Dear Partners,


The Field Guide now has a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter handle, and we need your help to spread the word!  Our goal with this social media effort is to both strengthen the engagement among our Field Guide partners, and to share your latest achievements and events on an ongoing basis.  


We have already begun to populate both of the social media accounts with your news, but we need your help to make our efforts more robust.


First, please follow us on Twitter here:  And please invite your followers to follow us as well. 


Please also like us on Facebook here: 


We will make every effort to retweet and favorite and like your announcements, accomplishments, and events, and to share them with our community.  Please do not hesitate to email us if you would like us to give special attention to any news item(s) you want to share more broadly.  Let us know if we are not already following you on Twitter and if you would like a Facebook like from us.


We hope having these dedicated social media accounts for the Field Guide will help us all continue to build a stronger regenerative economy movement.   


As a reminder, you can also find Capital Institute on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram via the following links: 


- Susan Arterian Chang & the Capital Institute Team