Fifteen Commandments for the Home from our Affirmation Students

Our Affirmation Class has been studying the Ten Commandments together over the last month. On Saturday, they gathered in groups and wrote ten commandments for the home. I want to share some with you.

1.  No cursing.
2.  Put dishes in the dishwasher. Clean up after yourself.
3.  Answer the phone when parents call.
4. No eating on the couch.
5.  Walk and feed the dog.
6. Be respectful of your family. Don’t talk back to your parents.
7.  Forgive easily and leave problems in the past.
8.  Keep your room clean.
9.  Don’t annoy your siblings and don’t be too annoying asking for them to stop being annoying.
10.  Respect “shotgun,” “dibs,” and “rock-paper-scissors” to settle disputes.
11.  No phones at the table or in bedrooms after 10pm.
12.  Turn out lights and close cabinet doors after using them.
13.  Don’t use up all the hot water showering.
14.  Be responsible for yourself and your behavior.
15.  The oldest is the boss. Period.

Continue to pray for our Affirmands, leaders, and mentors. They are learning and growing as disciples of Jesus through this process. Hope you enjoyed some fun and insightful ideas from our youth.

Grace and Peace -