Volume 6 / Issue 2 | February 2019
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: When doctrine trumps Scripture ... Have Christians corrupted the gospel? ... Rob Bowman to speak at GCC ... The Watch Tower's has-been god ... and more!
When doctrine trumps Scripture
Jehovah's Witnesses display a commendable fervor for sharing the Bible, going door-to-door in 240 countries around the world. So, why do they reject such basic Christian doctrines as the deity of Christ?

Have Christians corrupted the gospel?
Muslims believe in the Injil , or gospel, but they define it differently than Christians do. Further, they claim the church has corrupted the biblical texts so that only the Qur'an preserves the good news. But is this charge an accurate one? Hardly, as the Qur'an itself attests.

Rob Bowman to speak at Great Commission Conf.
Noted apologist and author Rob Bowman is a featured speaker at the Missouri Baptist Convention's Great Commission Conference Feb. 21-24 at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City.

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The Watch Tower's has-been god
Rather than align its teachings with Scripture, the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society generated an entirely new translation of the Bible -- one that attempts to scrub the deity of Christ from its pages.

Honor, shame and the gospel
Many Muslims reject the gospel because it does not align with their cultural perspective that stresses shame and honor rather than guilt and innocence. So, is it even possible to share the good news cross-culturally?

Show Me Why
Missouri Baptists are blessed with local church leaders who take an active role in defending the Christian faith. A dozen of them have contributed chapters to a new book: Show Me Why: Thoughts from Missouri Baptists on Defending the Christian Faith.

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