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January Round-up 2017 
Colour matched stained oak handrail

2017 is here and so is the first newsletter of the year. We hope the New Year is treating you well. This month has been quite the weird one for us at My Go-2-Guy. We've had slow weeks and busy weeks, heck we even started working a bit on our own home which we haven't had time to do since 2013. Just like the years prior we still suck at taking before and after photos, (we did however get one after shot) but just so you have an idea of what else we did this month, we custom created and installed a piece of trim for a very old settled house, repaired faux brick around a fire place, repaired a busted metal table leg, removed and re-installed a dry vent that was filling with water, and re-caulked 3 bathtubs, just to name a few of our projects this month. 

Tip of the Month

Ever run your dishwasher and wonder why you're getting this strange smell when your dishes should be and look clean? 99% of the time this issue is very easily solvable. In this months tip, we explain why you get that funky smell and how to solve this problem.

Up-Cycling 101: The Lego Key Holder

This year My Go-2-Guy thought it'd be fun to add some up-cycling tips to our newsletter. So, each month we will show you something neat we found online or something we created using almost solely recycled material. 
To start off this 12 part series, we thought we'd start with something Erik created when he found his favourite childhood toy while helping clean the basement... LEGO. All you need for this project is Lego, a little bit of super glue, industrial Velcro (which you can find at most home improvement stores), and a drill with a drill 3/16 drill bit. The rest is up to your imagination.
Maybe your kids have grown up, left home and you still have their Lego hanging around. Maybe you just want to steal some of your kids Lego to do this yourself (we won't tell), or maybe, just maybe you want to build this funky little key holder with them. After all it is a fun easy craft that they can take pride in knowing mom and dad use everyday. 

The Trendy Homeowner: 
Black Iron Pipe Furnishings

I'm sure you've all seen it on social media or at a friends house, heck they even sell kits at Home Depot now to do it yourself. It's black iron pipe furnishings. there is lighting, shelving, tables, coat racks, wine rack and even toilet paper holders all made of black iron pipe. This industrial look is a fun new way to really make a room unique. with a little creativity the possibilities are nearly endless of what you can do. 

You may have seen the picture on our Facebook (also the picture in this blurb) of Erik's robot desk lamp he built for his girlfriend. he also has plans to build a ceiling light for his new condo with cheese grater shades, as well as other items. 

Black iron pipe an inexpensive and simple product to work with and it is paintable if you wash the oils off. It comes in many shapes and sizes, so if home depot doesn't have what you want, an HVAC specialty shop will. 

If you want a funky black iron pipe piece of furniture in your home, give it a try or you can always give us a call, we'd love to help turn your vision in to reality, we are cheaper than Etsy, after all there is no shipping, we will even come install it for you if you'd like. Below are some pictures of the black iron pipe being used to create different types of furnishings to help get your creative juices flowing. 
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