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MVUUF's Forum for August, 2019

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Service Topics for August, 2019

Sunday, August 4th   11:00 AM
Music Sunday
with Sara Davis, Director of Music,
and several guest musicians
Sunday, August 11th   11:00 AM
Celebrating Us
with Rev. Kellie
Sunday, August 18th   11:00 AM
Repair & Healing Taskforce:  Holding Multiple Truths
with Rev. Kellie
Sunday, August 25th   11:00 AM
Worship for All Ages:  YRE Story Collage
with Rev. Kellie and Jerry Leggett, Director of Religious Education

Staff Notes

                                      FROM REV. KELLIE
My Dear Ones,
Happy Anniversary!
We have just completed our first year of shared ministry together. We will be celebrating our first year during the August 11 service, looking at our challenges,   surprises, accomplishments, and transformations. We have much to celebrate and build upon. Here is to MANY future years of learning together, growing together, and loving each other!
At the beginning of July, I wrote to you from paleontology camp in Louisville, KY. This time, I write to you from the Cincinnati Zoo, where Matt has spent a week at a tween camp (7th and 8th graders), learning about different zoo careers and preparing for their teen volunteer program next summer. At the paleontology camp, Matt discovered that he is more interested in the animals captured in fossils than the rocks themselves (biology v. geology). At zoo camp, Matt's love for learning about and working with animals has been strengthened and he is excited to apply for next summer's teen volunteer program. Along with many of our children and youth, Matt returns to school Wednesday, August 14th.
In addition to playing camp mom for Matt this summer, I rediscovered sunshine, driving with the windows down and the sunroof open, and two of my most beloved spiritual practices: singingly loudly to music in the car and walking under bright blue skies. Because of these active rememberings (I may have just made up this word), I am recommitting to my self-care. I will be taking and honoring my regular days off (Tuesday day off and Friday study day), vacation time, and study time. I also am making regular   walking as the most important piece of my self-care. AND in an effort to really make my physical and mental health a priority, I have decided to start a training program to walk the Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati on May 3, 2020. I walked the Honolulu Marathon the year after Matt was born. It was an amazing experience and I am excited to complete the Flying Pig.
Back at MVUUF, I attended the UU Minister's Association Ministry Days conference and General Assembly in Spokane, WA. I was humbled to offer the closing words for Dayton's Lights for Liberty Vigil to End Detention Camps and thrilled that so many of our congregants attended. We did our first outdoor service last week which was a ton of fun. We also had our first Families with Young Children Group event and have had a healthy stream of visitors attend-lots of new faces and new ideas. Please introduce yourself to our visitors and returning visitors (friends) to welcome them and help them integrate into the life of the fellowship. Your friendliness makes a big difference!
Jerry Leggett, our Children and Youth Religious Education Director, and his wife, Patsy Farrell, have moved into their beautiful new home in Arizona and are getting everything settled. Jerry will be returning to Dayton on Friday, August 16th to start his commuting schedule: here for 2-3 Sundays per month, approximately 2 weeks with us in-person each month, and the remaining of the month telecommuting. Jerry will be leading a Worship for All Ages to share the children and youth's UU Story Collage, which they made exploring our Principles through art this summer. As a reminder, this collage will be featured at the Dayton Metro Library in September as part of the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation's exhibit. More details on the exhibit soon!
Jennie Freiberger, our Fellowship Administrator, has been busy this summer migrating our church software to two new cloud-based programs that will allow us much more flexibility, access, and function. Please look out for messages about trainings so that you can learn how to access the new software, Breeze. Your homework for now is finding a good picture of yourself to upload for your profile. You're going to love it!

Finally, the Repair & Healing Taskforce is finishing its report on the Listening Sessions we held in January and February. On Sunday, August 18th, we will lead a service exploring the report highlights and offer after-support to anyone who would like to process their reaction to the service. The report will be distributed electronically on Monday, August 19th. The following Sunday, August 25th, we will hold a feedback session from 12:30-2:00 PM with the Board providing a light lunch for attendees. Together as a congregation, we'll decide how to move forward.
In the meantime, I hope you will join Sara Davis, our Music Director, for our Music Sunday service this weekend (August 4). As part of the 2019-2020 budget, the Fellowship voted to increase Sara's hours from 10 to 13 hours per week. Sara has been working hard to expand our musical offerings past the choir, involving musicians from our fellowship and the greater community. Also, Sara will be offering her popular Vocal Music 101 class again, starting Wednesday, August 7th.
Our future's so bright we gotta wear shades!
Holding you in my heart, 

Rev. Kellie

For more than half of my life, as a student and an educator, August has always brought the excitement and anticipation of a new school year! And here at the Fellowship, it feels like momentum for the new church season is building, too. I look forward to Wednesday evenings in August, starting on the 7th with fun and informative Vocal Music 101 session for ALL who would like a chance to learn more. And on Wednesday, August 28th, our adult choir will resume weekly rehearsals from 7-8:30 PM in the Sanctuary.
My hope for this "new year" is to provide more opportunities for more people to make music. By popular demand, we will hold another open-mic /Coffeehouse evening on Friday, November 8th. And on Wednesday, November 20th, we will host a community concert by jazz violinist Andrew Finn McGill. (Check out some of his music HERE )
But I hope everyone will come to worship on Sunday, August 4th, for our annual Music Sunday service. You'll hear from members "Hitch" Hitchcock, Dell Hitchcock, Lew Hann, and Allison Crews as well as guest performers, Masumi Snyder, Kristi Michelson and guitarist Jim McCutcheon. We'll also have time for favorite hymn requests. See you in church!  
---Sara Davis, Director of Music

YRE Has A Place for YOU!
Attention, teachers and YRE volunteers: please make plans now to join us for an informative YRE Teacher Training Session, on Saturday, August 24th, 9:00 AM until noon, to kick off our exciting year ahead!
YRE Registration Opens August 15th!
Youth Religious Education classes for 2019-2020 will begin on Sunday, September 15th; the registration link will go LIVE on the MVUUF website ( on Thursday, August 15th!
Preschool through 5th grade classes will be using the Soul Matters curriculum, exploring the following themes:

What Does It Mean To Be A People Of...
             Expectation /September
                 Belonging /October
               Attention /November
                     Awe /December
                 Integrity /January
               Resilience /February
                   Wisdom /March
                   Liberation /April
                 Thresholds /May
                         Play /June
Our middle schoolers (6th & 7th grade) will be using Heeding the Call , a social justice curriculum that explores how empathy, courage, abundance, and joy can be tools for justice.
Our older youth (grades 8th-12th) will be exploring ways to put their faith into action through experiences and discussion of topics that they have identified as meaningful to them as they continue to articulate what it means to be Unitarian   Universalists.
For more information and a link to Soul Matters, visit our website, 
---Jerry Leggett, Director of Religious Education  

Fun Activities This Month

         Thursday, August 8th, 11:30 AM, at MCL Cafeteria
You should join this fun group of ladies as they celebrate birthdays! They'll be meeting this month on Thursday, August 8th, at 11:30 AM, at MCL Cafeteria, in Kettering. Please make sure to RSVP to:

Allie Petersen at

Wednesday, August 21st, 10:30 AM, in the Library
Why not plan to join this well-read group? They'll be meeting this month on Wednesday, August 21st, 10:30 AM, in the Library at MVUUF. The book for discussion will be Love In The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. They'd love to have you join them!

Sunday, September 8th, 12:30 PM, 
in the Sanctuary
After a break over the summer, you can look for this fun gathering to return next month! Enjoy what's left of the summer, and then plan to spend some time after the Service on Sunday, September 8th, to find out more about our very own Rev. Kellie Kelly. You'll be glad that you did!

Sunday mornings, 9:30 AM, in classroom #5
After a brief hiatus for during the month of July, the Women's Group is back to meeting again! Please join them on Sunday, August 4th, 9:30 AM, in classroom #5 in the RE Hallway.

The group is open to ALL who identify as women, and they love it if you'd join them!

Friday, August 9th, 6:00 PM, in the Sanctuary
Friday Night Movie
Join us for snacks and a family- friendly film as we view Back to the Future!

Wednesday, August 14th, 1:30-3PM, in the Sanctuary
Games in the Afternoon
Learn to play Mexican Train dominoes, or bring along any game you'd like to play!

Friday, August 16th, 6:30-9:30 PM, in the Sanctuary
Game Night
Bring a game or share a game, and enjoy hanging out with others!
Friday, August 23rd, 6:30-9:00 PM, in the Sanctuary
Craft Night
Bring a craft to work on or learn how to make something new!
Around the Fellowship
To My MVUUF Family,
I first walked into MVUUF in July of 2007. I was a mess. My first marriage had just failed, and I was lost. I had never been a part of a church community before, but at the urging of my mother, I decided to try MVUUF. I knew next to nothing about Unitarian Universalism, and I had no idea what to expect. As I walked into the building to my first service, I was greeted by Rich Robinson. With his long hair, T-shirt, cut-off shorts, and sandals, he looked the quintessential hippie. I was puzzled by his appearance, wondering what kind of place I had walked into.
I was even more puzzled by the service itself. There was no reference to God, or Jesus, or the Bible. I sat in the back, and looked around at the people. No suits. No ties. It was a causal atmosphere. Everyone seemed happy,   relaxed, friendly, and I could sense that people wanted to be there. This place was unlike any church I had ever been to before. I left feeling somewhat less lost, a bit more hopeful, and very curious about what this UU thing was all about. I began attending every Sunday, and I found myself being drawn into the magic of this place.
Two months later, my oldest brother, Bill, died suddenly. Three months after that, my other brother, Kay, died. I was devastated. Those of you who knew me back then witnessed my downward spiral into depression, grief, and despair. Rev. Amy asked a few of you to be my support system. She hooked me up with a therapist, and met with me frequently. I would hazard a guess that many of you did not know the full extent of my problems then, but you were there for me when I desperately needed you. You reached out to me, encouraged me, buoyed me when I was floundering. Whether it was a hug, a handshake, kind words, a card, or even the wink of an eye, this congregation showed me love and compassion. Even in the darkest times, I always felt loved and cared for here, and in a very real sense, you saved my life.
For two years, I battled my inner demons, and experienced the roller coaster of emotions that is part of the healing process. But I also became immersed in our Beloved Community and grew into my UU identity. I served on some committees, the Program Council, sung in the choir, preached, served as a Worship Leader, and was active with most any event that happened. I devoured books from Rev. Amy's personal library on UUism, theology, and spirituality, and slowly, ever so slowly, an idea began to form in my head. Maybe I can become a minster.
I shared that wild idea with a few people, and to my surprise, they quickly affirmed my abilities. As word got around that I was considering going to seminary to become a UU minister, so many of you encouraged me and believed in me. Still, I was unsure, I did not yet believe in myself. However, I will never forget the night when I was in the sanctuary alone meditating, and felt struck by a sudden and almost overwhelming sense of what can only be described as being Called. I realized that my deepest desire was to give back to the world what I had so graciously received from you all. My Call was born out of the love you showed me, and it allowed me to be brave enough to love others.
Your love continued to sustain me after I entered seminary in 2010, but it shined the brightest when I came out to you as Dan in January of 2011. You were there for my first awkward steps into manhood. You walked with me through new territory as I discovered my true self, and you never stopped loving me. When I graduated seminary and moved to Charlotte for my chaplain residency, you sent me off with enough love and support to last a lifetime. You were there to celebrate my wedding, and always you were in my heart. 

After a rough year in Charlotte, a failed internship in Pennsylvania, my mom's declining health, and a crumbling, abusive marriage, I came back here to lick my wounds and try to regroup. It was embarrassing to come back to MVUUF. After all, you sent me away expecting to see a minister when I returned. I came back a shell of a man who felt defeated and undeserving of your love. Yet, you were there. You welcomed me back, and wrapped your arms around me as I grieved what I thought was the end of my ministerial aspirations. You were there and grieved with me when Mom died. And you loved me through each and every setback I experienced.
It took a few years, but I finally found my feet again. I found love again, and a renewed, undeniable sense of Call that could not be ignored. After having tried to convince myself that my ministry was over and that I could be   happy doing something else, I finally accepted that that was just fear talking. So with every ounce of courage I could muster, I made the decision to re-commit to my path toward ministry.
Completing a congregational internship is the last requirement I need to complete before seeing the UU credentialing body, the MFC. This past Fall, I began applying for another internship, and a few days before Thanksgiving, I was offered an internship at the First UU Society of Albany, New York. I was given the gift of a second chance. True to form, MVUUF has been incredibly supportive of this latest development. You have re-affirmed your belief in me, and your continued unconditional love has helped me to find the strength to pull up stakes and move yet again into the unknown.
If you did not know how much this community has meant, and continues to mean, to me, I hope you do now. I am still in awe of the outpouring of love and support you have shown me through the years. You have made me a better person. You have taught me what it means to love, to serve, and to be authentic. You have taught me that UUism is a saving faith, and you have proven that time and again over the years. You are my chosen family, and I love you all dearly. I look forward to the day when, after I complete my internship and pass the MFC, that I can   return to MVUUF to be ordained by you. It makes me a bit teary just thinking about it. Bless you.

Saturday, August 3rd, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM and 
Saturday, August 17th, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM
Have you ever wanted to offer a Sunday service, create an alternative worship, or learn how to preach? Just curious about what goes into the   planning of a worship service?
Please join Rev. Kellie and the Worship Committee for a 2-session workshop on creating a Sunday worship service. This interactive workshop will give you a chance to learn and practice the art of worship in a playful, no-failure environment.
If you have questions, please contact Rev. Kellie at .

The long anticipated announcement is here - MVUUF has a podcast featuring our sermons each week! Sermons from 2019 have been uploaded and will continue to be uploaded on a (mostly) weekly basis, dependent on technical difficulties or unexpected life moments- we all know how that goes. The current timeline is that each week on/after Wednesday, the audio from that Sunday's sermon will be sent out via podcast. 
Ways to listen to the Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Sermon Podcast
  • On the podcast site:
  • In the web player on our website under Worship -> Sermons (coming soon!)
  • Search "Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship" in your podcast app of choice
  • If not found in your app, many apps allow users to add a show/request a show by RSS feed:
  • In "The Podcast Source" app (by Libsyn - the host of our podcast), which is available on Apple (App Store), Android (Google Play), Amazon, and Windows phones/devices
  • Listen in the apps: Stitcher, Spotify,, and RadioPublic
This was a pet project of mine this summer, so I have a few people to thank for indulging my whim. First and foremost is our Communications Rep., Mary Ellen Beardmore, that let me go wild with figuring this all out and coming along with me for the ride. Jim Poltrone has been a very important part in this as our standing A/V expert, creating our service audio each week and cutting out just the sermons so we could do this (side note: podcasting involves navigating copyright laws especially for music). Without him and his ongoing commitment of getting these sermons files to me, this would not have been possible. Lastly, I would like to thank Jay Snively who has helped Mary Ellen and I test a web player for the website and will be updating the Sermon page at in the near future...
If you have read all of this and are thinking "this all sounds wonderful Laura, but what IS a podcast?" - think of it as a     recording that comes to you as it is updated and it is listed all over the Internet so anyone can search for "Unitarian     Universalist" and find us too. A radio show that is available on-demand, like Netflix and TV. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me ( or stop me around the fellowship to chat more about podcasts - I'll be glad to share my favorites with you, which of course NOW includes the MVUUF Sermon Podcast!
--Laura Vondenhuevel

The Program Council's Unsung Hero this month is actually TWO heroes: Andy and Donna Wilson! Most of you know that earlier this year, Andy and Donna stepped up to chair the highly successful 2019 Service Auction, our largest fundraiser. But that's the tip of the iceberg of how they contribute around the Fellowship. They both are diligent in keeping us informed about the state of education in Ohio. Andy has been an endowment trustee; Donna has donated time and talents to RE. They've supported social action in many ways including UUJO, with service by Andy on the UUJO board of directors.  Andy and   Donna both also serve in the greater community as elected public officials. Andy is on the Fairborn school board and Donna is on the Fairborn city council. Andy creatively helped structure the way a family could donate to the Service Auction by organizing a work group to construct their play structure. Win-win is what these two people are all about!

Here's the question: Have you ever participated in a Covenant Group? If the answer is yes, you will likely say that it was a good experience, a chance to know yourself and others better. It may be several years ago, but you still "feel close" to others who were in the same small group.
If your answer is no, please read on. (If yes, read on also.)
Five years ago Covenant Groups were re-introduced at MVUUF. A professional trainer spent a day with 15-20 persons willing to be facilitators. We hit the ground running with bi-weekly groups meeting weekdays and weeknights, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. I still cherish the friendship of members of that first group and each group thereafter. I truly believe that participating in these small groups nourished my spirit and strengthened "beloved community" at the local level.
In 2018 we were introduced by Rev. Kelly to the Soul Matters monthly theme focused resources for UU congregations. We receive resources to explore a particular theme for Sunday worship, YRE and small group ministry. Participants in Covenant Groups are given options and various ways to explore the topic on an individual basis. They then come together to share with the group once a month. This gives us a chance to deepen our spirituality and to share what we learn about ourselves in a non-judgmental totally confidential environment. Some folks go deep, and some just enjoy the readings. There is room for all levels of participation in this opportunity that lasts for 9 monthly sessions, October-June.
Soul Matters also offers Starting Point , an introduction to both UUism and the small group format so important to being a Unitarian Universalist. This is a four-session curriculum for people who are new to UUism or anyone who wants to review and renew this aspect of our amazing spiritual denomination. We plan to offer Starting Point this fall as well.
In September you will have the opportunity to sign up for what interests you and indicate times you are available. Meanwhile, if you have questions, email Diane Colvin at .   

While the pledge table has disappeared from the Sanctuary, your Stewardship committee is still busy wrapping up MVUUF's 2019-2020 pledge campaign. Let's stop and take a deep breath together and drink in some heroic MVUUF accomplishments:
Our MVUUF community learned a new way of pledging, thanks to Rev. Kellie's leadership, an able assist from Jerry Leggett, and worker bees Ann Snively, Bill Ross, and me too.
  • Our pledges for 2019-20 cover the budget for the year. MVUUF is much healthier financially. We needed no emergency fund raisers, no close the gap campaign.
  • More of us pledged to support this church than ever before: 135 people! We need all kinds of pledges, and you made them. Thank you for responding, together, to hold MVUUF in safety and solvency.
  • All-time record total for a MVUUF pledge drive: $233,066. Your generosity made it possible to give administrator Jennie Freiberger a modest but well-deserved raise and upped our game in other small but significant ways.
Thank you for pledging! 
---Catherine Queener for the Stewardship Team

Sunday, August 18th
11:00 AM Sunday Service: Readers Theatre and Report Release
12:30-1:30 PM After-Support Session
Sunday, August 25th
12:30-2:00 PM Feedback Session with Light Lunch
In January and February, Rev. Kellie and the Repair & Healing Taskforce held 5 listening sessions mediated by two professional facilitators from Dayton Mediation Center. Our goal was to hold and honor each person's truth. These differing truths offer us both complexity and opportunity.
Sunday, August 18th, Rev. Kellie and the Taskforce will lead a service exploring the report highlights and offer after-support to anyone who would like to process their reaction to the service. The report will be distributed electronically on Monday, August 19th. The following Sunday, August 25th, Rev. Kellie and the Taskforce will hold a feedback session from 12:30-2:00 PM with the Board providing a light lunch for attendees.
Together as a congregation, we'll decide how to move forward. Like the majority of our work, we are continuing what others have started and we will not finish it quickly. Repair and healing do not happen in a linear timeline and the outcomes rarely match our initial expectations.

Are you looking for a new adventure? Have you just joined MVUUF, or maybe you're a Friend of the   Fellowship? We are currently searching for a few more people to serve on the Finance Committee. You don't need to be a bookkeeper or accountant; you don't even need to like working with numbers! You just need to have good common sense, a desire to learn more about how our finances work, and be   willing to brain-storm about many money matters that go on at the Fellowship.
No, we don't really look for pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, but, if you have any info about that, please contact me right away! We'd love to have you join us! If you're interested, or want to know more about it, please contact me, Jim Patton, treasurer, at 937-956-1097 or .

Have you heard? The monthly meetings of MVUUF's Board of  Trustees are open to all, and the first 10-15 minutes are provided for members & friends to ask any  questions they may have of the Board members.
The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for Sunday, August 21st, 1:30 PM, in the Founders' Room.

Sunday, August 4th, 6:30 PM, at MVUUF
Join CUUPS for our celebration of the Lammas on Sunday, August 4th, 6:30 PM, at the Fellowship. Lammas is the first harvest festival of the season celebrated by a majority of Pagans. It is a joyous festival with ritual that honors the rhythms of nature, as we express our gratitude for the first harvest of the season. We'll be sharing ritual and home-baked bread to represent the gifts of this harvest. There is no charge to attend, and the event is family-friendly. Please bring a dish to share for the after-ritual meal. 

You can contact Kathleen Werning or Adrienne Clark with any questions you may have at .
We hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 11th, 12:30 PM, in the Founders' Room
Our CUUPS Discussion Group meets on the second Sunday of the month (August 11th), 12:30 PM, in the Founders' Room at the Fellowship. Our discussion topic will be Imposter Pagans , presented by Sarah Withrow. Sarah will give a brief introduction, with discussion to follow. The event is free & open to all, and family-friendly. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us for a lively, informative gathering. You can contact Kathleen Werning or Adrienne Clark with any questions you may have at 

Sunday, August 18th, 6:30 PM, at MVUUF
CUUPS will have a ritual to honor the full moon on Sunday, August 18th, 6:30 PM, at the Fellowship. August's full moon is referred to as the Sturgeon or Grain Moon; derived from the abundance of sturgeon fish and grain harvested at this time of year. We'll gather at 6:30 PM, with the ritual beginning at 7:00 PM; snacks & conversation will follow (bring your favorite snack to share!). The opportunity for divination will also be available for those interested. The event is free & open to all, and family-friendly. You can contact Kathleen Werning or Adrienne Clark with any questions you may have at

The New Moon Book of Shadows Group will not meet in August due to the Lammas celebration. A mini packet will be available, focusing on the astrological planet the Sun and the elemental direction of North. You can get a mini packet during the Lammas celebration; packets for previous months are available from Adrienne Clark for a $2 copying fee. You can contact Adrienne at to request a packet or for more info. The New Moon Book of Sahdows group will meet again on Sunday, September 1st, 6:30 PM, at MVUUF.

Monday, August 19th, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room
The Environmental Book Club will meet this month on Monday, August 19th, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room. They will be discussing two books: A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of Spring Migration by Kenn Kaufman; and Alex and Me (How a Scientist & a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process by Irene Pepperberg.

Remember, due to allergies, asthma, and other sensitivities of our members & friends, we ask that you please refrain from wearing scent at MVUUF (perfume, aftershave, scented hair products, lotions, etc.).

Thank you for helping us to be a safe as well as welcoming congregation!

You can order fair trade coffee after the Sunday Worship Service at MVUUF! Orders are placed on the first Sunday of the month (this month that's August 4th!), and then your order should be ready to be picked up on the third Sunday of the month (this month that's August 18th!).

There are many varieties and bean grinds to choose from...some are even organic! For more information, feel free to contact Lynn Buffington at or 937-657-0426.

Did you know we have a lost & found box at the Fellowship? It's located in the Office area, on the floor under the long table holding all the plants!

If you think you may have lost something while at MVUUF, it's the FIRST place you'll want to look!

Showing Up for Justice
Thursday, August 1st, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room
 This newly-formed group is a supportive place where white congregants can work on reducing and eliminating their own white fragility and internalized racism without harming our siblings of color. 

This group usually meets on the first Thursday of the month, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room. Questions, concerns or suggestions? Please email Rev. Kellie at .

Monday, August 26th, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room
This group offers a supportive place where cisgender congregants can work on reducing and eliminating their own internalized transphobia and heterosexism, without harming our transgender siblings. Meetings are usually scheduled for the 4th Mondays of each month, at 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room.

Contact Rev. Kellie at with any questions or concerns.

Monday, August 19th, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room
The Social Action Committee meets on the third Monday of the month, 7:00 PM, at the Fellowship. On even-numbered months they gather in the Library, and on odd-numbered months they meet in the Founders' Room.
If social action issues are something you feel strongly about, why not consider joining them? The meetings are open to ALL.

Saturday, August 10th, 10:45 AM, 120 West Apple Street, in Dayton
Please join us on August 10th, in providing our long-standing second Saturday lunch for women and   families staying at the St. Vincent de Paul Shelter.   We continue our "summer" menu and our needs this month include sandwich filling (sloppy joes, BBQ pulled pork/chicken/beef, tuna salad and one batch of egg salad), vegetable dishes (pasta salad with LOTS of veggies, cole slaw, or other vegetable - green beans and vegetable medleys have been popular!), green salads, fresh fruit/fruit salads, 100% orange juice and 1% milk (we use buns from St. Vincent's pantry for the sandwiches). We need several donations of most items, with each donation serving 15-20 people. Please bring all items---heated if   applicable---to 120 West Apple Street (the St. Vincent de Paul Gateway Shelter) by 10:45 am.   You can sign up for Saturday, August 10, lunch on the clipboard in the Gathering Space, or you can contact Lynn Buffington at 937-657-0426 (call or text) or You can also check on what is needed at   SignUpGenius   (no need to log in unless you also want to sign up through Genius). 

We expect St. Vincent's to continue to be very full with about 120 in house, but the number of Saturday lunch diners is unpredictable as some residents, especially families, take advantage of warmer weather to go elsewhere. In June we served 83, but in July there was a free picnic nearby and so we served 33.     Thanks to the many who served (in the below photo) and/or provided food in July!  
If you would like more information regarding volunteering, please take one of the info flyers near the sign-up sheet in the Social Action area in the Gathering Space. 


One Last Thing... 



You can keep up-to-date with all the happenings at MVUUF by viewing the Fellowship's online calendar right HERE.


The calendar is updated throughout the week, so it's ALWAYS the place to check & see what's going on at MVUUF; usually, it's quite A LOT!



We are a liberal religious community that embraces diversity and respects the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  ALL are welcome here, no matter their race, class background, sex, sexual/affectional orientation, gender expression, or ability.


Please visit us on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. for our worship service---

we'd love to see you!