The Buzz
Here's What Is Coming Up
District 225 College Colloquium
On Saturday March 2, Audrey Grunst LCSW will be presenting to the parents of Juniors from Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South High Schools on the topic of Confident Decision Making.

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Eating Disorder Parent Workshop Series
A workshop for parents who feel uncertain, scared, alone, and frightened for the future of their family. Go from isolated to connected with 8 other parents who get the unique struggles of raising a child diagnosed with an eating disorder. An Expert-lead group by Licensed Dietician, Teresa Romano and Licensed Professional Counselor, Monica Bullock will provide you with a safe and confidential space to learn, support and grow. You will learn the latest research and parenting advice and connect with other parents who understand the ups-and-downs that is recovery.

*seats are limited*
Parenting Series at the Gorton Community Center: Raising a Resilient Child
On April 25th, please join Audrey Grunst at the Gorton Community Center. Audrey will be presenting on how to raise a resilient child and touch on the pitfalls of helicopter parenting.

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Here's What Happened in January
Warren High School Teacher Inservice Training
On January 7th, Audrey Grunst hosted a workshop at Warren Township High School for teachers looking to relax, unwind and learn how to incorporate self-care into the their daily routine. The teachers explored ideas on how to "fill their cup" in small ways throughout their day so they can be energized and inspired to do what they love!
Being Resilient - A workshop for students at Vernon Hills High School
On January 17, the therapists from Simply Bee spent the day with over 1,500 VHHS students to teach them about resilience and how to increase their resiliency by learning how to self-talk through stressful moments. We want to raise resilient teens are curious, brave and trusting of their instincts.
Stand in Your Power Workshop
On January 12th, Beth Dostal and Stephanie Bersh hosted a workshop for girls to teach them friendship dynamics and how to be a leader of kindness in their friend circles. All girls experience relationship dynamics that can be hurtful at times. We help empower tweens to stand in their own power to manage relational aggression through activities such as yoga, role play, and meaningful discussion. This workshop helped tweens build empathy, a fundamental skill that all young girls can improve upon. It was a truly inspiring day!

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Practicing What We Preach
Although we spend our days taking care of others, we realize the importance of taking care of ourselves. The team at SimplyBee recently spent a cozy Sunday brunch during the polar vortex creating vision boards for 2019 that represent our goals and dreams for the new year.
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