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The Feng Shui Wood Element
If you are looking for a fresh perspective on your life or to improve your overall health and well-being, you may wish to introduce the Feng Shui element of wood into your space.  Our seasoned professionals teach you how.
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The Quality of Wood

The Chinese character for Wood represents a tree. The vertical line is trunk and the horizontal is the Earth. The lower lines are the roots and the top is for the branches. In nature the color of Wood is green. The shape is tall, upright.  Find out more about the Feng Shui wood element by Kristina Neuhauser Dr. Phil. 
Feng Shui Glossary Word of the Month: Wood

One of the Five Elements represented by the color green. Its movement is upward, expansive and symbolizes growth. It represents the connection between Heaven and Earth, the East sector of the Bagua with the number 3 and Southeast with number 4, columnar shapes, Spring season, and the liver.  

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Feng Shui Tip of the Month: Wood growth, knowledge, purpose

The element of wood is represented by blues and greens. Plants, flowers, trees as well as those represented in fabrics, pictures, and paintings are all wood.  Fabrics made from plants like cotton and linen and anything made of oak, cherry, maple pine, etc. are also wood.  The shape denoting wood is a column or pillar like that of a tree trunk. It is associated with the direction of east and season of spring.

Chi qualities: assertive, competitive, ambitious, adventurous, confident
Too much: overly focused on goals, hurried, aggressive, manipulative, impatient
Too little: staying small, chronic inactivity, fear of change, unable to complete tasks
"Pin"spiration - Wood

This is a built in tree book shelf and a great example of the wood element.  Not only does it mimic the look of a tree (wood), the books a made of paper (also wood).  While books are typically considered the fire element, they are also often rectangular shaped (or columnar) which is the shape the wood element.    Click to pin this image.

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Feng Shui School Spotlight - Inner Harmony Feng Shui School with LuAnn Cibik

If using the power of nature, the energy of intention, and the compassion of working from the heart with your client is appealing to you, perhaps you are meant to be an Interior Alignment® Practitioner. Interior Alignment® is the feng shui and space clearing system created by Denise Linn, author of “Feng shui for the Soul”, “Sacred Space” and many more books in this field.

Final Thoughts
To wrap up our series on the 5 elements, we need to explain the Creative, Reductive, and Destructive sequence cycles displayed in this diagram.

The Creative cycle goes clockwise and it indicates which elements help or enhance another element.  For example, the Fire element enhances the Earth element.

The Reductive cycles goes counter clockwise and indicates what element reduces another element.  Using the same two elements, Earth would reduce or put out Fire in this cycle, just as you could smother a camp fire by kicking dirt on it.

The Destructive cycle in the center shows what element can destroy another element.  Water, for example, is destructive to Fire because it can distinguish it, just as a firefighter puts out a fire using a fire hose.

Throughout our series on the 5 elements, we have stressed the importance of balance and how having too much of one element is unbalanced and can cause issues.  If you have a lot of Fire elements in a primarily Wood element section of your home or business it can reduce the effects of the Wood element.  If you have a lot of Fire elements in your Prosperity section whose primary element is Wood, then you are likely to burn through your money quickly.  Balance out the elements and add a little more Wood to your Prosperity section and voila,’ your Prosperity is back as it should be.

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