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The Feng Shui Bedroom...
what's love got to do with it
We have all heard how important the bedroom is to our life - we spend 1/3 of our lives in this sacred space. Whether you are looking for a partner, want to improve your relationship, love where you are, or want to spark a flame of self love, this issue has what you need to know about the Feng Shui bedroom.
Feng Shui for Love

Whether you are in a committed relationship or still searching for The One,” Feng Shui paves the way for more harmonious relationships. Feng Shui helps you recognize how your space reflects your life and encourages you to create a new relationship with your space. 

In this article, Kim focuses primarily on your bedroom. Ideally, this should be your favorite room in the house, an oasis that is both romantic and peaceful.

Feng Shui for Love Tip - Where does the Bed Go?

Did you know that your body language speaks volumes about your subconscious thoughts? Arms crossed over one’s chest while speaking and engaging with another will often indicate that you are closed to the conversation and that you are not willing to share nor are you open to receiving the other.

Did you know that your bed placement says a lot about your state of being as well? Find out how that placement can affect your life and a simple fix to try.

Quick Tip Bedroom Experiment

Remove the TV, piles of work, exercise equipment, or bookshelves from your bedroom. Notice your quality of sleep after the change.


Rest and regeneration are fundamental to our well-being and have an important role in aiding in recuperation as well. Because they are the quietest environments in the home, bedrooms are often the first location where we retire to heal. From Feng Shui expert and teacher, Los Angeles based, Alex Stark (Pin this image)

Feng Shui for Self Love and Welcoming Deep Love into your Life

Remembering the connection between romantic love and self-love, treat yourself lovingly every day. Use your best bedding of satin or silk; wear your best; light candles; buy yourself flowers. To attract love, be completely loving with yourself. Being in a place of self-love sets up a vibration that will attract and deepen romantic love.

Final Thoughts... Feng Shui Tips for Winning at Love
1. Is your bed big enough for two? If it is, is there ample room to access both sides of the bed? 

2. Think in pairs. For example, if there's only one lamp I recommend you get a second one. Do you have two nightstands? They don't have to match but it's important that you have two. 

3. Make space in the closet or dresser for that someone special. Is your closet filled to the brim? Take away some of your stuff to allow room for a partner to come into your life. Same goes for dressers or nightstands, make sure there's room for someone else. 

4. Pay close attention to the art in your home especially your bedroom. Is it mostly of single people? If so and you are looking for a partner, then I would suggest replacing those art pieces with images representing couples. 

5. Pink and Red is perfect for the bedroom when you're looking for love. Perfect timing to go out there and get yourself some new sheets. 

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