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May, 2016
Recipe of The Month

Sicilian Cheese with Saffron and Black Pepper
picture of cheese
This is Jim's variation of a sheep's milk cheese from Sicily -
the name of which, roughly translated means, "cheese that is liked."  

Notice the smooth, shiny rind? That's from a very interesting step in the make process called the "second cooking." You'll be dipping the cheese (while it's in the basket) into hot whey for 3 hours.

Jim has adapted this recipe so you can make it with cow's milk. Be sure to let us know if you like it as much as the Sicilians do!  
Congratulations to our April winner: Kim Uhlich from Santa Rosa Valley, CA!

Want to enter? It's easy...
Anytime you place an order with us you'll be automatically entered to win one pound of cave-aged cheese from Murray's in NYC. The lucky winner will be announced June 1st.

If you don't win this month, there's still hope! We'll keep your name in our end-of-year Grand Prize Drawing for an extra special cheese basket!

Cheese of the Month for May: Greensward 
picture of Greensward
Marc Freshman, our official cheesemonger from Murray's, selected a fabulous cheese for the prize this month - a soft, bark-wrapped Harbison, created by Murray's and the Cellars at Jasper Hill, and sold exclusively by Murray's.

It's made at Jasper Hill, then it's washed in Ithaca Beer Company's Picnic Basket Ale and cave-aged at Murray's.

Marc told us Greensward is one of his favorite cheeses ever - super soft and spreadable.   

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Learn how to make a brine, your own cheese cave and more. 
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Beautiful Molds = Beautiful Cheese
We have some fabulous new cheese molds available online! Go ahead, check them out and let us know which ones you like best. 

With amazing patterns, new shapes and sizes, these cheese molds are lots fun to work with. As you try them out, remember to share a photo or two so everyone can see how beautiful your cheese is.

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Questions and Answers Questions

 Q    Milky whey - We are fortunate enough to have our own Jersey cow, from whom we receive fabulous milk. Recently, I have been making ricotta, and the results are great, but the step that says, "be sure there is no milky whey" never arrives for me. I seem to get a fairly good yield, but the whey is always milky white. I've tried keeping it on the heat longer, raising the temperature to near 212F, but it doesn't ever clear.  

 A   To be expected - Jersey milk will always be milky looking. The fat is so high that there is not enough protein to hold it all, so some leaks into the whey. Our directions about clear whey are directed to what most of our customers have access to - pasteurized and standardized milk.  

 Q   Rennet unavailableIt's hard to get rennet here in the Philippines, so I have been looking for alternatives. An article on your blog mentioned that papain could be a substitute for rennet. I started researching and found out that bromelain made from pineapple has similar uses. So since local store-bought meat tenderizer (looks like salt) is either papain or bromelain, I'm wondering if this powder can be used as rennet substitute for cheese production? It is easy available and very cheap here.

 A   Alternatives not the sameAlthough these are all enzymes that react with proteins, similar to rennet (chymosin), they do not all behave the same way. They break the proteins at very different bonding points so the end results are quite different. The extract from papaya, pineapple, fig, etc., as well as some other plants like thistle, will cause a certain degree of coagulation, but none of these will be a firm set like rennet. These extracts have been known to be used for certain soft cheeses that are consumed in a matter of days, but not for any firm or aged cheeses.

We do ship to the Philippines. Please see our website for information on international shipping options. 

 Q    Butter from whey - I have a farmstead sheep dairy and creamery in upstate NY. I am looking to make a sheep butter product, but I need to find a use for the skimmed milk which will be leftover.  Sheep milk is much too expensive, and I can't afford to lose all of that milk to make butter.

Can I use the whey left over from cheese making to get whey cream and whey butter? I make a Manchego-ish cheese, and I think the whey from that would be the appropriate type.

 A   Yields cultured butter - Making whey cream is pretty straight forward. Simply collect the whey in sanitized containers and skim the surface after the cream sits over night and rises. (Keep the whey cool over night - less than 60F, so as not to develop too much lactic acid.)

One thing that makes a big difference is the culture you use. O-Type culture works best with little to no gas production. If you are using a D-Type or L-Type, it can become pretty gassy and your butter may have a spongy character. If using a thermophilic, such as yogurt type culture (including bulgaricus), the acid production may be a bit high.

The yield depends on your milk and how much is not held by the curd mass from the cheese. If you have a separator, your yield is more efficient. Or, you can simply skim what rises. 
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In the Spotlight
Lynda & Claude Garneau

Ottowa, Canada
4 years ago, Claude Garneau ordered his wife a Mozzarella Kit because she had seen a TV show about making cheese and she thought it would be fun.  From that humble beginning, Lynda took to cheese making in a BIG whey!

Since then, Claude has built her a closet "cave" and her own make room with a 55 gallon vat. Now their basement is almost entirely devoted to her cheese making and we think they make a fabulous team! 
Cheese Making News
picture of letter from president
Good News from Seasons Dairy in Uganda! 
I am very pleased to inform you that someone who is connected to the state house read the article you posted about the dairy and called me for a meeting.

He asked me to write a letter to the president reporting the problems I has gone through since his visit in 2010. The president replied to my letter with a directive to the bank to open the factory.

We have now re-opened!  

Thank you for your support and prayers.  I can now focus on looking for working capital. 

Muwonge Baker, Seasons Dairy Limited, Kampala - Uganda
To learn more about Seasons Dairy and how you can contribute to it - click here
Homemade Copper Press

You have given me hours and hours of wonderful fun and wonderful cheese. Last night as I was putting my cheese to press, I thought I should brighten your day and give you a laugh.

Here is a pic of the cheese press my husband made for me out of leftover copper tubing in the basement. Yes, the weights are bags of beans and the little colander works wonderfully as a form. Because my husband loves to have a bit of cheese each night, I make a simple farm cheese each week that lasts just about the week. His contraption is perfect for just that.

In case anyone is wondering ... 1 packet mesophilic and 1 tablet vegetable rennet to 1 gallon of milk and a nice throw-in of salt.

Thank you again for the cheese supplies and the fun! I'll be back again once the supplies run low.
Rich and Rae Jacobs, Rockaway, NJ
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Fun with Ricki
Yummy Recipes Please!
cheese queen logo
Ricki is working on another BIG project, collecting recipes for children from around the world.

The Queen is calling for your favorite recipes using soft cheese. If you are interesting in helping with this project, please send your recipe, with a photo of your dish, to: ricki@cheesemaking.com.

Your recipe might be as simple as a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich, a spread for bagels or a smiley face using your cheese.

For a chance to win a $100 shopping spree to cheesemaking.com, send in a recipe by May 31st. The winner, along with their recipe, will be announced in our June Moos-letter.  (The winner will be randomly selected.)

Ricki thanks you in advance for your help with the gathering of this information!
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For Sale
200 litre (53 gallon) pasteurizer/cheese vat.
Electric double-walled (no boiler required!). Purchased 2011, used once a week for 8 months per year. Chart recorder. 200 litre bulk milk tank, same age. $22,000USD for both. Located near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. James (306) 580-0206 salayviewfarm@yahoo.ca

400 litre vat pasteurizer (Van t Riet) and other used dairy equipment. For more info and contact details, take a look at   www.smalldairyequipment.com  
Looking for a machine in a similar style to Dairy Heritage milk bottling machine.
Also looking for bottle washer. Email moredafamilyfarms@gmail.com. California. Will pay shipping.

Registered Nubian goats- bucks and does. Call for prices. Toggenberg goats-does in milk, babies and bucks. 7 in all- $700 for all 7. Angora and Pygora goats- $75 each, very friendly and adorable. Call Coni Chaney 1-253-884-3107. We do not ship- you can pick up at farm in Lakebay, WA
Real Estate 
3 acre farmstead goat dairy in coastal Hampstead, North Carolina. 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, licensed goat cheese making operation. Turnkey, includes van for farmers markets, restaurant accounts, recipes, boat, oyster beds, walk in cooler, fork lift, all equipment, barns, established reputation. Contact tnaturesway@aol.com for more info.
Workshops & Classes 
Self-paced, very fun online cheesemaking course, $59: Learn to make Greek Yogurt, Chevre, Gouda and Cabra Al Vino. Includes downloadable, keep-for-life ebooks, my demonstration movies filmed in my kitchen, recipes and a private Facebook group to problem-solve and celebrate successes with me. Find out more at www.marblemounthomestead.com  
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