May is Better Hearing Month
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Facts you need to know about ear health and the change of seasons
For all the joys spring brings us, from the first flowers that bloom and the warmth of the sun, it also brings rain, changing temperatures and seasonal allergies. All of these can play havoc on our ears, hearing and hearing aids. 

Sudden changes in barometric pressure in the spring means the pressure outside your ears goes down before the pressure inside the ears can acclimate resulting in a pressure imbalance. This can cause popping or fullness in the ears. The Eustachian tube can also narrow, making pressure equalization even more difficult. 

Ears and sinuses are interconnected. The warmer and wet weather during the spring causes trees to produce more pollen and the immune system reacts by producing antibodies that produce histamine which can lead to increased mucus production. This may cause the Eustachian tubes to become clogged with excess fluid and wax, resulting in fullness and pressure in the ears that can negatively impact hearing. Some remedies that can reduce fluid build-up include exercising, and eating a low sodium diet and eating fruits and vegetables that act as diuretics such as grapes, watermelon, celery, bell peppers and asparagus.  

Spring challenges to hearing aids
Pay closer attention to your hearing aid performance during this season. Moisture can build up in the tubing, damage the microphone and receiver and can cause static. In warm weather the wax in the ears can build up and clog important parts of the hearing aids or molds. It is also recommended that hearing aid wearers use a dehumidifier kit to place their hearing aids in overnight or anytime your hearing aids are exposed to excess moisture . The Family Hearing Center has three different types of kits in stock. Contact us for more information. 
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