March 21, 2021

The Fillmore-ean Four

Believe it or not Saturday, March 20 is the beginning of Spring!

Metaphysically, Spring represents a new day full of rebirth and joy, what a perfect time to be making our continual comeback here at Unity of Dallas. 

During our Lenten preparation for the celebration of Easter, many of us are in the process of “spiritual spring cleaning by releasing and renewing”. 

Nurturing spiritual growth, living effectively and experiencing harmonious relationships can be natural and enjoyable when we know how to allow our innate qualities and self-knowledge to spontaneously emerge. 

Join us this Sunday as four guest speakers, also known as the 4 Myrtle’s Minions (or the Fillmore-ean Feminists), share with us some of their practices and tips in embracing the constant change and obstacles of life.

We welcome Rev. Candace Henry, Elisabeth Roberts, Lynne Dowler and Rev. DeeAnn Morency, who will inspire us for Womens' History Month.

You will hear about their experiences which have altered their perspectives so that their consciousness can be restored to its original, true wholeness. 

These ladies embrace the heart of our 5 Unity Principles daily, so come get inspired!

Let’s Thrive,
Rev. James
Rev. Candace Henry
Elisabeth Roberts
Lynne Dowler, LUT
Rev. DeeAnn Morency
In case you missed it – watch our service from last Sunday

The Rebels Amongst Us

Sunday Music

Guest Artists: Chelsea Coyne and Blake Davidson
Chelsea, known as the "Siren of the Sea", and Blake, part of the "Redneck Tenors" will blend their voices in a duet as a special musical treat.

Opening Song: "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!"

RSVP to be included in an intimate-sized gathering this Sunday at 11 am by emailing UoDSundayService@unitydallas.org or by clicking the “Plan Your Visit” bar at www.unitydallas.org (above the logo).

We are blessed with a large Sanctuary which accommodates physical distancing. However, we ask everyone attending services in person to abide by the current Covid-19 safety protocols established by the Re-opening Task Force, including:

  • Masks are required to be worn before, after and throughout the service, especially when singing. (Please note that they need to cover your nose and mouth.)
  • To keep our Ushers safe, we have placed a Donation Station just outside the sanctuary for your offerings.
  • First-floor restrooms are open with a 2-person maximum, but water fountains are not available at this time.

From Your Chaplains
Our Prayer Chest is open to receive your prayers. Click here to access the online prayer request.

Your prayers are prayed over for a week by a chaplain and then sent on to Silent Unity where they are prayed over for 30 days.

RG2 Book Study Starting
RG2 is a group of young adults that is on a mission to share positivity, wellness, love and inspiration.

If you are between the ages of 20-30 we would love for you to join us every other week after the Sunday service for our book study!

Together we will be diving into the teachings of the Ruiz brothers, as we study their book "The Fifth Agreement". If you are looking for a place to get connected and empowered alongside people your age this is your chance!

Our first meeting will be March 28th at 12:35 pm in the Red House – we will also be offering this event on Zoom. Bring a snack, your book and an appetite for growth! We can't wait to see you there.
Gathering for Spirit - Online Classes & Meetings
Please let us know which class(es) you are interested in when you email EMT@unitydallas.org to get a class invite.
Love offerings & gifting for your classes can be done virtually. Click this link to do it – Gifting Made Easy.

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Here are additional classes being offered by Zoom. Click on the class to take you to the Event Calendar:

Saturday, March 20
Meditation with Al Mahesh 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Men For Unity 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
"Harnessing the Creative Power of Your Imagination"
Divine Sisters with nutrition coach Rhonda Jones 11 am -12:30 pm
"Tips on Healthy Eating and Weight Loss” and as always, a visit from Myrtle and prayer circles.

Sunday, March 21
2021 Theme: Tools for Achieving Inner Peace in a Chaotic World
March explores Wisdom and Accepting Change as a spiritual practice.
Continuing in the theme of Women’s history month and in recognition of each of our own innate Divine Feminine, Lesa will discuss “The Feminist Fillmore”.

Monday, March 22

Tuesday, March 23

Wednesday, March 24

Saturday, March 27
Meditation with Al Mahesh 9:30 am - 10:30 am


THIS weekend, we continue our monthly food collection for SoupMobile.

Pack oversize lunch bags (6×4×12in, available at Walmart) with 16 oz. water, chips and cookies and drop them off on Saturday, March 20 from 2 to 4 pm, Sunday, March 21 before and after the 11 am service, or Tuesday, March 23 from 8:30 to 10 am. 

Lesa Walker needs a volunteer with a covered SVU or truck that would be willing to help with deliveries to SoupMobile starting in April. Please send an email to lesacwalker@yahoo.com if you can help.

Thank you for making a difference.


Dallas Children's Advocacy Center received all the new plush toys you donated.

YOU made a difference in a child’s life through your kindness and generosity.

SEE Week is BLOOMING at Unity of Dallas

Here's a preview video from June Dillinger, LUT, on her SEE class "I of the Storm".

Join us Monday, April 19 - Friday, April 23 via Zoom.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity begins with SEE courses. We have 8 classes which may be taken for your own enjoyment or for SEE course credit. Either way, your experiences will enrich your everyday life for the rest of your life.

Click here for information, registration and booklist.
SEE in the Field

Unity of Chapel Hill (NEXT WEEK!!)
March 22-26, Zoom, 3 classes, click here.

International SEE Week - Unity Centre of Montreal and Unity Windward, HI
April 5-9, Zoom, 7 classes, click here.

Unity of Gaithersburg
June 6-11, Zoom, 9 classes, click here.

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