NACL Team presents the Arizona State University League of Legends team their first place prize of $1,500.00 for winning the 1st NACL Online League of Legends Tournament
Phoenix, AZ — October 7, 2019 — The North American Collegiate League (NACL), a nonprofit collegiate esports organization, celebrates its first ever online tournament and streaming event. On October 5th, 32 teams contained students from the North American region, such as the University of Houston, University of Cincinnati, Carleton College (Canada), and Butler University, competed in an open League of Legends tournament that was filled with exciting group play.

Expectations were high for all teams headed into the weekend’s matches, however in the end it was the students from Arizona State University, led by the stellar play of their MVP winning jungler, Mason “hi im baekho” Choe , that would prove victorious and take the NACL Open League of Legends title when the dust finally settled. The students from the University of Central Florida ended up as runners up. Lastly, students from Clemson University beat out the Carleton Ravens, from Ottowa, Ontario, Canada.

Looking forward, NACL is hosting a collegiate Overwatch tournament, October 26th-27th and a collegiate DOTA 2 Tournament on December 14th-15th. Tune in on our Twitch Channel, , to have spectacular commentating and to also find out the dates of our next tournaments.

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NACL- North American Collegiate League
The North American Collegiate League (NACL) is an America-based non-profit Esports and entertainment organization that hosts and streams video game tournaments and league play for collegiate Esports competitors with scholarship prizes. This serves the purpose of fostering a communal relationship between established players, those who are looking to enter the scene, and even those who do not entirely know what the Esports industry has to offer them.

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