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Welcome Ariel Switzer!
Line Service Attendant
What is your day-to-day work at the Airport?
A typical day at the airport is never typical. Every day is a new experience with different aircraft, events and services required. On the line side of things, the Lee’s Summit Airport covers everything from fueling, deicing, towing aircraft, assisting pilots, making car and hotel reservations, and maintaining the airport and its integral functions to allow for smooth operation.

Why did you decide to work at the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport?
I’ve been involved in the aviation community since I was 12 and a member of the Missouri Air National Guard since I was 17. In the National Guard, I work on C-130Hs which has given me a lot of time and experience around larger aircraft. Aviation has always been part of my life.

What would be your favorite part?
There’s something addictive about being knowledgeable about airport operations and being able to answer an array of pilot and passenger questions. My favorite part about working at the airport is the gratitude we receive from our customers for completing their requested services in a quick and efficient manner. It's nice when those same customers remember you on their next visit,

Do you have a pilot license? If not, do you plan to attain one?
I do not, but I’ve joined a flying club to begin working on it again! I started working on it before I left for Air Force basic training.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at the airport?
I enjoy a variety of outside hobbies including anything from hiking, oil painting, reading and working on a project (often automobiles) with some of my favorite people. However, working at such a prosperous airport has a way of pulling you into aviation hobbies. I recently found myself attending flying club meetings and looking for ways to volunteer additional time and energy towards aviation.
Suggested Areas for Engine Run Ups
Runways 11 and 36
For engine run ups on Runways 11 and 36, the airport recommends the concrete area adjacent to the above ground jet fuel tank and clear of the movement area for Taxiway Alpha (red star).
Runway 18
For engine run ups on Runway 18, the airport recommends the area between Taxiway Alpha and hangar access (red star).
Airport Operations: We're Growing!
Operations at the airport continue to grow and evolve. Since the reopening of Runway 18/36 in late 2017, the airport has seen continual growth in the types of traffic both transient and based. 

Today, 154 aircraft are based at the airport including five jets, 10 turbo-propeller aircraft and three helicopters. Jet and turbo-propeller operations for both based and transient average about 150 per month.
Business and Airport Master Plan
The Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport (LXT) has begun work on a new Airport Master & Business Plan. The plan will identify operational and economic development opportunities to assist the City of Lee’s Summit with optimizing the overall benefits of the airport for the region it serves. The current adopted plans are approximately 20 and 10 years old respectively. Additional information about the process include:
  • The development of the airport's master plan is expected to take 13 months with a completion date in the first quarter 2021.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is funding 90 percent of the cost associated with the master planning project with the aviation fuel excise tax collected.
  • MoDOT is funding 90 percent of the cost associated with the business planning process with the aviation aircraft fuel excise tax collected.
  • Tenant working sessions, stakeholder sessions and public information sessions will be held throughout this process. Please watch for notifications of these meetings.   
Jet-A Volume Discount Structure
Contract Fuel Discount

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