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49% of sellers said that 'getting into the executive level' is one of their top 3 challenges (source: The Whale Hunters 2016 survey, )
Everyone struggles with this task
Question: What are the 'Windows of opportunity' as it relates to calling on the C-suite?
Answer: For your TOP Line Accounts™ (i.e. largest prospect or most important customers worth at least 5x your average deal size), once the win celebration is over, the focus on expansion should begin.  There's a window of opportunity right after contract signature and implementation where a lot can get accomplished.  Many people miss this brief but critical opening.
Executives are interested in the very beginning stages of a project (i.e. deciding if the project will move their company agenda forward) and the end stages where they are assessing their return on investment. If you haven't accessed the executive on the front end, don't miss the window of opportunity on the back end of the sales process.
For example, C-Suite executives want to ensure an ROI on any big investment and will be very receptive to meeting you. This allows them a chance to learn about the planned impact of your product or service, and how they can receive timely reports on progress.  Accessing a key executive is an important component of setting yourself up for future business. Seizing this window of receptivity post-contract is a smart move.

Question: What are the best methods for securing an appointment with a top leader?
Answer: The very best way, whether it is an existing customer or a prospect, is asking your day-to-day contact within the organization. This step should occur early in your sales process. Referrals are, by far, the best opportunity to gain access to an executive sponsor.
Many people think the risk in talking with your day-to-day contact about approaching their executives is too large. For example, will your contact discourage your efforts, putting you in an awkward position to move forward?
If you are confident in yourself and can explain the benefits to your day-to-day contact, they will become an ally. Some of the benefits to your current contact can include:
  • Endorsement and forward movement of their important project(s)
  • Access to company resources who can help them achieve their goals
  • Career enhancement opportunities through exposure
  • Recognition of their efforts, accomplishments and successes
A top leader will generally set aside their precious time if the request comes from inside their organization, in other words someone they know and trust.
Note: During your meeting with the C-suite, be sure to say something nice about your contact who endorsed you and paved the way!

Question: How do you advise your clients to prepare for TOP Line Account™ sales calls?
Answer: My clients tell me one element they appreciate most about our coaching sessions is collaborating on important calls. If they have an upcoming sales call with a TOP Line Account™ opportunity, we go through a formal pre-call planning process. There are tons of benefits that come with pre-call planning. Your call effectiveness will increase exponentially.
Each call is unique. By thinking through every aspect of the call in a collaborative manner something important, if not critical, always comes to the surface.
When you're prepared, you're confident and free to listen. (Two ears, one mouth)

Your reward for engaging your executive sponsor? You will 'Ring the bell' more frequently with really big TOP Line Account™ wins.

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