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Did you know that members of Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010) are quickly becoming the most influential demographic? One area this is particularly noticeable is in the food industry. Our latest article (featured below) takes a look at this trend. We also explore Shugoll Research’s ability to recruit for and host research studies in the food industry. 

In Noteworthy News, we share with you an article about what market research can learn from baseball, the future of market research, and how to measure ROI in the retail space. Enjoy!

~ Merrill Shugoll
The Food Industry's Latest Focus:
Generation Z
There are currently over 80 million Americans born between 1995 and 2010. With more than $44 billion in purchasing power, they are emerging as the most important demographic to watch. The food industry is sitting up and taking notice.

Gen Z-ers stand apart from their predecessors for their significantly heightened sense of environmental and social responsibility. They seek out food and ingredients that are responsibly sourced and cruelty-free. The rise in popularity of free-range ingredients can be directly attributed to them.

While Gen Z is still in the process of finding its feet in the world, these shifts in consumer behavior are here for the long run because the subsequent generation will pick up on the same vibes. Businesses that embrace digital interaction and those that cater to Gen Z’s palate will find themselves with a distinct advantage.
Noteworthy News
What Market Research Can Learn from Baseball

When it comes to understanding people as consumers, brands keep returning to a question that data answer only in part: What do my customers think?
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The Future of Market Research

From the rise of mobile research to being able to react quickly to client sentiments, our latest blog article explores what the future of market research may hold.
Are Experiences the Key to Success in the New Era?

This article, from Quirk’s Media, takes a look at customer experience and the measurement tools needed to evaluate ROI in the retail space.
Choose Shugoll Research for
Your Next Taste Test
At Shugoll Research, we are uniquely able to recruit for and manage taste testing studies for our clients. Both of our facilities offer kitchens with freezer and refrigerator storage. Our two locations combined offer eight testing rooms with modular furniture to accommodate any study setup. In addition, Shugoll’s innovative  Centralized Location Testing lab   setup offers a spacious setting for product evaluations. Our experienced staff have managed and administered taste tests on diverse products ranging from ice cream to breakfast sausage.