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Looking Back at March 
Allure vinyl plank flooring
March was a wonderful month for us at My Go-2-Guy. We had a great variety jobs which is one of our favourite things about we do. This past month we had the pleasure of, repairing a pocket door, a drain and cedar shake shed roof, we hung pictures, clothes hooks and an exercise system, caulked tubs, showers and sinks, and installed an Allure vinyl plank flooring as you can see in the picture to the right.  Another service we offer which we've been preforming this month is watching houses for snow birds and vacationers. On each visit, we check the window and doors for any sign of tampering, flush all toilets and run all taps to fill the traps preventing sewer gas. We will also water any plants specified, collect all your mail, and install lighting timers to help fool would be intruders into thinking someone is home. Lastly we do a full bottom to top inspection looking for any water damage. if this is something you'd be interested in give us a shout.
Tip of the Month

Spring has sprung, and now it's time to get gardening, this months tip is all about lawn care. We talk about Fertilizing, how to prevent that pesky crabgrass, overseeding and much much more. Like usual click the orange link below to learn all about it. 

Up-Cycling 101: Decorative Storage

Maybe you have a family member that makes everyone jams at christmas, maybe you did some canning of yourself back in the day, or maybe you just want to do something with those left over pickle jars piling up. Don't fret, here is a solution that will make great use of those jars and they'll look good too.

You will need a drill for this project. 

Head to the hardware and store and pick out as many of your favourite knobs as you need, pick up some shorter screws with the same width and thread count as the ones that come with the knobs, from the hardware section, 1/2" should work, the guy's at the hardware section should be able to help. You will also need a drill bit slightly bigger that the width of the screw and lastly a spray paint of your choosing. 

Remove the lids from the jars and paint them, be sure this is done in a well ventilated area in accordance to the paints instructions. Next drill a hole in the centre of lid with the aforementioned drill bit. Put the screw in from the bottom of the lid and screw the knob on to the screw. You may want to use a screw drive for this although finger tight works also. Fill them with what ever you're heart desires and there you have a beautiful way to store your smaller more awkward items. 
Plastic Waste Transformed 

As you all know large building projects are not what we specialize in. However, that doesn't mean we don't keep our eyes peeled for new and innovative building materials. Wether the materials are within our scope of work or not, we are likely to run  into them  at some point. and like the good boy scouts we are, we want to "Be Prepared". 

These amazing plastic building blocks you see in the picture are basically giant lego. The inventor and engineer behind all of this is Peter Lewis. He invented a portable plastic recycler that turns old plastic into cinder blocks, that are strong enough to serve as a homes foundation. 

The fact that Peter's machine is portable allows for more sustainability in the world of reusing and recycling. It means that there will be less of a need to ship plastics all around the world to have them recycled, and with  the plastic bricks being created with a "nearly 100-percent carbon neutral, non-toxic manufacturing process." that according to Peter Lewis' partner company ByFusion, there is no question this eco company is going places. For more information check out the link below.