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September 2017

The Flexible Nature of USGN

Think, for a moment, about professional sports without flexibility! Football would have no overtime, with a horde of games ending in a tie. Each baseball outfield wall would look the same – no vines at Wrigley or the Green Monster at Fenway. And basketball would have no 3-point shot; sorry, Golden State. The result would be ineffective venues to provide what most fans really want.

The same is true of project management software. Companies have best practices and want a flexible platform to look, feel, and do what they want. Each one has specific needs. So, why make them all wear Converse high-tops when signature Nike Airs are available? (And here’s the kicker – They cost about the same, sometimes less.)

This month’s newsletter focuses on the first of four characteristics that our clients love about USGN……its flexible nature! And what better way to describe it than actual quotes from our clients who use it every day. If this piques your interest, let me know. I’d love to hear your needs and show you how we can address those needs to a tee.

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Where the Rubber Meets the Cloud
Client Testimonials
Over the last 18 months, we have featured various clients doing amazing things with the USGN platform. This month, we would like to revisit the first of several themes that have emerged from their interviews.


“ The USGN platform is extremely flexible and you will want to understand how to take the greatest advantage for your organization.”  Dave McDivett, Director of Construction for CKE Restaurants
“We are very familiar with the other platforms. USGN stands out. It is a platform to customize and build on. None of the other platforms are as flexible as USGN .” Hughes Thompson, Principal & Sr. VP of GreenbergFarrow Architecture
“There are no limits to it. Whatever you want to create, USGN can make happen to make you do your job better. You are never stuck in a box . The team at USGN is always flexible to our requests and adapts the tool to our specifics.” Justin Haasch, Director of Real Estate & Market Research, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market 
“The contrast is like night and day. The major problem we had prior to the use of USGN was the inability to quickly do cross-project reporting. It took too much time to individually update each project then mesh the information together in a reportable format. What we lacked was a true project database. Moving to USGN gave us the ability to build our own custom cross-project reports .” Greg Gill, Development Manager for LA Fitness

Cloud 9

USGN provides software solutions for all stages of your project life-cycle. Our software decreases the costs and time it takes to plan, acquire, design, build, remodel, and manage your portfolio of sites. Our modules enable you to effectively measure, manage, and monitor all aspects of your workflow including:
  1. Base System and Document Repository - Organize, store, track, and share documents and information for your sites
  2. Real Estate - Identify potential sites, follow customized approval process for proposed sites, and track key site information and projections
  3. Construction Workflow - Customize to your processes, including workflow, milestone tracking, dashboards, and cross-project roll-up reporting, and drill down to details
  4. Legal - Track legal details and status, including leases and contracts
  5. Lease Management and Abstract - Monitor lease financials and other key lease details, lease options, expirations, and maintenance responsibilities
  6. Financial Workflow - Manage budgeting, bidding, awarding of contracts via pay applications, change orders, purchase orders, and invoices
  7. Integration with Accounts Payable - Tie the USGN-based financial module with your AP solution with either a one-way or two-way integration
  8. Equipment - Assign asset and equipment tracking to specific sites, including costs, serial numbers, and warranties
  9. Site Audits - Conduct and track scheduled and unscheduled site audits and quality assurance surveys
  10. Facilities and Work Order Management - Submit, track, and complete service requests and preventive maintenance with notifications of upcoming warranty and service agreement expirations
  11. Franchisee Management - Track and qualify from inquiry stage to signed contract
Lightning Strikes
News Updates
The  2017 USGN Annual Conference   is set for October 24-25 at the Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, AZ. The event will include a desert jeep tour and dinner on opening night and a full slate of presentations and meetings the following day.  See the agenda.  In addition, nuts and bolts meetings for Admins are offered the following morning. Check out this year’s team discount. 
You can register here.  See you in Tempe!

New Webinar format!  Due to popular demand, Mike Leathers will return to lead our monthly webinars with a specific feature. The “Open Mike” segment will also continue to be featured once a quarter. If you would like to know the topics in advance, please sign up on our website. Don’t miss these informative sessions at 10:00AM PST every 3 rd Wednesday of the month!
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