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This weekly newsletter from Jason Schenker and Prestige Economics  keeps you informed about current economic and financial market developments, as well as long-term futurist trends.
The Financial Futurist Podcast

Jason Schenker's weekly podcast includes topics about markets, business, and future technology.

This week's podcast is about the European Central Bank, the Euro, the Catalonian-Spanish political conflict, and the risks of future national devolution to corporations and supply chains.
LinkedIn Learning Financial Risk Management Course

LinkedIn Learning has published Jason Schenker's course on Corporate Finance Risk Management. The course covers direct and indirect currency, commodity, and interest rate risks, as well as risk strategies and risk management solutions!
CNBC Interview: ECB Policy

Last week CNBC interviewed Jason Schenker about the European Central Bank's announcement to extend its quantitative easing program, but at reduced levels in 2018 until an unspecified end date.
Article: Risk Management

When is the right time to hedge? It's one of the first questions people ask when financial markets are on the move. But it shouldn't be.

This article by Jason Schenker discusses the importance of a risk management process, including a video clip about the three big questions to ask when engaging in risk management.
Jason Schenker - The Financial Futurist

Jason Schenker is the most accurate financial market forecaster in the world. In his role as the Chief Economist of  Prestige Economics,

Bloomberg News has recognized Jason Schenker's forecast accuracy in 38 different categories for economic indicators, foreign exchange rates, energy prices, metals prices, and agricultural prices.

In total, Bloomberg News has ranked Jason Schenker the #1 forecaster in the world in 23 different categories for his accuracy.  
The Financial Futurist by Prestige Economics
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