February 2018

It is always very important for churches to bond as families, for it is then that we become a family in Christ in the true sense of the word. In order for bonding to take place, times of fellowship are key and our church is all about fellowshipping... especially when food is involved! We decided to plan a short family weekend getaway, early in January, before school started back up again and the idea was obviously a popular one because we almost maxed out the hostel that we rented in the hills of Gorski Kotar. We'd hoped for snow, but our hopes in that respect were a bit disappointed, however, we did not lack in creativity; and filled our hours together with games, fellowship, walks, and various trips to see the local sites nearby. It was truly a blessed time. 
We began the month fellowshipping as a church, and we ended the month seeking the face of God as a church. January is a month in which we seek God to direct and lead us as a Body into what he has for us in the new year. We believe this to be key for our Church. Unity and fellowship are key but without the leadership and direction of the Holy Spirit there is no unity, so this annual week of fasting and prayer in January is one of our most important weeks of the year. 
I heard a saying once: "A healthy society comes from healthy churches and healthy churches are made of healthy families".  And I agree, however I'd go one step further and say, "Healthy families come from healthy marriage relationships". Our church likes to take the month of February and focus on marriage. This year we invited a couple from Holland, Ap and Anita Verwayen, to lead a seminar for us. They are a wonderful couple who have navigated the joys and troubles of life together for 50 years! It was a wonderful weekend and we all came always from the seminar with some important things to think about and apply to our lives. 
We are still in the process of completing our children's classrooms (we have a room off of the sanctuary for nursing mothers (or for mothers with crawlers that need to talk and play), a classroom for children ages 2-6 and a classroom for 1st grade to 12 years old that doubles as our youth room). We need to put flooring in those rooms, take care of a heating/ cooling issue, and buy cupboards, tables and chairs. For now the teachers and kids are getting by the best they can with what they have, but we are believing God to provide the finances to complete these classrooms for them before the beginning of summer. Would you be praying with us for this need?
Our family is doing well and the kids are  keeping busy with school as well as the ministry. They like to be involved in the church. Filip has taken over a portion of leadership in our multimedia ministry, Luka l, as you know, plays drums for our worship band and he and Divna also help out as helpers with the little ones in children's ministries. Vjera is still young, but likes to help the ushers collect the offering every once in a while. We feel it is so important to have the Children and young people plugged into the ministry of the church because it helps them gain a sense of ownership, and that is crucial.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. We are truly thankful to God for each one of you! 

Mario and Bonnie
 Croatian Evangelistic Outreach
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