events such as a Si Se Puede Panel, Latin Night and a Tres Leches Fundraiser. They encourage professional development by hosting resume building workshops and trips to construction sites.

Learn more

Jitendra Kewalramani, Placed Second in

2022 New Business Model Competition

Hosted annually during the fall semester, the New Jersey Innovation Acceleration Center runs the New Business Model Competition. Many entrepreneurs submit practical innovative ideas for review by a panel of judges with the chance to win a $3,000 summer fellowship to pay them to work on their idea. Although submission is free, each submission must follow the guidelines of the NAVC program.

The purpose is to showcase a product within the technology discipline. The participants had seven minutes to convince a panel of six judges, followed by a five minutes Q&A session, that their product was the most innovative. For the competition, the participants were asked to define a product and elaborate on its benefits and commercial usefulness. The participants identified the target audience and market size for the product, as well as its feasibility. The event offers two tracks in which participants can compete as students or as community members in N.J.

Kewalramani was a finalist in this event in 2019, where he presented the potential for commercializing his research topic: high-frequency ultrasound for environmental remediation. However, at that time, the product was new and didn't fully demonstrate its value to customers. After taking notes from the judges and some refinement, he returned and won 2nd place.

Kewalramani said, "For the last three years, I worked on developing my product, evaluated its market potential, found an early adopter and filed a patent application. We are currently in the stage of developing a field prototype for demonstration."

Learn more about Jitendra

New CEE Student Ambassadors

The civil and environmental engineering (CEE) student ambassadors are undergraduate students selected to represent the department and NJIT. CEE student ambassadors assist the department with enrollment events and provide prospective students with the information they need to make informed decisions. They also encourage students to get involved in civil engineering professional organizations and more. Learn more about the students below.

If you would like to tour or visit the civil and environmental engineering department, please email us at cee@njit.edu.

Name: Larissa Cavalcante 

Year: Second Year

Career Interest: Water Infrastructure 

Why NJIT: I chose NJIT for its campus culture and smaller class sizes that allow for more one-on-one time with professors! 

Name: Nora Chamesian

Year: Third Year

Career Interest: Construction Management

Why NJIT: One of the best civil engineering colleges in the U.S.

Name: Diego Cabrera

Year: Fourth Year

Career Interest: Construction

Why NJIT: NJIT has a community for everyone if you go looking for it. 

Name: Rukayeh Jaludi

Year: Fifth Year

Career Interest: Civil Engineering 

why NJIT: I loved the environment, very easy to fit in with everyone.

Name: Dohaa Khader

Year: Fourth Year

Career Interest: Construction or site planning

Why NJIT: NJIT is a great school and number 1 for economic mobility.

Name: Alexandra Knowles

Year: Third Year

Career Interest: Structural Engineering

Why NJIT: Great reputation and affordable price

Name: Jason Lin

Year: Second Year

Career Interest: Structural Engineering

Why NJIT: I love the smaller-sized campus; makes the environment feel nice and cozy.

Name: George Mettry 

Year: Fourth Year

Career Interest: Structural Engineering

Why NJIT: I love the atmosphere and I wanted a change of scenery. 

Name: Saad Rehmatullah

Year: First Year

Career Interest: Geotechnical Engineering

Why NJIT: I chose NJIT’s civil engineering program because of its reputation as a tight-knit community with large opportunities and resources that pave the way to success.

Name: Cristovao Miranda

Year: Fifth Year

Career Interest: Structural Engineering

Why NJIT: As a commuter, it was important to stay close to home and family.

Alumni Highlights

Matrix Welcomes Phillip Scott, P.E., C.M.E as Director of Urban Engineering & Development 

New World Engineering (Matrix) welcomed Phillip Scott as the new Director of Urban Engineering and Development. With over two decades of experience, Scott brings engineering expertise in both public and private sectors.

Read More

Lucie Thibeaud Tchouassi has been appointed NCE Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Tchouassi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering (1995, NJIT) and a Master of Science degree in Transportation Engineering (1998, NJIT). Since 2012, she has served as an instructor and coordinator of activities for undergraduate students in the NJIT Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department and in the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies. Most recently, from 2019 to 2022, Tchouassi served as the Associate Director for Learning Communities and First-Year Seminars at the Office of Student Transition. Her duties there included design and implementation of programs for learning communities that link learning, social interaction and self-empowerment for first-time, first-semester college students. Among Ms.Tchouassi's many recognitions and awards are the Excellence in Advising award of NCE, and a Certificate of Recognition by the Committee of Women Leadership.

Congratulations Carlos Lopez, New President of

ASCE North Jersey Branch

Carlos Lopez earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from NJIT in 2010, followed by a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, with a concentration in transportation, in 2011. He is a project manager at Michael Baker International, based in the Newark, N.J. office. He manages the design of roadway transportation projects for clients across the region, including the N.J. Department of Transportation and the City of Newark. Carlos serves as the current President of the ASCE North Jersey Branch, representing one of the largest ASCE branches in the country, with a membership of nearly 2000 members. Carlos also volunteers for the NJ Future City Competition as a competition day coordinator, bringing together hundreds of New Jersey middle school students to imagine, research and design cities of the future.

Lopez said, "During my presidency, I hope to continue providing technical events and networking opportunities for our members so they can reconnect with colleagues and help to deliver the infrastructure needed to support our growing society."

Do you have Alumni Highlights we can feature here?
Contact us at cee@njit.edu with your content and we'll include it in the next issue!

Faculty Highlights

Professor Adams Presents on Sustainability and the

Built Environment

On September 9, Adams spoke at a conference called "Locally Sourced: Municipal Green Policy Solutions" with the Mayor of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, about how simple local policy initiatives can result in major boosts to sustainable construction practices. Check out the video below.

NCE Promotions and Awards

Overseers Excellence in Research Prize and Medal:

Michel Boufadel

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching at NJIT by Non-Instructional Staff:

Stephen George

Special Commendation for Excellence in Teaching and/or Teaching-Related Activities:

Methi Wecharatana

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure:

Matthew Adams

Matthew Bandelt

Staff Highlights

Kori Hodges Joins as Administrative Assistant II

Kori Hodges comes to us from Macy's, where she spent two years as a sales captain. As a member of management, she honed her team-building, training, and customer service skills. She supervised and directed leadership priorities to optimize the customer experience, support sales volume and assist with customer service. She maintained a proactive and solution-oriented customer-centric culture. Before Macy’s, Kori worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield as a customer advocate. While assisting insurance holders and providers with procedure approvals, she also led new hire training for her team. 

Recent Publications

Leaching composition and associated microbial community of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)

Maedeh Soleimanifar, Anuruddha Jayasuriya, Matthew P. AdamsLucia Rodriguez-Freire

Journal of Hazardous Materials

Read the Full Article

Aggregation of microplastics and clay particles in the nearshore environment: Characteristics, influencing factors, and implications

Xiaohan Yang, Chunjiang An, Qi Feng, Michel Boufadel, Wen Ji

Water Research

Read the Full Article

A Novel Deep Learning Approach to the Statistical Downscaling of Temperatures for Monitoring Climate Change

Firas Gerges, Michel C. Boufadel, Elie Bou-Zeid, Hani Nassif, Jason Wang

Association for Computing Machinery

Read the Full Article

Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Upper Parts of Sandy Beaches

Charbel Abou-Khalil, Roger C. Prince, Charles W. Greer, Kenneth Lee, Michel C. Boufadel

Environmental Science and Technology

Read the Full Article

Challenges in characterization of nanoplastics in the environment

Wen Zhang, Qi Wang, Hao Chen

Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering

Read the Full Article

Competition-based active learning instruction for drone education

Pramod Abichandani, Deepan Lobo, Branislav DimitrijevicAshish BorgaonkarJaskirat Sodhi, Smit Kabrawala, Daniel BraterisMoshe Kam

Interactive Learning Environments

Read the Full Article

Proof of concept study for in-situ burn application using conventional containment booms – Design of Burning Tongue

Lin Zhao, Cosan Daskiran, Douglas A. Mitchell, Paul D. Panetta, Michel C. Boufadel, Tim J. Nedwed

Journal of Hazardous Materials

Read the Full Article

Recent advances in chemical and biological degradation of spilled oil: A review of dispersants application in the marine environment

Zhiwen Zhu, Francois Merlin, Min Yang, Kenneth Lee, Bing Chen, Bo Liu, Yiqi Cao, Xing Song, Xudong Ye, Qingqi K. Li, Charles W. Greer, Michel C. Boufadel, Lisa Isaacman, Baiyu Zhang

Journal of Hazardous Materials

Read the Full Article

ROS-mediated photoaging pathways of nano- and micro-plastic particles under UV irradiation

Jiajun Duan, Yang Li, Jianan Gao, Runzi Cao, Enxiang Shang, Wen Zhang

Water Research

Read the Full Article

Seismic Performance of High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cement-Based Composite Structural Members: A Review

Yi Shao, Wilson Nguyen, Matthew J. Bandelt, Claudia P. Ostertag, Sarah L. Billington

Journal of Structural Engineering (United States)

Read the Full Article

Nano- to macro-scale structural, mineralogical, and mechanical alterations in a shale reservoir induced by exposure to supercritical CO2

Ogochukwu Ozotta, Oladoyin Kolawole, Mohamed Lamine Malki, Tobi Ore, Thomas Gentzis, Hallie Fowler, Kouqi Liu, Mehdi Ostadhassan

Applied Energy

Read the Full Article

Microbial induced mechano-petrophysical modified properties to improve hydrocarbon recovery in carbonate reservoirs

Oladoyin Kolawole, Cecil Millikan, Mallika Kumar, Ion Ispas, JoachimWeber

Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment

Read the Full Article

Impact of microbial-rock-CO2 interactions on containment and storage security of supercritical CO2 in carbonates

Yi Shao, Wilson Nguyen, Matthew J. Bandelt, Claudia P. Ostertag, Sarah L. Billington

Journal of Structural Engineering (United States)

Read the Full Article

CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery via the Water Alternating Gas Scheme in a Mixed Transgressive Sandstone-Carbonate Reservoir: Case Study of a Large Middle East Oilfield

Ayman Mutahar AlRassas, Hung Vo Thanh, Shaoran Ren, Renyuan Sun*, Nabil Mohammed Al-Areeq, Oladoyin Kolawole, and Mohammed Hail Hakimi

American Chemical Society

Read the Full Article

Produced Water Treatment: Review of Technological Advancement in Hydrocarbon Recovery Processes, Well Stimulation, and Permanent Disposal Wells

S. I. EyitayoM. C. WatsonO. KolawoleP. XuR. BruantL. Henthorne

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Read the Full Article

Recent Grant Awards

Develop a Framework to Evaluate the Infrastructure Resilience Regarding the Overloading Caused by Vehicles

PI: Michel Boufadel

US Department of Transportation/New York University

Project Information Management System (PIMS) Hosting, Maintenance & Support

PI: I Jy Steven Chien

NY Metropolitan Transportation Council

Open source, networked sensors for lead monitoring

PI: William H. Pennock

Environmental Protection Agency

NSF-BSF: Electrified Membrane System for Chemical-Free Nitrogen Recovery from Nitrate Contaminated Water

PI: Wen Zhang

National Science Foundation

Deploying the newly developed CIRI (Community Intrinsic Resilience Index) to communities for their resilience planning

PI: Michel Boufadel

State Of NJ

Impact of climate change on the salinization of coastal wetlands

PI: Michel Boufadel

Monmouth University

Ominphobic Interfacial Heating Membranes with Robust Antifouling, Antiwetting Performance and Superior Thermal Efficiency in Membrane Distillation

PI: Wen Zhang

U.S. Dept Of Interior

Microwave-Catalytic Membrane for PFAS Degradation and Antiviral Applications

PI: Wen Zhang

Environmental Protection Agency

Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) Regional UTC Consortium Led by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

PI: Saikat Pal

US Dept Of Transportation

Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) Regional UTC Consortium Led by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

PI: Matthew Adams, Matthew Bandelt and Taha Marhaba

US Dept Of Transportation

Our Advisory Board

The CEE Industrial Advisory Board represents a diverse cross section of civil and environmental engineering professionals including design consultants, construction managers, contractors, and attorneys.
Maurice Rached, P.E. (Chair)
Maser Consulting

Ted Cassera, P.E., '72
Bowman Consulting

Anthony Castillo, P.E., '95 '02
SESI Consulting Engineers  

Tony DeJohn, P.E., P.P.
WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff

Muhammad Elgammal, P.E., P.M.P, '12, '15

Jerome F. Gallagher, Jr., Esq. '80
Norris McLaughlin PA

James Giurintano, P.E., P.P.,CME, '94
Bowman Consulting

David Good, P.E., '78, '92
Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers

Andre Grebenstein, LEED AP '95
The Martin Group

Gareth Middleton, P.E., '93 '04
Tishman Construction, an AECOM Company

Aine O'Dwyer, PE. '07,'08
Enovate Engineering

Chrissa D. Roessner, P.E., '02
State of New Jersey, Transportation

Joseph Stanley, P.E., P.P., '78, '85
Mott MacDonald

Ken Sisk, P.E., '95
Pizzarotti IBC
Wei Wang, P.E., '95 
Urban Tech

Scholarship Donations
Our Industrial Advisory Board has created an annual scholarship fund to assist CEE undergraduates preparing for professional licensure by reimbursing testing fees to students who pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

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