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September 2017 
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Fiber SenSys prides itself in offering products that meet or exceed our customers' security expectations.  We are known throughout the industry to offer the only fiber-optic sensor that that is approved for PL-1N installations.  Achieving this approval is not based solely on the superior product we offer, but includes the installation and deployment techniques that have been tested and proven to meet strict standards. One such requirement is our loop-back sensor deployment. Securing the sensor to the fence at two levels provides a sensor near the lower cut or climb point as well as higher on the fence near where the climber would likely grab the fence or set a ladder.  This ensures a very high POD (probability of detection) and very low NAR (nuisance alarm rate and FAR (false alarm rate).
Not all applications require this level of security.   For some FD3XX installations having a sensor cable at both the bottom and top of the fence is not needed.  For those applications, we now offer several new duplex sensor cables.  Tested for use on standard-sized fences up to 8-feet, a single run of cable can be placed on the fence with an end-of-zone box joining the two strands and completing the loop using only one cable.   While this configuration does not provide the highest level of performance achieved with our loop-back configuration, it meets or  exceeds the performance that integrators  are used to seeing with competing products.    
Costs savings are realized through materials cost savings and a reduction of installation time.
The new sensor cables are available as SC3D-C (pre-installed in conduit and offered in several convenient lengths) and as SC-4D (4mm) which can be used directly on the fence without conduit. 
To view the spec sheets on these new duplex products, please click here.  
Partner Program Updates
Partnering with other companies and manufacturers with high-level interfaces to provide seamless security solutions is an ongoing priority for FSI and our customers.  The advantages of platform integrations include faster, easier installations with access to increased features and performance.  To continue these efforts, Fiber SenSys recently updated our interface to the Genetec Security Center platform.

To see a complete list of our partners, please click here.
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Around the Globe:
Recent globetrotting had FSI's sales team at the National Nuclear Security Conference in Colorado, IFSEC International in London, and ESS in Bogota.  At each of these locations, we had an opportunity to meet with our established customers and make connections with new customers. Thank you to everyone that was able to stop by our booth. 
Fiber SenSys will be in Dallas, Texas, with our Optex partners at  ASIS .  Please come by booth  1807 and see what's new!    
To see our entire event schedule, click here .
2017 Fiber Defender® Certification training  classes are available at our corporate offices in Hillsboro, OR.