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Healing Englewood
Obedience to GOD = Loving Your Neighbors
When we started this ministry, I thought the LORD’s goal was to provide food and build relationship with the people of this community. I was dead wrong. And what a surprise – HIS plan was grander than anyone could imagine.
There is only one way to change a life and a community. It is by living out the LOVE of GOD everyday no matter what the circumstances or situation. The results are in GOD’s hands.
When GOD sent me on this journey to Englewood, I did not know what to expect or what HIS end game looked like. The one thing HE told me was never to have any false expectations on what HE was going to accomplish through Shepherd’s HOPE. It would depend on our team’s obedience to HIS will.
I’ve had a ringside seat to the drug houses being eliminated from the community and the violence becoming a non-entity. I’ve seen people convert from darkness to light and some who gave their lives to Christ. But the stories that are nearest and dearest to me are the stories that show that GOD never gives up. The stories of people who did not want to have anything to do with GOD; they just came for the free meal or free groceries. But they could not ignore the LOVE of GOD. They have always come back because everyone wants to be LOVED. Many of these people work with us today.
What a revelation!
GOD's End Game
Despite all the good things that had happened, I was still wondering about GOD’s end game. We moved from LOWE AVENUE over 2 years ago. That building was sold to a young Hispanic family who now use it as their home.
I went back to LOWE AVE about 4 weeks ago and as I drove on a beautiful spring day down LOWE between 57th and 58th and through the surrounding streets, I noticed something that existed while we were still there, but as they say when you are in the midst of the forest, you can’t see the forest for the trees. My eyes were opened to the LORD’s end game in this neighborhood where drugs and violence once prevailed. I saw neighbors sitting on their front porches conversing and barbecuing. Down the street, kids were playing on the front lawns and playing baseball in the street. That’s the way I remember growing up. What a revelation! HIS end game is a revitalized Englewood!

This spring, Shepherd’s HOPE is unveiling the “Healing Englewood” initiative. This 4-step program is designed to make Englewood a much safer and more cohesive community in which to work and raise a family.
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STEP 1: Friday Nite Life
This program is designed to keep youth, teens, and young adults off the streets by offering a night to enjoy movies, entertainment, open mic events, and more. The movies will be well- produced Christian stories that promote Christian values, strong family relationships, and the value of a faith-filled life. Music will be by Christian artists geared to teen interests, and the speakers at open-mic events will be people who have learned difficult life lessons but have overcome their mistakes through a relationship with Christ. The participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions. This will be followed by refreshments and relationship building with the ministry partners. We believe this will open doors to a real sense of community, especially for those who become fully engaged in the weekly events.
STEP 2: Vocational Attributes
This is a program designed to teach teenagers and young adults how to make basic home repairs. We have professionals in the construction industry that are prepared to facilitate this phase of the program. These young men and women will be offered hands-on training through the healing Englewood program. They will also learn the value of being responsible to show up for training and work, while learning the simple rewards of humility from helping their neighbors. They also get the satisfaction of learning new life-long skills. We hope that this training/experience can be used on a resume to help them get a job.
Step 3: Health thru Food
A program that A) teaches participants how to grow healthy food at home using hydroponic farming. B) teaches how to create meals from the food produced along with purchased organic food. These “Culinary Health” classes will instruct people on how to stay healthy for life. We have a partner who has all the materials and skills to start indoor hydroponic farming and who has also committed to teaching the culinary health classes.
Step 4: "Healing Englewood"
This is a neighborhood outreach program that is the cornerstone of the initiative. It is designed to build relationships and trust while we introduce “The Center” to our Englewood neighbors. Teams will be going door to door, led by pastors from the community and reputable groups of ex-gang leaders that will be sharing their experiences and remorse surrounding gang life. This team will introduce the holistic programs that are available at The Center and the ministries that operate them. The outreach teams will also be inquiring how we can help our neighbors with minor building repairs. This is where vocational attributes play an important role in this initiative. We believe that as this initiative grows, Healing Englewood will have a profound effect on the community.
The Catalysts for Phase 2
Shepherd’s HOPE has successfully used this formula on a smaller scale with only 20% of the food and programs we have to offer today. The LORD did it once thru Shepherd’s HOPE and HE is about to do it again.
As our financial supporters, you have played a pivotal role in the success of the pilot program on LOWE AVE. 

In the last 12 years, your support exceeded $1.6 million dollars!
The stage is set for a June unveiling of “Healing Englewood." We hope you are as excited as we are because we need your help in a big way. Remember, Shepherd’s HOPE was never just about food, but about revitalizing the families and the Englewood community. Food is just one of the many tools in our arsenal. We have grant writers working with us, but you – our private donors – were the catalyst that held phase 1 together financially and will hopefully be the catalyst that will provide what we need to bring this initiative to fruition. 
We have 12 other ministries that are partnering with us. This is a large undertaking. The LORD must have faith in you (our donors), the Shepherd’s Hope team and our ministry partners to send us on a mission of such a grand scale. 
We love you all and hopefully we’ll see you at one of our many outreach events we have planned for this summer. The collaboration is making preparations. Your gifts can make a direct impact on lives in this community and once again you can be the catalyst as we begin phase 2 – “Healing Englewood.”
Praying that all is well with you and your family. Thank you again for your continued support.
Brian Anderson
Executive Director, Shepherd's HOPE
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The LORD has put together a tremendous group of ministries. The LORD is going to change Englewood through these obedient ministries working hand-in-hand with each other, glorifying JESUS in everything they do.

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