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THE CENTER of Englewood is owned & operated by Shepherd's HOPE, Ltd. & houses our food pantry & family feeding center as well as By the Hand Club for Kids, Midwest Coalition to Stop Violence, New Life K.N.E.W. Solutions, New Hope Medical Clinic, Plano Vision Clinic, Pass-It-On Academy, Something Good in Englewood, a clothing center, 2 churches & Basketball by Blue..
Prayer + Hard Work + GOD's Blessing = Fruit
Welcome to Spring 2021! A year ago we were in the throws of the COVID 19 pandemic. Like everything in life, we have to wait on the LORD to walk us through it because HE is sovereign over all.
We hope you and your family are well. We at Shepherd’s HOPE are very excited about 2021 because we are about to unveil our new initiative, “Healing Englewood.”
In ministry, growth is predicated on waiting on the LORD. Similar to growth in Christ, it’s on HIS time that every good thing comes to fruition.
We at Shepherd’s HOPE for the last two years have been planting seeds and watering, patiently waiting for the LORD to grow “THE CENTER.” 
It was worth the wait for the fruit has been overwhelming; it’s been a bumper crop. THANK YOU, LORD!
What THE CENTER provides Englewood:
Shepherd’s HOPE Food Pantry and Feeding Center touch the lives of over 5,000 people a week and 70 homeless are brought hot meals every day on the street. Shepherd’s HOPE also shares groceries with 9 south side ministries to distribute to their neighbors in need. All-in-all we distribute 70,000 pounds of food a week.
A.   4 days a week New Hope Medical Clinic provides consulting, exams, and blood tests for 75 people per week.
B.   2 days a week Plano Vision Center provides eye exams and glasses for 25 adults and children a week.
C.   5 days a week New Life K.N.E.W. Solutions, a mental health ministry, has one-on-one and group consulting by appointment.
A.   By the Hand Club for Kids is an afterschool ministry that operates 4 days a week with 250 students in their program.
B.   Something Good in Englewood has e-learning classes 5 days a week with 30+ students in the program.
C.   Pass It On Academy is a daycare that operates 5 days a week with 25+ kids in the program.
D.   Basketball by Blue has basketball clinics and camps in the gymnasium 7 days a week with 250 children and young adults attending weekly.
A.   Midwest Coalition Against Violence. This ministry’s forte is conflict resolution, from gang disputes to domestic disputes to helping those who have lost their way. They pride themselves on building relationships and trust. They are one of a group of ministries I call the glue that holds Englewood together. Every second and fourth Sunday they serve Soul Food in the cafeteria from 2:00-6:00 pm.
B.   Shepherd’s HOPE Clothing Ministry. They have what we call a women’s boutique and the men’s haberdashery supplying people in need with clothing, including attire for people looking for, or working in, business jobs.
A.   New Life Resurrection Universal Ministry holds services every Sunday in the auditorium from 11 am to 1 pm
B.   From Ashes to Beauty/End Time Deliverance Ministry holds services every Sunday in the library from 11 am to 2 pm.
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A lot of prayer, hard work and GOD’s blessings has gotten us to this point. And I want to thank everyone who has been faithfully sharing their resourcesWe need everybody’s help! Since the start of COVID 19, giving has been down. If you know of anyone who has a heart for what we are doing (and about to do), please share this e-mail with them.
With the help of a professional grant writer, we have been writing grants on a consistent basis and we have been awarded a few grants. It takes a lot of time and work writing grants and in many cases even more time for them to be awarded. 
That is why we rely on you, our 400+ individual donors to help us survive. If you haven’t donated in a while, please consider donating again. 
We need your help! 
As you can see, we are open 7 days a week and are providing many services for our neighbors. I guarantee we will not squander your resources; they will be used for GOD’s glory and GOD’s glory alone.
Coming Soon: Healing Englewood
We are getting ready this spring to turn Englewood right side up again with the initiative GOD called “Healing Englewood.” It is a 3-step plan that includes:
1.    Friday Nite Life
2.    Vocational Attributes
3.    Healing Englewood
To read more about this initiative, click here.
We love you all and we are looking forward to taking the next step of this journey with you.
Thank you again for sharing your hard-earned resources with us for the past 12 years. Remember it’s your prayers and resources and GOD’s grace that have brought us to this point. And by GOD’s grace “Healing Englewood” will be the catalyst that will make Englewood the type of community where families play and pray together and gangs/ drugs are a non-entity. ONLY GOD!
Love you and hope to see you soon!

Brian Anderson
Executive Director, Shepherd's HOPE
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The LORD has put together a tremendous group of ministries. The LORD is going to change Englewood through these obedient ministries working hand-in-hand with each other, glorifying JESUS in everything they do.

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