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The Feng Shui Bagua
One of the most confusing aspects of Feng Shui, besides balancing the 5 elements within a space, is the understanding the ever changing dynamics of the Bagua Map and how to apply it to space. Part of that confusion stems from the fact that there are various perspectives of Feng Shui, most of which use a different application of the Bagua. To help reduce some of the confusion, our experts share their deep wisdom on the Bagua application.
Bridget Saraka , IFSG CEO 

Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month:  Bagua

A diagram akin to the Chinese flowchart for the cyclical energies of the manifested universe, originating from the I Ching and the Lo Shu. The literal translation is “eight house.” It consists of eight external houses (guas) and a central one called the Tai Ji, (Tai Chi) a symbol denoting a perfect balance of the flowing energies of yin and yang, and also representing Earth. Each of the eight houses is named by a trigram, and points to a specific direction, number, element, season, color, body organ, family member, symbol, location and other life aspects in resonance with that trigram sector. The Bagua can be drawn in many different forms and is an indispensable tool in most schools of Feng Shui. 

The eight guas are: 
Kan (K'an) 
Gen (Ken) 
Zhen (Chen)
Xun (Hsun) 
Li (Li) 
Kun (K'un) 
Dui (Tui) 
Qian (Ch'ien)

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Ba-Gua or Pa-Kua by Elliot Tanzer

As the many systems of feng shui continue to grow in popularity, understandably so does the confusion and misconceptions. The use of the Ba-gua/Pa-kua is perhaps the most controversial with two approaches to its proper application. The traditional Compass School approach, using the designation Pa-Kua, determines the location of each of the Eight Aspirations according to the eight directions of the compass. In this approach for example, the Abundance Area of the home is in the Southeast and the Relationship Area is in the Southwest.

The other approach, known as Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui, uses the designation Ba-gua and orientates the Eight Aspirations according to the position of the front door of the home. Black Sect practitioners called this the Compass of the Heart approach. As the front door can be either left, right or center, this Ba-gua is often referred to as the Three-Door Ba-Gua. Using the Three-Door Ba-Gua, the Abundance Area of the home is the sector to the far left from the front of the home while the Relationship Area is in the far right sector.

From my experience and research both systems have their merit. Each approach represents a particular mind-set or way of organizing the space around us. This mind-set is based on archetypal patterning reflective of our deep subconscious processes. Each method is based on how we project our consciousness upon a space. Either system can be used with great efficacy as long as you stay consistent with the system you have chosen.

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The Bagua Compass

The Bagua Compass is actually an interpretation of the inner most ring of the large, traditional Lo Pan compass.   It is composed of the eight trigrams, the building blocks of the 64 hexagrams of the IChing (the Chinese book of predictions).  Each trigram is associated with an energy.  The different energies are related to career, luck, family, children, wisdom, helpful people, wealth, relationships, and health sits in the center.
The Bagua

What is the Bagua?  It is a deceptively simple tool used in Feng Shui with powerful results.  In Feng Shui we use it to map out areas of your home that correspond to certain life aspirations with the intent on bringing about desired changes in your life.  But what exactly is it?  Well, it has a somewhat mysterious origin. 

Feng Shui Tip - Harmony and Good Fortune
One can harmonize a room or building by placing a bagua mirror on the wall of a home or at work above office furniture. Ideally they are placed near the center of the room or building, but a side wall is fine. They also may be placed flat on their back and objects placed top to be purified and energized. Frequently they are hung above doors of homes and businesses to harmonize and create good fortune for all who enter. The next time you visit a Chinese restaurant or business, look above the door or perhaps in a window and most likely you will find a bagua mirror.

Keith Rudell , Jade Dragon Online

"Pin"spiration - the Bagua

There's a powerful Feng Shui secret that can be used to get fast, powerful results in any area of life, to help you attract whatever you decide; it's called layering.

What is Layering the Feng Shui Ba Gua?
Layering is like setting two alarm clocks in the morning to be sure you wake up for that important meeting. It's like backing up your computer files in multiple locations, or carrying an emergency kit in your car, just in case. 

When you lay the Ba Gua over your home, you would first lay it out over your home's main floor. But you can also lay it out over other floors, and over individual rooms and your entire property.

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