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February 2019
Mission: Idaho Parents Unlimited supports, empowers, educates and advocates to enhance the quality of life for Idahoans with disabilities and their families.
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When we are trying to make a point or making an attempt to relate more; our own personal story can be a powerful tool. Individuals that have been impacted with specific circumstances can use their story to bring more meaning and connection to a situation and help to spark interest in others. Individuals that have the platform to make decisions can have their emotions triggered and influenced by an individual that delivers a personal story. It is a great tool to use when attempting to self-advocate or motivate systems change.

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DD Enhancement Update:
Changes to Children’s Developmental Disabilities Services

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has asked Idaho Parents Unlimited to share the following updates with families:
On July 1, 2019 all intervention services for children will be moved to the State Plan. Community based services and school-based services will share the same service names. Additionally, individuals may choose to access children’s intervention services up to their 21st birthday.
Changes in Federal law now require Medicaid to offer intervention services in the State Plan. Children will be allowed to access Medicaid intervention services that are medically necessary, based on need, no longer based on a diagnosis.
The proposed services include: Habilitative Skill, Behavioral Intervention, Interdisciplinary Training, Crisis Intervention, and Behavioral Consultation. Currently school-based services include Behavioral Intervention and Behavioral Consultation, only.
Support Services will remain a waiver service like they are today. The proposed services include: Habilitative Supports, Family Education, Respite, and Family Directed Supports. These services will continue to be attached to a budget and are not school-based services. Individuals are eligible to receive children’s support services up to their 18th birthday
Here is the link for frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming changes:
There is a published schedule for parents and providers to attend meetings to discuss the upcoming changes to the children's developmental disabilities program and offer you the opportunity to ask questions and give your feedback. (Upcoming meeting dates are for both families and providers will occur on December 5th & 6th.) Here is the link to the schedule which shows specific meeting dates and times in your region.
For more information about the changes coming to the Children's DD Services Enhancement Project, see the following link:
Youth Corner

Planning for a Healthy Transition to Adulthood

As a young adult, turning 18 is an exciting right of passage that can bring to light many emotions. Excitement, adventure, independence, anxiety and intrigue are a few them that might come to mind. American citizens have a right to vote at age 18 and are now accountable for their choices in life.  

Becoming a legal independent adult also means that you are responsible for understanding and making decisions about your personal health care, finances, living arrangements and life after high school. There are many resources, people and programs available that can help guide youth and their families to make those decisions that are appropriate for you and your situation.  

Idaho Parents Unlimited’s monthly workshop and webinar, titled Planning a Healthy Transition to Adulthood, will cover the transition process from high school to adulthood and beyond. Visit the website for registration links and more details.

VSA Idaho - The State Organization on Art and Disability

Our All Abilities inclusive dance classes at Discovery Dance School in Pocatello held a recital along with performances by classes of typically developing peers in December of 2018. Students with a range of disabilities danced under the instruction of Kristen Combs, owner of Discovery Dance. 

VSA Idaho, The State Organization on Arts and Disability, provides arts and education opportunities for people with disabilities and increases access to the arts for all. VSA's mission is empowering and engaging people with disabilities in the creative process through opportunities which are fully inclusive, educational, and participatory.

VSA Idaho is member of the VSA Affiliate Network, a program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. VSA is an international organization founded by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith in 1974. 
To learn more about IPUL's arts programs please contact 

For more about VSA International please visit VSA, The National Organization on Arts and Disability:
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Monthly Live Broadcast Workshop and Webinar Series 

February 2019 workshop
Broadcast Live in the Boise office
Broadcast and interactive statewide via webinar platform.

Planning for a healthy transition to adulthood
February 13, 2019
5:30-7:00 pm mst*

Parents and youth will participate in a discussion about the importance of having good self-advocacy skills, strategies for healthy living and self-care, and how to find and access adult services and health care. 

Registration :
Call - 208-342-5884

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