Jet-A Volume Discount Structure
Contract Fuel Discount
Platting and Rezoning Project

The airport is currently working on a platting and rezoning project for the airport. The initial tracts of airport property were all agricultural. As additional tracts were acquired for airport improvements, these tracts varied from R-1 to industrial. The platting process and re-zoning will bring all the tracts into one large plat and two smaller plats for property that isn’t contiguous and a zoning known as AZ for Airport Zone. A presentation was given to the City’s Planning Commission on October 10 and will be brought before City Council for final approval at a future date.
Winter Flying Is Just Around the Corner
As the temperature drops and the precipitation turns to snow and ice, meeting flight and safety needs becomes more difficult. Here are a few suggestions that can help make winter operations more tolerable.

To check airport conditions or to arrange for services, call the airport at 816.969.1186 prior to your flight.

When it comes to snow removal, runways, taxiways and ramp areas are first priority. Next, are hangar pads. For a snow of six inches or less, our goal to have snow removed is 24 hours. You can help by following these guidelines:

  • Don’t drive on any part of the ramp or taxiways (including hangar pads) until they have been cleared. Snow removal is difficult if snow has been packed by cars driving on it.
  • Call ahead for access right after it snows. We’ll get to your pad as soon as we can.
  • DO NOT bring your own salt or other snow removal chemicals for use at the airport. Salt can harm hangars and other surfaces. This is another reason to not drive on the snow - salt build up from the roads can leave unwanted deposits.

When accessing hangars during cold weather be careful of possible freezing - especially on the sliding doors. If we have advance notice of your arrival, we will do all we can to make sure your hangar door is operational and ready for you. If you have any problems, please let us know before you “fix” it yourself. 
De-Icing Equipment
The Lee’s Summit Airport is ready for winter with new de-icing equipment
The Lee’s Summit Airport has purchased new de-icing equipment and will be providing de-icing services this winter. In preparation, all Line Service employees are required to complete NATA De-Icing Training prior to performing de-icing operations. The airport will have the capability to provide Type-I de-icing service for aircraft up to 30’ tall and a maximum of 60 gallons per operation with the new unit. De-icing service will cost $150.00 plus fluid. For questions about the de-icing service, please call 816-969-1186.
Airport Master Plan

The Lee's Summit Municipal Airport has received funding to develop an Airport Master Plan.

What is an Airport Master Plan?
A study used to determine the long-term development plans for an airport. Air transportation is a vital community industry and it is important that the requirements for a new or improved airport are anticipated. The plan is a critical tool in determining needs and programming development at individual airports.

What are the benefits?
An Airport Master Plan addresses the development needs for a 20-year time period. Updates are often necessary as the dynamic conditions of the industry are reflected in activity and future needs. It provides opportunities for political entities and the public to participate in the development of aviation plans. The plan provides a framework for individual airport development programs consistent with short, intermediate and long-range airport system requirements, and determines future financial requirements.

Who is involved in the plan creation?
The master planning process considers the needs and demands of airport tenants, users and the general public. The guiding principle of the airport master planning process is the development of a safe and efficient airport. It must also be responsive to area-wide comprehensive transportation planning.

Some of the basics of the plan include the following elements:
  • Background and Inventory of Facilities
  • Aviation Activity Forecasts
  • Airfield Design
  • Building and Development
  • Finance and Implementation
Airport Business Plan

The Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport (LXT) is beginning work on an Airport Business Plan which will identify operational and economic development opportunities to assist the City of Lee’s Summit with optimizing the overall benefits of the airport for the region it serves. The plan will provide recommendations and steps for implementation and goals to continually improve the airport’s financial performance, along with long-term viability as a provider of aviation facilities and services to its users and customers.