About Mzuri Moyo Aimbaye:
Mzuri said. "I always saw myself doing something extraordinary through singing." Mzuri's dramatic soprano voice took her from her Paterson, N.J. birthplace to nightclub gigs in Paris, France, and Rome Italy. Destined to sing and bring love and peace to the world, Mzuri, has performed all over the United States and abroad. She lived briefly in Paris and Italy, where she trained as a singer. She trained as an actress at HB Studio, New York City....

When Mzuri saw a tape of civil rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer on Gil Noble's "Like It Is" television show she found the model for the role that has since shaped her acting, writing and singing career. "After she (Hamer) told how she was beaten, I still did not see one ounce of hate in the woman," Mzuri recalled. "That blew my mind. I could not get how she could not hate the people who treated her that way. I had so much rage in me, racial rage, and I had not gone through anything like she had gone through. That rage was part of the reason I went to Europe."Mzuri instead channeled her anger into writing a  one-woman show about Hamer.

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