December, 2015
Thanks to all of you who responded to our question about selling your homemade cheese. It seems that virtually everyone wants to do it, but can't because of the existing laws ( click here). So, now we would like to explore the next steps. Do any of you have experience partnering with a licensed cheese maker? Please let us know at
Jims Recipe
An Alpine Tomme Hybrid
Jim has finally gone rogue!  This month's cheese is a complete hybrid - a little of this and a little of that.

This is very exciting for us because it demonstrates clearly that making cheese is an art. You can make whatever kind of cheese you want to make and it  becomes your own, unique creation.

If you're brave enough to venture into Jim's world, the link below is your portal to unknown and untried bliss!
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Cheese Making FAQ_s
Beginner FAQ's

Got a question? We've got an answer. From milk and cream to rennet and aging, our FAQ section is filled with answers to all your home cheese making questions.

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Cheese Making 1,2,3

Learn all about the ingredients, equipment and process for making cheese at home. This beginner's guide will walk you through the process from start to finish.

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Questions _ Answers
 Q    Using Mesophilic for Soft Cheeses - I have been enjoying your soft cheese and yogurt cultures very much, and have had some great success making cultured butter with your buttermilk culture. However, I have not yet gotten set up with the right tools and conditions for aging cheese. I have a bunch of the mesophilic (C101) culture packets sitting in my freezer and I would like to use them. Will they work for soft cheeses? What else can I do with them?

 A    Possible but Not Advised - You can use the C101 packs for some of the softer cheeses but it is is not going to be as complex as the buttermilk or aromatic type cultures. The curds will be a bit denser as well.
 Q    Dividing Culture Packets - The recipe for Chevre in your Goat Cheese Kit (K6) calls for 1 gallon of goats milk, but I want to try just doing a half batch (half gallon). How do I utilize the culture packet with a half batch? Should I still use the whole packet or will that give me unfavorable results? I could only use half the packet but my scale doesn't measure in the milligrams. Are there any other things I have to modify/change for a half gallon batch?

 A    Be Careful -  You could make a half batch by shaking the packet well to distribute the contents evenly, then pouring the contents onto a clean piece of foil in a very neat pile. Using a very clean knife, divide the pack in half (the best you can) and use this for your cheese. The remainder can be wrapped in the foil and returned to the pack as quickly as possible and then sealed in a zip lock bag to prevent air and moisture from reaching the culture. It will then need to be used within the month to assure it's working well.

The important thing is to mix the culture, conditioner, and rennet evenly before dividing. If not done well, expect a big difference in the way it works.

Nothing else needs to be changed besides the volume of milk.

 Q    Hot and Humid Weather - I have an abundance of goat milk this summer. I thought I read somewhere that summer temperatures are not the best environment for cheese making. Is it okay to make cheese in the summer? It's typically 85F here and I don't have air conditioning, so it's muggy.

 A    Keep Cool When Aging -  The ambient temperature of many cheese rooms can easily reach 80 to 90F, so it's not a problem. The problem is after the cheese has been formed - most cheeses need to be kept warm for a little while but then reduced to 68F and then shortly to 52F.  The cooler temperatures can be obtained with a small dorm type fridge with a thermostat and pans of water for humidity.
 Q    Munster Issues -  I have some questions regarding the Munster recipe. My Munster has been in the wine fridge for about two weeks now, at which point the recipe says it should be transferred to an area between 43 and 46F.  Right now it has taken a somewhat dark, but creamy yellow color, rather than the orange detailed in the recipe. Should I transfer it anyway? If so, will my fridge work for this, as long as I keep it covered to prevent moisture loss? Finally, how dry should this cheese get? It's still fairly moist and soft compared to most cheeses, and I have been wiping it at least every other day, though it does have a couple spots on the edges which are whitish.

 A    Cool and Moist -  A lot depends on whether this is a Munster or Muenster cheese. The latter is the commercial version with a firmer paste, whereas, a true Munster will have a very soft paste and a moist rind with yellow/pink/orange variations. It should also have a small amount of surface yeast/mold apparent as well.

Once the cheese looks like this, it should go to a cooler space.  Place it in a small covered plastic box with some sort of draining mat under it to allow for air circulation.

When it is ripe, it is difficult to turn and the paste is soft in the center. It will then have those WOW aromatics!

If the surface has become too dry and cracking, this is bad for the surface molds and will limit the ripening outcome.

It is definitely a cheese that takes a couple of trials to get right, BUT definitely worth it if you have friends that can handle that flavor/aroma drama.

In the Spotlight
Picture of Imran
Imran Saleh
Lahore, Pakistan

For the last 3 years, we have been following Imran's progress from home cheese maker to artisan cheese business owner in a country where the cheese culture was virtually non-existent.  He is a true pioneer and we are proud to support him in his unwavering mission to change the way Pakistanis think of cheese.

When we last wrote about Imran 2 years ago, he was still working out of his home. Now, he has a facility of his own and he is selling his cheeses to hotels and restaurants all around Pakistan. 
Cheese Making News

Beer & Chocolate Cheese

I've been making mozzarella, feta and ricotta cheese for years, but I finally made a cheese press so I could be more adventurous. The recent recipe for beer infused cheese inspired me.

My daughter-in-law made a chocolate porter beer, which I used to make beer infused cheese last weekend. I thought I would send you some pictures. I had to improvise on the weights. Can't wait until it is aged and ready to eat.
Cindy Johnston, Lebanon, PA
PS: I am quite proud of my cheese press because I made it myself for about $15. The wood was the biggest investment.

Cindy_s curds _ cheese

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Portable milking parlor, single side 7 parabone parlor. $8000.  E-mail or call for pictures.   Michael  (435) 770-9262

I have a beautiful new stainless curd knife for sale.
18" square without handle so that you can use it to cut vertically and horizontally. 1/2" curd cut size. I miscalculated and it is too large for my vat. $600 shipping included. E-mail me for a photo. or (715) 498-2297

Used farm bulk tanks. Many sizes, brands and styles available. Reasonably priced. Inventory is always changing, so check out our website or call today (920) 569-3530

Cheese forms wanted. All varieties - traditional goat, cow and sheep forms, fresh and aged - to start a small creamery operation in South America. E-mail Brian at
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Caprino Royale a farmstead artisan goat cheese company in Waco, TX looking for Spring intern 2016. No experience needed. This could lead to a permanent position. We provide you with your own private residence, cell phone, and weekly stipend. Call or text (254) 723-2663 or e-mail 
Does anyone have a design for a basic cheese plant? Rooms & prep tables locations, vat locations, tank locations...etc., to process 2500 pounds of cheese / year.  
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 3/2    CheeseFest / Auckland, New Zealand

 3/18 - 3/20    California's Artisan Cheese Festival / Petaluma, California
 3/19    Oregon Cheese Festival / Central Point, Oregon

 4/15   Macaroni & Cheese Festival / Bakersfield, California
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