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Introducing Our New Membership Marketing Campaign!

Where I grew up, near Philadelphia, if you were in real trouble, it was said that you needed a Philadelphia lawyer. Around here, though, we talk about the "Akron Lawyer." You may ask 10 lawyers and get 10 different answers as to what makes an Akron Lawyer, but suffice it to say that if you are in real trouble, you want one. To be considered by one's peers as the model of an Akron Lawyer is indeed high praise.

We were looking for a way to express what it is that sets Akron lawyers apart, and we decided on "I am the Akron Bar" as a theme that points to the pride that our members have in being part of the Akron legal community.

Our soft rollout of the new campaign began at the 2018 Gala earlier in February where attendees had the chance to pose as Facebook posts proclaiming "I Am The Akron Bar." A brochure is being designed that will be mailed to non-members and made available for handout in the court houses. We are also exploring a t-shirt option for those who want to wear their Akron legal pride on their persons.

Finally, we invite you to begin using the hashtag #IamtheAkronBar in social media. Help spread the pride by spreading the word!

Questions? Other ideas for sharing our theme? Let me know!

Director, Marketing & Member Services
Steve Fallis Remembers Jerry Leipply

July 17, 1934 -- January 4, 2018

Jerry Leipply was my mentor, my law partner and my friend. I will miss him greatly.

Jerry, Dave Sanders and Orval Hoover, who had the law firm Sanders, Hoover & Leipply in the building they owned at 6 th and Portage Trail, hired me out of the City of Cuyahoga Falls Prosecutor’s Office in 1977. After Dave Sanders’ unexpected death in 1981 Jerry and I opened our two man firm, Leipply & Fallis on the Front street mall. I worked, commiserated, argued and laughed with Jerry regarding everything imaginable in both our personal and professional lives every day until moving downtown in 1994.

I often referred to Jerry as a “true gentleman lawyer." I would like to take credit for coining that term for him, but as it happens, over the years when I told someone who I practiced with or in casual conversations with other attorneys, judges or friends, the most common thing they would say about him was that he was a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with on the opposite side of a case.

I would add to that that Jerry was a true professional in all aspects of the word. I say this with the utmost respect because I saw it and I experienced it every day for 17 years. Most of you reading this will likely be lawyers and as you know there have been a number of articles written in the last 20 years on the issue of professionalism. Former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer started a Commission on Professionalism and we have been required to attend seminars on professionalism as part of our CLE. The Akron Bar Association’s highest and most prestigious award is its Professionalism Award. Jerry was the recipient of that award in 2013.

Professionalism may mean different things to different people depending on their experiences and their individual business and professional lives, but from my legal experience it means several things: respect for the rule of law, civility, honesty with clients, the courts and opposing counsel. Jerry not only had that old fashioned work ethic but he kept up with the law and with the changes in our profession. He took time to explain the law, the time, the cost, and the emotions of a divorce to his clients. He had compassion for his clients who lost a loved one and felt swamped with the responsibility of probating an estate. He had the ability to aggressively advocate for his clients yet the knowledge of when to say no to a case or to have that special talk with a client about what is practical, when to settle, or go to trial. I never heard Jerry say or do anything unethical, ever.

In 58 years of practicing law, Jerry was able to incorporate all of those professional traits into his law practice. If you take a moment and go down through the table of contents of the Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct you can pretty much check off all of those rules when it comes to how Jerry conducted himself. From lawyer client communication, client confidentiality, handling client funds, advisor and advocate, to his honesty and truthfulness with his clients, opposing counsel and the courts, Jerry Leipply was a true professional.

At Jerry’s memorial service, in addition to his loving daughters Etola and Tarla and his wife Anna Marie and various grandchildren, there was, as I expected, a mix of interesting people. They included Judge Kim Hoover to whom Jerry was father figure going to see him play football at Woodridge H.S. and the University of Maryland; Attorney Tim Truby a long time professional and personal friend who, along with Judge Hoover, served with Jerry on Cuyahoga Falls City Council. Dentist John Fratz who had his office next to ours and spent many a memorable hour in our back room drinking coffee and talking about local issues, politics, sports, marriages and kids. A woman and brother whose entire family were former clients. Also, longtime friends Paul and Maxine Brown who for many years snow skied and water skied with Jerry and Anna Marie. Old friends from fast pitch softball like Tom and Marilyn Shaftstall. Jerry developed a passion for his Harley and made many friends on his motorcycle trips. Other former clients, friends and people who got to know Jerry from his many interests were there. I have to mention that when I went to see Jerry’s law partner James Armstrong, I could see the sadness in his eyes and face. Jamie cared dearly for Jerry and had to deal with losing his mentor, friend and partner as well.

Jerry loved the law, but it was not his life. He was so proud of his daughters, from their education to baton twirling and fast pitch softball accomplishments and on to being working mothers and raising children of their own. What struck me most though seeing all those different people at his service was that they exemplified that Jerry lived a full life. Jerry had a keen interest of all kinds of things outside of the law where he met many people from various walks of life. I won’t reprint his obituary here but I was always amazed at the interest he had in such various things as: fast pitch softball, playing and coaching young women’s softball, water and snow skiing, motorcycles, collecting coins, trapshooting, collecting ancient scrolls and local politics. Not to mention eating lots of peppermint stick ice cream as well as all the peanuts in the jar on my desk.

For many years Jerry and I used to go a great trial advocacy seminar at his alma mater, the University Of Michigan School Of Law, in early May. It was a nice couple of days out of the office, didn’t cost too much and always very educational. I would always drive so Jerry could eat his bag of candy and junk food and sleep all the way to Toledo. We then would talk about the Cleveland Indians, he would tell me I should take the old way in to Ann Arbor, not the new highway, and we would check-in at the Campus Inn. We had to go to the Cottage Inn for pizza and milk for him and a beer for me. Seriously, who drinks milk with pizza in a college town? That night we had to watch the NBA playoffs and read all the seminar materials. (Well he did, I cheated a bit and mostly watched basketball) At lunch the next day we had to go to a local small Greek owned restaurant where Jerry could get meatloaf and green beans. The seminars were always excellent but our, meaning Jerry’s, routine never changed. I have fond memories of and miss that time together.

We lost a great lawyer and man in Jerry Leipply. For those of you who knew him well, you already know that. But for those of you who have not been practicing here in our community for a long time and for you newer lawyers building your practices and raising your families, his life serves as an example to you. Love and respect the rule of law, practice professionally as Jerry did, but live a full life. A life of family, friends and outside interests, and an occasional bowl of peppermint stick ice cream.                                       
February 16, 2018
1 Hour CLE Credit
Sponsored by the Estate Planning, Probate, & Elder Law Section       

February 22, 2018     
2 Hours Professional Conduct CLE Credit
Sponsored by the Diversity Committee


  March 6, 2018
Stop The Family I Want to Get Off!
1 Hour CLE Credit
Sponsored by the Family Law Section

March 7, 2018           
The Basics of Environmental Citizen Suits in the Major Environmental Statutes
1 Hour CLE Credit
Sponsored by the Real Property & Environmental Law Section

March 9, 2018
Cyber Security & Data Breach Responses
FREE CLE courtesy of the Law Library Committee of the Akron Bar Foundation**
1 Hour CLE Credit

Click on the titles above for more information and to register.

**FIVE FREE FRIDAYS! The Law Library Committee is underwriting a series of CLE programs during the coming months that cover technology and research. Only FIVE programs remain in the series, so don't miss out!

Upcoming FREE CLE Dates Are:
May 11, 2018
June 8, 2018
August 10, 2018
September 14, 2018

Celebrating Our Diversity
Thursday, February 22, 2018
5 pm
Socialize with colleagues while learning how to properly pair wine with CHOCOLATE!!

Can You Assist?

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The Only Constant in Life is Change!

If you've called the Akron Bar office in the past couple of months, you may have noticed that our phone system doesn't function quite the way it did before. The Bar moved to a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system back in December, which means that phone calls as well as our internet access are all moving over the same lines. The benefits include lower costs, the ability to access phone service anywhere an internet connection exists, and options for videoconferencing.

We know there may have been a glitch or two with transferring calls and the like, but we do appreciate your patience as the staff becomes more comfortable.

Here's a heads up about what's coming next: a new interactive database system. Members will be able to easily make changes to their Akron Bar account, register for CLEs and social events, and create personal pages that gather all of their information in a single place, including their upcoming Bar events, shared files, LRIS case referrals, and much more. We'll be offering short tutorials to help you get accustomed to all the bells and whistles. Our goal is to make your online interactions with the Akron Bar and with fellow members as intuitive and easy as possible.

Watch for further details in the next few weeks.
"Fill the Closet" Clothing Drive
for Indigent Defendants

The Akron Bar, in partnership with Goodwill, is addressing the needs of indigent clients who are without appropriate clothing for court appearances. Defense counsel will have the opportunity to shop at any Goodwill location and select clothing from the general inventory.

We need YOU to help get this off the ground! As you clean out your personal closet, please consider donating those items to our "Fill the Closet" Drive. Donations should consist of court-appropriate clothing for men and women, dress shoes, dress socks, belts, and ties. You are encouraged to donate only those items that are in a condition that you would be comfortable handing down to family or friends.

The Akron Bar Association and Goodwill are drop-off locations for this drive. Details for defense counsel on how to shop at Goodwill are forthcoming.
Two Day Senior Summit to be Held May 18-19
Includes Professional Conference
and Community Expo

Friday, May 18 and Saturday May 19, 2018, professionals and the community will come together to celebrate senior adults and educate about their services and opportunities in Summit County. Friday will consist of a professional conference sessions held from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at St George Fellowship Centre. The conference targets professionals working with seniors, service providers, and city planners effecting current and future needs of seniors in Summit County and beyond. This includes social workers, guardians, attorneys, and nursing home administrators.

Saturday is a free senior expo featuring free food, prizes and services for seniors and those who love them from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Firestone Community Learning Center.

“Our community has issues that are universal to seniors and their families with our rapidly growing Summit County senior population,” said Judge Stormer. “The Senior Summit 2018 Steering Committee has identified ways we can continue to come together to better inform the public and its service providers about issues that are vital to us now and in the future for our seniors.”

Akron Bar Association members can become sponsors at a member-only rate of $250, which includes two entries to the Friday conference and mentions as professional sponsors in both the Friday and Saturday program books .  

Join the Akron Bar in Vegas!

We know you've read this here before, but Rik Williger says this is the 24th and Absolutely, Positively, Final Las Vegas seminar. We shall see....

Advanced Issues in Workers' Compensation Practice: Items for Your Toolkit
Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19, 2018
The Beacon Center
Las Vegas, NV

10.5 CLE Credit Hours
(Includes 1 hour Professional Conduct Credit)

Click here for further information and to register. See you in Vegas!
Court Accepting Comments on Proposed Amendments Involving Administrative Judges

The Ohio Supreme Court will accept public comment until March 14 on proposed  amendments  concerning the designation or election of an administrative judge in a multi-division municipal court. Read more....
If you book 2 nights at the Renaissance Glendale Resort & Spa   in Phoenix with our group by February 21, 2018, you will receive FREE CLE   registration!

That's NINE   hours of FREE CLE!

We are so excited to announce that we will be traveling to Arizona this spring to enjoy Cleveland Indians baseball, warm weather, and CLE hours in paradise! Not to mention - hopefully basking in the sunlight of a World Series Championship!

Mark your calendars! The trip will take place March 22-24 and attendees will be staying at the Renaissance Glendale Resort and Spa.
What better place to earn 9 CLE hours?

Here's a Legal Practice Growth Opportunity You Might Have Missed

Did you know that the Akron Bar Association works with Community Legal Aid to provide a
Modest Means Referral Program (MMRP)?

MMRP attorneys agree to charge no more than $60/hour for those who qualify. Cases are prescreened through CLAS.

Click here for more information and the application form. 

The  United Way Corporate Derby Challenge™ , presented by Fallsway Equipment Company, is a high-energy event that ignites a team's competitive fire as they collaborate, assemble, decorate, and compete in an entertaining race with their own adult Soap Box Derby car. Corporations, small businesses, groups and community organizations can experience a very unique event that is sure to entertain.

This is the Soap Box Derby’s top fundraiser to support the Derby’s mission to build knowledge and character, and to create meaningful experiences through collaboration and fair and honest competition.

Visit our website for a more information about this event.
A Special Bar Association Benefit for New/Recent Admittees!

Did you know that all new/recent admittees who join the Akron Bar Association also receive a free law library membership? If you are a first- through fourth-year legal practitioner, you qualify for this benefit. Click here to apply for your FREE Akron Law Library membership.
Fastcase Tip-of-the-Month

Sometimes you don’t know what document type you are looking for. Was the controlling language in a statute, a regulation or even a court rule? Fastcase 7 offers innovative universal searching, where you can search across multiple documents types at the same time. Simply enter your search term and see all the relevant materials, regardless of their source.  

Are You a New Lawyer Looking for
a Place to Call Home?

The Akron Bar’s Incubator Program is looking for new attorneys to set up offices in our Barberton Incubator. Lawyers in the program are solo practitioners who work with an experienced mentor and ABA leadership to establish practices in Summit County.   Read more...
Akron Bar Association Foundation:
Give ‘til it...helps!

The Akron Bar Association Foundation is our charitable entity that supports a variety of activities including providing community grants and scholarships to law students. The Foundation’s primary fundraiser is the annual Gala, but we offer many other ways to give toward the support of the legal programs and initiatives that make us a premier membership organization.
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