From the Youth Services Staff...

Science & Craft Kits
Our librarians are happily whipping up fun kits for science experiments and all sorts of beautiful crafts for our youngest patrons. You can find these free kits in the entryway of the library and take them home to share with your young readers. Our kits come with instructions, everything you should need save for some household basics, and offer something fun and exciting to bring home along with your books each week. Don’t forget to grab one for your young readers the next time you drop by! 

Check It Out! Book Bags
We have so many wonderful children’s books that our Youth Service librarians have been putting together pre-selected bags of books on different topics. Each bag contains five books and will generally have both picture books and early nonfiction books on a specific topic. They’re great way to find fun books to bring home to your younger readers when you’re short on time and just want the convenience of grab-and-go.