From the Youth Services Staff...

New Nonfiction Series in the Children's Room!
Many of our readers are familiar with the great biographies from the "Who Was..." and "Who Is..." series, and we're glad to say that we're in the middle of adding the "What is/was.." and "Where Is/Was.." series to our children's collection! However, just like their sister series, these books fun to read and packed full of great info, but they're physically smaller than a lot of the nonfiction collection. To help prevent them getting lost between bigger books, this month we're going to be moving them to a special section at the end of Junior Nonfiction and the beginning of Biography. Keep an eye out for this new little section and these great books later this month!

Check It Out! Book Bags for Kids
For everyone with young readers in their lives, we're happy to help make bringing them new books even easier!  Our Check It Out! book bags each contain five books on a pre-selected topic. The books inside are picture books and nonfiction books in picture-book style, perfect for young readers who can't get enough! Each bag is built around a specific topic that's clearly marked on the outside, so it's easier than ever to find topics to interest any young readers. Just grab one (Or a few!) check them out, and you're on your way!