Vol. 9 - No. 5 | February 6, 2020
St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School e-News

The Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany
Everyone His Witness IV:
“LASSIE - Listen & Ask (Head, Heart, Hands)”
 Acts 8:26-40

Classic Service - Saturday, February 8 @ 5:30pm w/communion
Sunday, February 9, 2020
Classic Service @ 8:00am
Contemporary Service @ 10:45am
HEARTWORK:             ACTS 8:30 & 35

So Philip ran to him and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?”
Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning with this Scripture he told him the good news about Jesus.  
BIBLE/DEVOTIONAL READINGS – For the week starting February 9, Bible readings are provided to assist you in daily reading and prayer. Click on the Bible passage to read the Scripture lesson at BibleGateway.com .
Salt And Light

False And True Worship

True Wisdom Of God

Everyone Is Saved By Faith
Example Of Christ's Suffering

Christ is God's Power & Wisdom

Blessings Of The Righteous

Teachings Of Jesus
13 - St. Matters PLARN Class, 7:00pm
19 - St. Matthew Crafters @ 9:00am
22 & 23 - Bread for Life Weekend
26 - Ash Wednesday Service Noon & 7pm
26 - Lenten Dinner @ 5:30pm
27 - Young Adult Hangout—See Flyer
29 - LZ Expo @ Concord
4 - Lent Midweek Dinner & service 5:30pm/7:00pm
11 - Lent Midweek Dinner & service 5:30pm/7:00pm
13 - Winter Jam - see flyer
18 - Lent Midweek Dinner & service 5:30pm/7:00pm
25 - Lent Midweek Dinner & service 5:30pm/7:00pm
29 - JOY—Just Older Youth Luncheon
1 - Lent Midweek Dinner & service 5:30pm/7:00pm
9 - Maunday Thursday service 7:00pm
10 - Good Friday service noon & 7:00pm
11 - Vigil of Easter, 5:30pm
12 - Easter Service, 6:00/8:00/10:45am
12 - Easter Breakfast, 7-10:30am
Time to return the palm branches - Please return the dried Palm branches from last Palm Sunday to the basket on the church office counter. They will be burned and the ashes used for our observance of Ash Wednesday at the beginning of the season of Lent.
on Thursday Feb. 13th at 7:00pm, come to learn how to crochet with PLARN. PLARN is yarn that is made from plastic bags. The St. Matters will be demonstrating how the plastic mats are made; and they will teach YOU how to crochet a plastic mat. Sign up today. Signup sheets are located on the Informational Carts
Bread For Life Sunday… Don’t forget to bring loaves of bread for “Bread For Life Sunday”. Bread collection will be the weekend of February 22nd & 23rd. Thank You.
PURPLE PLUNGE CORRECTION/UPDATE - St. Matt’s Purple Plunge 2020 website for donations is www.purpleplunge.org
Thank you the ladies who attended LWML last week.  
St. Matthew’s LWML sent in approximately $10,000 in Mites for 2019 and that is amazing!  We raised almost $2700 in November alone. Let’s aim high for 2020!  Check out LWML.org for an
overview of the grants we are supporting.
Thank you to all who donated Christmas cards.  We are continuing to collect canned comfort food until February 15 th.
I have another Mite Challenge . Bring in your full mite box by March 15 th and receive a bag of homemade cookies!  
The next meeting is April 19 after late service. 
Thank you for your support..
Nancy Blonski, President of LWML
HELPING HANDS MINISTRY of St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School is intended to provide critical emergency financial support. Please contact one of the Pastors if such support is needed. Contributions to this ministry are also welcome. 
SUNDAY MORNING ADULT BIBLE STUDY - Classes are held on Sundays at 9:20 a.m. in the north end of Krueger Hall.
ADULT DISCIPLESHIP CLASS  -  You are invited to the next Adult Discipleship Class starting March 1, 2020  at 9:20 a.m. 
TUESDAY EVENING LADIES BIBLE STUDY  - We are studing Trusting God: A Life Without Worry. Starting March 10 we will begin Why Easter Matters. We will return to Trusting God: A Life Without Worry on April 14.  Please join us! For more information, please see Nancy Blonski on the weekends or you can email her at nblonski@truemen.org  No Bible Study on February 11.
THURSDAY MORNING LADIES BIBLE STUDY - This study is held on Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. in Luther Hall. For more information, please contact Deb Kinne at 224-360-2015 or debkinne@yahoo.com
MEN’s BIBLE STUDY -   The Saturday Morning Men's Bible Study is studying the five points of the Gospel as taught at St. Matthew. Each week will include heart work passages from Scripture that are easily memorized to make it easier to share the Gospel with others. Class meets in Luther Hall on Saturdays at 9:00am.
YOUTH BIBLE STUDY (Jr. & Sr. High) - will meet on the
1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday’s of the month from 9:20-10:20am in the Youth Room. 
St. Matthew thanks the Donna Grund family for providing materials for our Ladies, Mens & Sunday Morning Bible Studies.
LCC - Who is Jesus According to Jesus - A Study of the Gospels  Classes are held at 9:30am at St. Matthew and 7:00pm. at Prince of Peace in Palatine. * This study will resume in January 2020.  

SADDLEBROOK BIBLE STUDY  - is offered on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month at 10:00 at Saddlebrook in Grayslake. 
Our worship services are live-streamed on our Facebook page and available "on demand" at Facebook, YouTube and our own website. Follow the Facebook page. Subscribe to the YouTube channel.
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CHRISTIAN OUTREACH OF LUTHERANS (COOL) - a food pantry for some of the neediest families in Lake County. Please bring a can of food/box of cereal with you when you worship and place them in the bins in Luther Hall. February food item is Breakfast Items. Thank you for supporting this outreach ministry.  
Taking Faith Home is available each week on the church office counter.

Monday Bible Study Leader Tim Hetzner offers a daily devotional via email here .
In My Father’s Footsteps is a weekly devotion written by Pastor Blonski and is available at The True Man blog .
This week our Emerging Skills and Interests were: Exploring Occupations. The Number of the Week was 16. The Letter of the Week was "U", and was our theme for Show & Share. In Religious Studies, the preschoolers continued learning about the Baptism of Jesus. This week we were also visited by a dental assistant who talked to the preschoolers about good dental hygiene practices.
Registration for the 2020/2021 school year is now open. Call or stop by the school office to schedule a tour and to pick up a registration packet. Register soon before classes fill up!

Looking ahead :
February 14 – Valentine’s Day Classroom party
February 17 – Presidents Day – No School or Extended Care
February 26 – Ash Wednesday Services