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This weekly newsletter from Prestige Economics and The Futurist Institute   keeps you informed about current economic and financial market developments, as well as new technology and long-term futurist trends.
The Financial Futurist Podcast

Our weekly podcast includes topics about markets, business, and future technology.

This week's podcast is on Equity Market Technicals, Trade & Tariffs, and EdTech.
Weekly Economic Indicator Videos

Jason Schenker worked with LinkedIn Learning to create weekly videos about economic indicators. You can watch the first two videos about economic reports free this week.
Tariffs, Growth, Equities, and Industrial Metal Prices

This Bloomberg article by Jason Schenker addresses how tariffs and trade risks are already impacting growth prospects, as well as the fundamental and technical impact on equities and traded industrial metal prices.
The Futurist Institute courses on The Future of Energy and The Future of Healthcare have been approved by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards
for continuing education hours.
The Future of Energy

The future of energy is changing. The mix of energy consumption and the sources of energy supply – and demand are in flux. In coming years and decades, the critical sources of additional energy supply and market-driving demand will shift drastically.
The Future of Healthcare

Technology innovation is a critical part of the future of healthcare. New and emerging technologies will have a significant impact on healthcare, from surgery-assisted robotics to wearables.
Jason Schenker - The Financial Futurist

Jason Schenker is the most accurate financial market forecaster in the world.

In his role as the Chief Economist of   Prestige Economics , Bloomberg News has recognized Jason Schenker's forecast accuracy in 42 different categories for economic indicators, foreign exchange rates, energy prices, metals prices, and agricultural prices.

In total, Bloomberg News has ranked Jason Schenker the #1 forecaster in the world in 25 different categories for his accuracy. 

Jason Schenker is also the Chairman of  The Futurist Institute , which helps analysts and economists become futurists.
The Financial Futurist by The Futurist Institute
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