The very first Samohi varsity football home game is tomorrow — Friday, August 30 — at SMC's Corsair Field!

What does this mean to you? Well...

1) There is NO AM rehearsal tomorrow . Students should report to the band room before the end of A-period for roll call (A-period ends at 8:08 am, so please plan accordingly).

2) After school: Students who play big instruments need to head to the band room to help load the instruments onto the Viking Band truck.
3) 5:45 pm: All students need to be on the JAMS lawn, ready to warm up, at 5:45 pm SHARP! There is fencing around the construction site at the corner, so please meet a little closer to the JAMS entrance steps, which are just a bit further south on 16th street (towards Ocean Park).

Students should wear their navy-blue “retro” shirt — along with knee-length shorts, khakis, or jeans, and comfortable shoes. They should also bring/wear their band jacket (remember to put their name in it!), because it gets chilly after sundown. ( Read all about uniforms on!)

5) 10:30-11 pm: After the game, students with big instruments will return to Samohi to unload and can be picked up from there (the Olympic gate that leads to Barnum is usually a good pickup point). All other students can be picked up on the JAMS lawn (or they can walk home if you live close!).
What About Me?
Hmm... what to do, what to do, while your student is playing their heart out at Corsair Field? COME WATCH!

Fun FAQ for Freshmen Families and Newbies

Q: Where is the football game?
A: Samohi varsity football games are played at SMC's Corsair Field, which is located at 1900 Pico Blvd. The entrance is on 16th street.

Q: Can I go? How do I buy a ticket?
A: YES, please do! Tickets are CASH ONLY at the entrance on 16th street. Adult tickets last year cost $7 each; students with IDs pay $5.

Q: Does my band student have to pay for a ticket?
A: Nope! But you may want to give them a little money to buy concessions.

Q: Will the band perform their field show at halftime?
A: No, they will play "The Star Spangled Banner" right before kickoff, and then take their places in the stands to play pep songs for the remainder of the game. (Remember, they are still learning the whole field show, it takes time!)

Q: Does the band travel to away games?

Q: When can I see the field show?
A: Mark your calendars: The only time you will be able to see the field show at SMC — or anywhere on the west side — will be at halftime during the football game on Friday, October 18, the evening before the marching band's first comp.

The band will perform "The Bard" in full uniform and seniors will receive their medals. You won't want to miss it!
Next Week's Schedule
Monday, Sept. 2: NO SCHOOL — LABOR DAY!
Tuesday, Sept. 3: Rehearsal, 7-8 am
Wednesday, Sept. 4: Rehearsal, 7-8:40 am
Thursday, Sept. 5: Rehearsal, 7-8 am; rehearsal, 5-8 pm
  • Wear your royal-blue practice shirt for afternoon rehearsal!
Friday, Sept. 6: No AM rehearsal. Report to the band room before the end of A period for roll call.
  • Big instrument players load the truck, usually right after school
  • Football game: Call time 5:45 pm on the JAMS lawn
  • After the game, big instrument players return to Samohi to unload and can be picked up there. All other students can be picked up on the JAMS lawn after the game, usually around 10:30 pm

Saturday, Sept. 7: Optional gig (section leaders required, other students can earn volunteer hours): Buy Local Health & Fitness Festival, 11:00 am Saturday, December 7 at Reed Park. **Call time 10:15 am at Samohi.** Free community event; VMB performance lasts about 20 minutes. For more information about the event, visit
Register for Samohi Band If You Haven't Already!
Chances are, if you are reading this email, you have already registered your student at But if you know anyone who is not receiving emails, or if you know you haven't registered your student yet, please do so as soon as possible. We need your contact information so we can give you important info about the band.

If you haven't already done so, you also need to fill out, print, and sign these two release forms (which are together in one document). Thank you!
Still Need to Order Shirts or Shoes?
If you would still like to buy new Dinkles shoes, contribute to borrow used Dinkles, buy a fan shirt for yourself or your student, or buy spare rehearsal shirts or football shirts for your student, use this marching band order form. Deadline for new shoe orders is Friday, Sept. 6.

You can also make a contribution to marching band on the above form. If you already gave, THANK YOU! If not, the suggested amount is $850 ($600 if you already paid $250 for band camp). But ANY amount is useful, and we thank you for it! 
Questions? Send an email to Band Parents Association President Gavin DiMundo at or reach out to our VP of Marching Band, Beth Levy, at .
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