2021 Member Service Highlights
Alongside our Community Shares Coffee-Break series: Where Are We Now? we are highlighting our member nonprofits' work through our #memberservicehighlights marketing campaign via Friday emails, social media posts, and on our website!

Today's Member Service Highlight features Community Resources Inc., Colorado Youth Corps Association, and Special Olympics Colorado. Keep reading where they are a year into the pandemic and how you can support!
Community Resources Inc.
Community Resources Inc. has served Denver Public Schools for 48 years bringing enriching educational programming, family involvement events, academic mentorships to students, staff and families.
How have your programs have grown, changed, or evolved to become a key community service during this time?
Our programming has been significantly constrained by the reality of the absence of students in schools but whenever possible we have moved programming to a virtual platform such as Zoom or Google Meets. Our services, such as our Academic Mentors program which matches students with a career/curricular passion with a volunteer professional in the community has continued to stay impactful and valuable virtually. We have also worked with our Classroom Speakers to bring their programs to students online and have even created a virtual version of our Family Involvement Nights, where parents and kids can tune in for a cool science, literacy or other family engagement activity.

Have any unexpected opportunities arisen for your organization's work in this past year?
We been able to expand our partnerships by utilizing mentors/experiences who are not located in the Denver Metro area, but whose work is a great match for the student's area of passion.

What can the community do to help?
The most important thing people can do is to follow the safety guidelines and get their vaccines, so that we can move beyond this crisis and get back to the joyous business of bringing wonderful programs and educational opportunities to the students of Denver.
Colorado Youth Corps Association
Our mission is to serve on behalf of Colorado conservation corps that transform lives and communities through service, personal development, and education statewide.
How have your programs have grown, changed, or evolved to become a key community service during this time?
Our local conservation corps have risen to the needs of our local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic by serving at food banks, homeless shelters, and other nonprofits to assist those most in need. We have adapted our policies to allow members to complete Alternative Service. This allows them to still accrue AmeriCorps hours while serving the community in ways that we have not traditionally done.

Have any unexpected opportunities arisen for your organization's work in this past year?
We have been able to partner with various nonprofits that we would not have partnered with before. We are also looking to dive deeper into a Climate Corps program and also assist with vaccine rollouts.

What can the community do to help?
Donations to us or the conservation corps in our association are always great!
Special Olympics Colorado
Our mission is to provide sports training, leadership, and health opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
How have your programs have grown, changed, or evolved to become a key community service during this time?
Our programs have evolved to help two major gaps that were heightened by the pandemic: health inequity and social connection. Many public resources on COVID-19 are not accessible for people with intellectual disabilities; we distributed clear and concise information with visual aids and created a resource page on our website. To ensure that our athletes are still prioritizing their health during challenging times, we have offered numerous virtual health challenges, including a 5K training program and a Healthy Minds challenge focusing on emotional wellness. We also have offered weekly Trivia, Bingo, Social Hour, and more via Zoom since the beginning of the pandemic to provide connection for our athletes so that they do not face social isolation, and can still join together with their community for friendly competition.

Have any unexpected opportunities arisen for your organization's work in this past year?
The virtual world that we are all now living in has provided numerous learning opportunities for our athletes. Many of them are now extremely comfortable using new technologies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, thanks to our weekly activities hosted on these platforms! Some athletes are also trying new sports since we have adjusted our calendar and practice/competition format to ensure safety of all participants. For example, we shipped out hundreds of at-home basketball skill kits. For rural athletes who might not have a local basketball team, or folks who usually spend the season participating in a different sport, this is giving them the opportunity to try something new and expand their skills!

What can the community do to help?
Donations mean more than ever - transitioning all of our sports to virtual or socially distanced has increased costs, we are providing virtual programming that has never been offered before, and the need for our services has only increased. If you are not able to contribute financially, consider participating in one of our events like Polar Plunge or Plane Pull (both outdoors and socially distanced), or volunteering with us. A major volunteer need is our weekly virtual programs. Get your family and friends together and volunteer to host a Bingo or Trivia game!
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