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The Feng Shui Earth Element
If you are feeling under pressure and a little scattered you may want to try to introduce a little earth element to your home decor to help you calm your nervous system and find your balance. Our experts teach you how in this months edition. Enjoy!
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The Earth Element

In Feng Shui design, earth tones are the colors of the Earth element and warm gold, brown, yellow and beige are all great colors to use in your home to create the stability that Earth suggests.  
The Five Elements

The five elements in feng shui are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. They are used in Chinese astrology as well as by acupuncturists. Regardless, the goal is balance, achieved in a variety of ways.  
Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month: Earth

1. One of the Five Elements represented by the color yellow. Its movement is horizontal. Earth energy is balanced, centered and grounded. It represents the Northeast with the number 8, the Southwest with the number 2 and the center of the Bagua with the number 5. Its shape is flat, rectangular, or square. It is the later part of the four seasons and the belly and pancreas.
2. Classically related to the trigram Kun and the Bagua area associated with relationships. 

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Feng Shui Tip of the Month: Earth

Earth is the Element that grounds you and makes you feel stable and balanced. That’s why so many people love hardwood floors, because the earthy color makes you feel grounded.

Actual Earth Element objects are composed of substances made from the earth, such as the tile floor in your bathroom, clay pots of your patio, or granite counter tops in your kitchen.

The colors of the Earth Element are the colors of your world: brown like the soil, yellow from the sun, terracotta like clay.

The shape of the Earth Element is square.

The goal of Five Element theory is to use the actual material of the Element in your indoor environment to bring its power into your life. For example, a roaring fireplace adds the Fire Element to a room and a granite counter adds the Earth Element to your kitchen. But, when using the actual Element just isn’t possible, you can use the colors or shape associated with it. So add red to a room when you need more Fire energy, or add brown to the room to represent Earth. The most powerful objects for making Feng Shui adjustments are those that combine the actual material, color, and shape of an Element.
"Pin"spiration - Earth

Yellow is very grounding and healing. The Earth Element is great for a baby's room and peaceful happy sleep.  Click to pin this image.

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Final Thoughts

The earth element makes up three guas on the bagua.  The Skills and Knowledge, the Health and the Relationship guas all have Earth as the primary element.  It is not surprising as each of these areas require a good foundation in order for them to work at optimal levels.  That foundation or grounding gives you support and support gives you strength.  When you are strong, there is little that can disrupt you. 

Getting clients out of weak positions and into strong positions is a big part of the process for a Feng Shui practitioner.  We want everyone to be in the best position possible so that we all thrive.  Find a consultant near you to get started on your strength training!

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