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Virginia has recently been added to the list of states who have adopted ban the box laws on state employment applications. On January 19, 2018, the Virginia Senate voted 23 to 16 to prohibit the State from asking on employment applications about previous criminal arrests and/or convictions. The philosophy behind the "ban the box" laws is that an applicant's qualifications must be considered in employment decisions first and foremost due to the stigma associated with a criminal record.  Read More
An employer's drug screening policy should always mirror their employment background screening policy. The policy should state why the company conducts drug screening for new hires, who is subjected to the screenings, and the type of purpose the employer can use for drug screening (employment, returning to work, post-accident, etc.) Additionally, the employer is urged to include language that they foster and promote a 100% drug free workplace pursuant to federal law.  Read More

Companies that fail to implement a non-discriminatory legally compliant employment background screening program are risking the safety of their employees, property, and their business overall. Due to the slow "recovery" of the U.S. economy, employers must be proactive in taking steps to ensure the growth and sustainability of their organization. This means hiring the right person for the right position, which can only be achieved by conducting thorough employment background checks.  Read More

We are excited to announce our new and improved navigation experience for using our background screening portal software. We have completely redesigned the system to provide your organization all the benefits of more modern and intuitive usage. By maintaining the same functionality, there will not be an impact on your organization's daily processes. Most importantly, this is a huge step in making our system, your data, and your applicants' data more secure than ever. As we update the language used for our front-end development from Velocity to React, we will be utilizing one of the most cutting-edge technologies, and eliminating potential vulnerabilities from older coding styles.  Read More
Employers Choice Screening is a multi-certified, national employment background screening and compliance training company. We welcome the opportunity to work with chief procurement officers and diversity supply chain procurement managers to bid on RFPs and respond to RFQs for employment background screening, drug testing, and mandated employee compliance training services.  Read More