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The Feng Shui Fire Element

We are starting off a new series of topics with our monthly newsletter that focuses on the 5 elements of Feng Shui.  Who better to lead the series than our very own Bridget Saraka, CEO of the International Feng Shui Guild.  This month’s newsletter focus is the Fire Element.  Expand your Feng Shui knowledge on what adding more Fire Elements to your home and work spaces can do for you!

If you are looking for a BIG SHIFT IN A BIG WAY the Fire Element may be just what you need. Discover practical ways to add a little fire to your life.
CEO, International Feng Shui Guild

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The Fire Element and the Fame and Reputation Gua

Every room needs a little bit of the Fire Element to warm things up and set a really groovy mood. But like cayenne pepper, a little goes a long way especially when introduced to rooms outside of the Fame and Reputation Gua.  

Fire Qi for Passion and Recognition

Fire injects enthusiasm, motivation and spurts of energy. It warms and cheers. Fame and recognition are energized by the fire element. Recognition leads to success at the workplace and in politics.  

Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month: Fire

1. One of the Five Elements represented by the color red. Its movement is upward, outward, expansive and explosive. Fire energy is very active and vibrant. It represents the South sector of the Bagua, the number 9, triangular shape, Summer season, and correlates with the heart and small intestines. 
2. Classically related to the trigram Li and the Bagua area associated with fame and reputation. 
Also called Huo, Li 

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Feng Shui Tip of the Month: Fire

The Fire element activates leadership qualities and kindles healthy emotional interactions between people. Too much Fire in an environment stimulates or amplifies aggression, impatience, and impulsive behavior, while too little Fire can promote emotional darkness or coldness.

The Fire element is found in:
  • lighting, including electric, oil, candles, fireplaces, and natural sunlight
  • items from animals, such as fur, suede, leather, bone, feathers, silk, and wool
  • pets and wildlife
  • art portraying people or animals
  • art depicting sunshine, fire, or other illumination
  • triangles, pyramids, and cone shapes
  • all red tones, including pink, red orange, magenta, and maroon

"Pin"spiration - Fire

The fire element manifests in many different forms - not just the literal idea of what we think of as fire. See the element in colors, textures, the pyramid shape, animals, and more.  Find YOUR way to manifest fire in your life.  Click to pin this image.

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Feng Shui School Spotlight - Lotus Institute

The Lotus Institute of Lillian Pearl Bridges focuses on Transformation:  personal, professional, and spiritual, as well as the transformation of environments.  We offer the most comprehensive courses in Face Reading and Diagnosis in our Master Face Reading Certification Program to help people understand themselves and others better and on a deep level.  We also offer the Daoist Design Program TM for experienced Feng Shui Practitioners, Interior Designers, and Architects with previous Feng Shui training.  

Final Thoughts

The element of Fire is related to the color red and the feng shui bagua area of Recognition. Fire also has the qualities of explosiveness, passion and heartfelt compassion. Fire element creates earth, as ashes transform all back to the earth. Fire overcomes metal as it causes metal to melt into a liquid.

Fire is red and triangular in shape. In Feng Shui, fire elements improve passion and recognition. You can add fire into your home with the color red. I especially like using the Mars Yantra for fire adjustments. The fiery colors and triangles are fire element all the way!

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