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September, 2016
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Dunlop Cheese     
Traditional Dunlop from Ayershire, Scotland has a mildly nutty flavor and smooth texture at around 6 months. As it continues to age, the slightly nutty and creamy flavors develop, while its texture becomes even smoother and slightly springy.

With this recipe, Jim takes us back to 17th century Scotland and the village of Dunlop.

Upon her return to Dulop, Barbara Gilmour, a Presbyterian who had been exiled during the Religious/Kings wars, introduced new methods of cheese making to her family farm. The new process ran counter to local tradition, and she was almost accused of witchcraft.  Luckily, Gilmour persevered in creating the fabulous cheese we now know as Dunlop.
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Questions and Answers Questions
 Q    Yogurt starter - Is your yogurt starter different from commercial yogurt (which I can purchase from a grocery store) to begin making yogurt?  I'm looking for a "heritage," non-commercial starter yogurt and am wondering if your product is like that.

 A   Fresh is best - Considering that most yogurts from the store have been through the retail loop, it has usually been quite some time since the fermentation ended. This means that the cultures are pretty tired out and their viability is not "peak." They will ferment milk, but not as effectively as a fresh culture would.

Our Bulgarian yogurt (Y1) is a perfect blend of the two primary yogurt cultures. This is one that can be re-cultured for many generations.

A true heirloom yogurt would be one that was developed directly from milk and maintained daily over many generations. You may still find somebody with these in the remote areas of Eastern Europe but we don't know anyone who is doing a true heirloom here in the US. There are some suppliers who advertise their yogurts as heirlooms, but they are not really.

 Q   Re-culturing chevre - I am becoming licensed to make goat's milk cheese, and I have been making chevre with your packets (C20G).  I am wondering - is there any way I can make batches from a previous batch of cheese as my culture?

 A   Better new - This will not produce a clean batch of cheese. Those bacteria have already put in their full workday and are pretty beat. You really need fresh bacteria in a healthy state for any good cheese to result. This can be done by using a frozen culture or using a mother culture prepared in advance.

Traditionally, chevre makers would allow their raw milk bacteria to grow slightly in the milk from the previous day. However, that was done over generations with their special care and they knew just how to do it. Today, with our limited knowledge of process, that would be a bit risky.

 Q    Many wheys - Can you explain the difference between whey from yogurt vs whey from cottage cheese? Which would be better for drinking for health and for flavor? And what about shelf life - is there a difference?   
 A   Yogurt rulesThe two different wheys are very different, mainly because there are two very different culture groups working and at very different temperatures.

Yogurt will produce a much more acid whey which indicates the elimination of more lactose (very healthy). Also, it has more cultures with known health effects (probiotics) and they remain in the digestive tract.  
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In the Spotlight
Julia with a sheep
Julia McKeon
Danby, Vermont

Julia and her husband, Frank raise Icelandic sheep at their Otter Creek Homestead, along with hogs, turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, rabbits and a peacock named Pete.

Julia makes all kinds of cheeses with their luscious sheep's milk and she's looking forward to making a lot more when they build up their herd.  She doesn't get much quantity of milk from her sheep, but her yield of cheese is "monstrous!"  
Cheese Making News
Stufed bear holding our book
Cheese Making in the Wild!
Look what we found for sale in Errol, New Hampshire - way up north near the Maine border at Cote!
Meg Mallory, Conway, MA
smiling with his cheese
I Can't Wait!
Thank you for Jim's recipe in the August Moos-Letter ( Cotswold).

I made it without the chives last week. Unwrapped it this afternoon and cut into one to see how it tastes, but now I have a question - How am I supposed to keep the other for six weeks to mature #toodelicious4words ?!
God Bless,
David Newton, Filey, Yorkshire, England
picture of Leona
Betta with Butta!

I was raised on a dairy farm in Illinois. My father was a share cropper, but making cheese is a new adventure for me.

I made mozzarella cheese from nonfat dry milk and added 1 cup of butter instead of cream. Oddly enough, it came out delicious!  And, it clumped exactly like it did in the pictures. I made pizza bread and the result melted in our mouths.

I made lasagna on Wednesday with my mozzarella (at left). I ground my own pork and made sausage and used this in my tomato sauce. I also made my own ricotta.  So, all I really needed to buy was the noodles.
Leona Hawker, Bowling Green, Ohio
Yummy Montasio!
A couple of months ago I sent you an e-mail about Montasio cheese and I attached a picture. I used 4 gallons of whole milk from my local supermarket (double the recipe in your book).

Three months later (today) I cut into it, very good flavor and worth the wait. Thanks for your help.
Gary Workman, Liberty, NY
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