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The Feng Shui Water Element
If you are looking for deep insights and clarity to any given situation or simply looking to have some movement in a specific life area, our Feng Shui Experts offer valuable insights into how to introduce the water element into your space. It's easier than you think!
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Featured Expert Articles
Make a Splash with Feng Shui Water Element by Julie Schuster
Make a Splash: How to Decorate with the Water Element

Just as water is essential for all life on earth, so is it essential in the design of our homes and work spaces. It is a mysterious and complex element that can exist in several different chemical states (solid – ice, liquid – water, gas – vapor) and is a powerful way to bring function, freedom and flow to your home. Find out more about the Feng Shui water element by Julie Schuster.  
The Way of Water by Diane Gallin
The Way of the Water

Have you ever floated on a river or lake with only the current to guide you? The water’s depth and awareness of what lies around the bend elude you, but for that moment in time you simply relinquish control and drift. Unaccustomed to weightlessness, you take a leap of faith, close your eyes and give in to the flow. The water decides where you’re going and somehow you trust that it knows the right way. And it does. 
Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month: Water

1. One of the Five Elements represented by the color black.  Its movement is wavy and deep. Water energy portrays a depth of emotion and introspection. It represents the North sector of the Bagua, number 1, wavy or amorphous shapes, Winter season, the kidneys and sense of hearing. 
2. Classically related to the trigram Kan and the Bagua area associated with career and life journey. 

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Feng Shui Tip of the Month: Feng Shui Water Element Paintings

Feng Shui water element paintings are an easy way to incorporate Feng Shui for wealth and prosperity into your home and office Feng Shui. Water, a beautiful example of the nature's art, represents purification and abundance, bringing forth the energies of calmness and renewal. If you work out of a home office, have many visitors, or experience high levels of stress, Feng Shui water paintings balance many different energies and draw good fortune to you.
"Pin"spiration - Water

Adding a photo to your space such as this can represent the water element so it doesn’t have to be actual water to be effective.  Be mindful the water in the picture and the area you put it.  For instance, you wouldn’t want a Grand Rapids photo over your sofa where you sit often as it could start to make you anxious or fearful.  Click to pin this image.

Click here to find more five element images/pins on our board.

Feng Shui School Spotlight - Feng Shui School of Chicago

At Feng Shui School of Chicago, we offer an intense in class Professional Certification Training Program based on the basic principles of Feng Shui and the teachings of HH Professor Lin Yun. The classes are based on BTB, Form, and Personal Direction. A Feng Shui In A Day Class is also offered.

Final Thoughts
Now that you have read 4 newsletters on elements so far, take a look at this photo and test your abilities to identify the elements.  How many can you find?  Would you believe that all 5 elements are represented in various ways?

1. Glass = water
2. Black color = water
3. Metal frame = metal
4. Candles = fire
5. Sand (in the bottom) = earth
6. Square shape candles = earth
7. Rectangle shape glass = wood
8. Yellow colored candles = earth
9. Tan colored sand = earth

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