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Governmental Affairs Update
By: Sharon Levine, Director of  Governmental Affairs and Communication

The Arc of New Jersey spent the month of March advocating to increase wages for the Direct Support Professional workforce in the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget. In our continued role as Chair of the Coalition for a DSP Living Wage, The Arc of New Jersey testified before the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees and urged legislators to add an appropriation to address this very critical issue. Our goal this year is to raise


My journey with  assistive technology  (AT) started eight years ago when my son was diagnosed with  dyslexia  and got his first  IEP .

What I remember most was how huge I thought the document was. There was a ton

For more information on assistive technology, listen to our newest podcast " Learning for Tomorrow NJ" 
Mission to Transition

New Jersey's Mobile Response and Stabilization Services
In a life-threatening emergency, always dial 911 first. However i f your emergency is not immediately life-threatening, New Jersey's Mobile Response  and Stabilization Services  (MRSS) may be able to help. 

MRSS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and help children and youth (up to age 21) who are experiencing an emotional or behavioral crisis. The services are designed to defuse an immediate crisis and include:
  • Response to site of crisis within 1 hour
  • Crisis de-escalation and safety assessment
  • Treatment planning
  • Stabilization services for up to 8 weeks
  • Discharge planning, including referral for ongoing services in the community as needed
To access MRSS, contact PerformCare and follow the menu prompts provided for an emergency situation.  

PerformCare is part of the New Jersey Children's System of Care - a division of the Department of Children and Families. PerformCare authorizes services for youth (up to their 21st birthday) with emotional or behavioral challenges, intellectual or developmental disabilities, and substance abuse needs.

To access services 24/7, call:
1-877- 652-7624
People First Language

What Do You Call People with Disabilities?
Men, women, boys, girls, students, Sue's brother or sister, a neighbor, coworker, adults, children, individuals, people, voters, friends or any other word you would use to describe  a person.
People First Language recognizes that individuals with disabilities are - first and foremost - people.  It emphasizes each person's value, individuality, dignity and capabilities. 

People First Language
Instead of Labels that Stereotype
people/individuals with disabilities
an adult who has a disability
a child with a disability
a person 

the handicapped
the disabled
accessible buses, bathrooms, etc.
reserved parking for people with disabilities 
handicapped parking, bathrooms, etc.
people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
he/she has a cognitive impairment
a person who has Down syndrome 
the mentally retarded; retarded people
he/she is retarded; the retarded

a person who uses a wheelchair
people who have a mobility impairment
a person who walks with crutches 
wheelchair bound

New Webpage Added

Understanding Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL)
The New Jersey Department of Human Services has contracted with Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) to act as the new Fiscal Intermediary for the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Division of Disability Services, and Division of Aging Services.
The Family Institute has created a new webpage which includes fact sheets and frequently asked questions regarding PPL.

Navigating the System
10 in 10 Podcast Series This podcast series asks 10 questions in 10 minutes. It provides information on different services provided by  The Arc of New Jersey and its local county chapters. In order to aid individuals and families in choosing a support coordination agency, this series also includes interviews with support coordination agencies throughout the state. 

Let's Talk: Conversations with The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute - In this podcast series, we speak with family  members and self-a dvocates about  their  perspective  on  various  programs and services available to them . This series also features conversations with providers and state agencies to learn more about their services and how to access them.

In My Words - A Sibling Podcast Series - This series aims to connect siblings and provide an understanding of the sibling experience. It features  conversations with brothers and sisters of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they talk about their childhood and what life is like now as an adult sibling.

You can download an episode or live stream all of our podcasts right from your computer. Click on one of the links above and begin listening.
Do You Need Help Navigating the System?
Are you a caregiver, individual or professional in need of help navigating the system? The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute can assist you. 
Road to Employment

This decision tree displays the path to employment services for individuals that are eligible for Division of Developmental Disability (DDD) services. If your loved one is determined eligible for DDD services, supports can be provided by DDD throughout the process. 

Click the image to download

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