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Governmental Affairs Update
By: Sharon Levine, Director of  Governmental Affairs and Communication

During the month of December, The Arc of New Jersey testified at the State House in support of multiple bills impacting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our organization supported legislation that would expand the background check procedure for staff employed by community providers. Our Executive Director Tom Baffuto spoke in favor of the bill when it went through the Assembly Human Services and Senate Budget Committees and it has since passed by the full Senate. In addition, The Arc of New Jersey supported legislation...To continue reading, click here.

Understanding Evaluations, Assessments, Testing, High Stakes Tests
To make wise decisions about your child's special education program, you need accurate information about your child's disability, strengths, weaknesses, and needs. This information is available from tests and evaluations of your child. 

Mission to Transition

Understanding Sexuality in Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Sexual education encompasses many aspects of life, such as anatomy, health, personal hygiene, reproduction, relationships, and the expression of love. Sex education is needed by all human beings including youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Excluding youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities from this important conversation can leave this population vulnerable to abuse. This free webinar discusses why educating youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities is so important, barriers families face in discussing sexuality, and solutions to those barriers.

What is The Family Institute Reading This Month. . .

Looking for a good book?  Our Book of the Month Club is a great way to discover books written to support you and and your loved one with an intellectual and developmental disability. Remember to bookmark this page and check back to see what we're reading each month.

Navigating the System

New federal requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act are changing the landscape for public playgrounds, requiring them to include equipment, materials and designs that provide children with disabilities the same play opportunities as typical children.

Do You Need Help Navigating the System?
Are you a caregiver, individual or professional in need of help navigating the system? The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute can assist you. 
Road to Employment

The Arc of Atlantic  County's Employment  Services
Supported Employment helps to enable adults with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment within the local community. The Arc of Atlantic County has been approved by the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (NJDVRS) to provide these services since 2003.
The Arc of Atlantic County can and will assist individuals with a disability to register with NJDVRS. Any adult registered with the NJDVRS, and who is no longer attending a formal school program, is eligible to participate.

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