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MVUUF's Forum for September, 2019

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Service Topics for September, 2019

Sunday, September 1st   11:00 AM
The Challenge of Expectation:  Reflections from 
the Shared Pulpit Workshop
with Sara Davis, David Cobb and Joe Law
Sunday, September 8th   11:00 AM
Worship for All Ages:  Water Communion
with Rev. Kellie
Sunday, September 15th   11:00 AM
Expectation & Engagement
with Rev. Kellie
Sunday, September 22nd   11:00 AM
This Is Me--This Is Us
with Rev. Kellie 

Sunday, September 29th   11:00 AM
Westwood School
with the West Dayton Action Group

Staff Notes

                                      FROM REV. KELLIE
My Dear Ones,

Welcome to the beginning of the MVUUF's program year!
Although we are a year-round congregation, the majority of our programming occurs from September to June. We try to take a wee bit of a rest in July (at least that's what we tell ourselves) and then use August for planning and start-up.
You may be wondering why I'm telling you about the scheduling of the program year. (Isn't it cool how I know what some of you are thinking?) I'm telling you because I believe in trying to be as clear as possible about the how and the why of what we do together. I want you all to know what to expect. When we have shared expectations, we are more likely to collaborate well together. To me, shared expectations are an important part of shared ministry, one of the foundation materials.
With the beginning of the program year, we return to our monthly Soul Matters themes for worship, child and youth religious education, and covenant circles. This month's theme is Expectation. (I know-that might have been a little too obvious of a connection, ha!) What expectations do we have of ourselves, each other, our country, our world, and/or God? What expectations do we think others have of us? What happens when our expectations aren't met or we fail to meet someone else's expectations of us?
As I stated earlier, shared expectations provide the foundation of shared ministry. Along with shared expectations, accountability and trust provide foundational support for us so that we can flourish. Accountability is easier to create than trust because accountability involves systems or habits of making sure that we're meeting our expectations, changing our expectations when necessary, and openly sharing this information with the entire group. Systems and habits are always easier to control than emotions and feelings. Luckily for us, good systems and habits of accountability naturally generate trust.
In the 2019-2020 program year, my hope for our fellowship is that we can continue the important work we did last year, by creating shared expectations of each other and MVUUF and by creating effective systems and habits of accountability that will ensure we meet our shared expectations. While some of this work might be a tad boring (procedures, policies, and bylaws), much of this work promises to be exciting and inspiring. We will dream together, imagining what we want our shared ministry to be--who we want to be together--how we want to change the world from our small corner of it. Please keep a watch for announcements from the Board about these important collaborative sessions this fall.
As I did last program year, I have selected a song for this month's Soul Matters theme of Expectation. I selected "This Is Me" from the motion picture The Greatest Showman, about famous Universalist P. T. Barnum. 

Our expectations are profoundly shaped by who we think we are and who others think we are. Often, the stories we tell are inaccurate, both about ourselves and others' judgments of us. I invite you to revisit your stories this month and ask if these stories are true. Who would you be if you could share your whole self with MVUUF, if you could believe that you deserve to be loved exactly as you are today-if you could let go of everyone's expectations of you and just be you?
I'm thrilled to find out.
Holding you in my heart, 

Rev. Kellie
What I'm Reading (or What I'm Listening To):
  • Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment by Amir Levine and Rachel S.F. Heller
  • How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
  • Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in Ministry, edited by Mitra Rahnema (this year's Congregational Read, starting in October)


If I asked you to remember your graduation commencement, I would bet the soundtrack playing in your mind would be Pomp and Circumstance by Edward Elgar. Or for a wedding ceremony, it's almost a guarantee you'll hear Here Comes the Bride (The Bridal Chorus from Wagner's opera Lohengrin ) or maybe Pachebel's Canon in D .
So many of our significant life events and seasons are interwoven with a traditional soundtrack. Think of high school football games. Can you still hear the marching band? And of course Christmas holiday music which unfortunately, retailers start blaring in November!
Many of these musical associations are personal and unique; a mother's lullaby, a couple's special song playing at that moment when they fell in love. I wonder-do you have a soundtrack that plays in your mind when you walk into church? What songs or hymns do you feel bring you into the presence of our Fellowship? Keep giving me your thoughts and ideas!

I'd also like to let you know that we'll be offering a new opportunity for music-making! An Acoustic Folk Jam group will begin meeting each month on the 3rd Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM, in the Sanctuary. At our outdoor worship service in July, you heard guitars and dulcimer providing accompaniment. Several folks have expressed an interest in getting together to play with others. This is a chance to dust off your instruments, find those old song sheets and get together for fun and enjoyment. Come on out and bring a friend this month on Tuesday,   September 17th here at the Fellowship. Questions? Email Lynette at or Sara at .
 ---Sara Davis, Director of Music

RE at MVUUF Rocks -- Get Registered Today (and find out MUCH more about our wonderful RE Programs)!

You can click HERE for the link, or visit our website at 

After you've registered, here are other things you can do:

1. Stop by the Dayton Metro Library downtown and see firsthand the very cool artwork our young people created this summer to express their connections with our UU 7 Principles. Show your support (along with Rev. Kellie and myself) by stopping by on Sunday, September 8th at 3:00 PM for the Opening Reception of the exhibit that will feature their art: " Changing the World through Peace Literacy."

2. Invite others (friends, neighbors, relatives) to register their young people in the MVUUF Religious Education program. If asked, I am happy to meet personally with prospective families who would like to learn more about who we are and what we have to offer.

CHILDCARE VOLUNTEERS! One very important need we have right now is to enlist five or six childcare volunteers to assist with Sunday morning childcare. Each Sunday, we plan to pair one or more MVUUF volunteers with our paid staff in an effort to be sure we are ready to welcome new families and the growing number of children that are finding a home here at MVUUF.   lease contact Jerry Leggett today at 937-999-7314 for more information.

Lastly, my hat's off to Rene Hick and our YRE Team that continue to provide great support to our RE program. Lucky us (we are blessed)!
---Jerry Leggett, Director of Religious Education
Fun Things To Do This Month

Sunday, September 8th, 12:30 PM, 
in the Sanctuary
After a break over the summer, you can enjoy spending some time after the Service on Sunday, September 8th, to find out more about our very own Rev. Kellie Kelly. 

Find out what she was up to all'll be glad that you did!

Sunday, September 8th, following the Worship Service
After many years of dedication & service, Dale Bockhorst has decided to retire from his position as Bookkeeper at MVUUF. While we are sad to see Dale finish his time as a staff member, we're happy to know he'll still be around attending events and serving as an Usher. Yay! To show Dale how much we appreciate him, we'll be enjoying some cake & coffee after the Worship Service on Sunday, September 8th. Please plan to attend and thank Dale for all of his hard work!

Thursday, September 12th, 11:30 AM, MCL Cafeteria, in Kettering
If you identify as a woman, you should think about joining this fun group of ladies as they celebrate birthdays every month! They usually meet on the second Thursday of the month, 11:30 AM, at MCL Cafeteria in Kettering. This month, they'll be meeting on Thursday, September 12th.
If you're going to attend, please make sure to RSVP to Allie Petersen at

Wednesday, September 18th, 10:30 AM, in the Founders' Room
This well-read group meets on the third Wednesday of every month, 10:30 AM, in the Founders' Room at MVUUF. This month, they'll gather on Wednesday, September 18th, to discuss Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou.

They've also selected several books 
for the coming months:

October 16th = The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier
November 20th = Stay and Fight: A Novel by 
Madeline Fitch
December 18th = Dinner with Edward: 
A Story of Unexpected Friendship by Isabel Vincent
January 15th = The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
The group is open to all, and they'd love to have you join them!

Sunday, September 15th, during & after the 11:00 AM Worship Service
Be sure to attend the first annual Fall Fair at the Fellowship, sponsored by your Program Council and Board of Trustees, on Sunday, September 15th!
During and after the service you can become more familiar with the wide range of ways to participate and engage at the Fellowship.
You can:
  • Get information on many of our on-going groups
  • Sign-up for activities and groups that pique your interest
  • Snack - look for the best snacks by visiting each table!
  • Chat with new and old friends
  • and have FUN!
Come and look for opportunities for deeper connections at MVUUF! 

(Under 10 Years of Age) Sunday, September 22, 12:45 PM at MVUUF
Are you the parent/guardian of a young child or children (under 10 years of age)? Would you like a chance to get to know other parents like yourself?

Then bring a packed lunch or grab a to-go lunch and meet other families for lunch, playset play, and (hopefully, fingers crossed) adult conversation!

We are forming a new group for families with children under 10-years old, a group where the adults can socialize while the kiddos play. If it rains, we'll camp out in the nursery and preschool room. If you would like to participate but can't attend the kick-off event, please contact Somaya Bernard at for more information.

Sunday mornings, 9:30 AM, in classroom #5
The group is open to ALL who identify as women, and they love to have you join them!  

The discussions are confidential with topics of general interest and those with a women's viewpoint. They meet on Sunday mornings, 9:30 AM, in class room #5 in the RE hallway.  
Around the Fellowship

This month's Unsung Hero Award goes to Catherine Queener, also known as CQ.  She is a tireless, crafty, and process-oriented volunteer who never fails to walk her talk. CQ has served MVUUF as a member of the Ministerial Search Committee twice in recent years, yielding two fantastic ministers.  She has taught children in YRE for the past 20 years or so.  She enthusiastically  co-chaired the Stewardship 2019 Campaign and is involved in learning, social action, and supporting many more activities and programs of MVUUF.  She finds sneakier ways to serve informally as well, turning her extra CSA foods into Sunday sustenance for fellowship-goers, creating engaging visual displays to support events, culling the invasive wetland vegetation with her husband, Dave Nolin, and occasionally cheering spontaneously (appropriately, too) during Sunday service. 
 Woohoo for CQ!  We honor you.

(Or to Learn More About UUism, MVUUF, One's Self and Others)
Chalice Beginning Sunday, September 1st, you can sign up to attend one of two options that may lead you to membership at MVUUF. There will be a table in the rear of the sanctuary after the service for more   information about these programs. You do not need to be "new" to participate!
Introduction to UUism : Bob Lewis will conduct this class. It will meet at 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings for eight weeks, beginning on September 22nd. Each session is an hour and 15 minutes, and the series provides a comprehensive introduction to Unitarian Universalism.
Starting Point: An Introduction to the UU Journey : Rev. Kellie Kelly and Diane Colvin will lead this Soul Matters pathway to membership in a UU congregation. There will be four two-hour sessions, either on a week night or Saturday afternoon, depending on the availability of the participants, beginning in October.
Both options will provide information about the history of UUism and this fellowship, and either will be valuable if you are considering joining MVUUF or if you just want to learn about this unique spiritual community. Sign-ups will continue through Sunday, September 15th.

In 2018 we were introduced by Rev. Kellie to the Soul Matters monthly theme focused resources for UU congregations. We receive resources to explore a particular theme for Sunday worship, YRE and small group ministry. Participants in Covenant Groups are given options and various ways to explore the topic on an individual basis. They then come together to share with the group once a month. This gives us a chance to deepen our spirituality and to share what we learn about ourselves in a non-judgmental totally confidential environment. Some folks go deep, and some just enjoy the readings. There is room for all levels of participation in this opportunity that lasts for 9 monthly sessions, October-June. You can find the link for the September packet  HERE .
This month you will have the opportunity to sign up for what interests you and indicate times you are available. Diane Colvin, our Membership Rep., will be registering folks on Sunday, September 8th and Sunday, September 15th, at a table in the back of the Sanctuary after the Worship Service. Meanwhile, if you have questions, email Diane Colvin at .   

Dear MVUUF Friends,
Your Operations Representative is looking into our pool of resources (that's YOU) to find some skilled and willing volunteers to help with specific needs around our shared space. With the help of staff and members, I have identified specific needs, listed below. We also have things come up periodically that require specific skills or physical effort. If you are willing to help with specific items OR you are willing to be on my go-to list for future needs, please contact me, Genevieve Harvey at or 937-477-2385 .
One-time projects :
  • Refinish wood: the seat and front of the backrest on both pews from First Unitarian Church, including shoring up one armrest and the meeting of the seat and back on the other.
  • Acquire a brass plates to install on the back of the pews in the Gathering Space
  • Wire an additional doorbell into the Gathering Space
  • Pressure wash floor entrance floor mats
  • Reupholster vintage couch and chair in Library
  • Research options for replacing the tree markers for dedicated trees (Bessie Lee Shropshire, Fred & Evelyn Venus)
  • Assist in rewiring lighting fixtures for LED (You will be trained!)
Periodic (or one time) tasks :
  • Clean carpet in the Founders' Room, Library, and Sanctuary
  • Minor plumbing
  • Coordinate outdoor work days
Lest you think we have been idle, let me tell you what's been done this summer! (I'm really excited about this list.)   We have: built a shed, demolished a shed, fixed some paint, got four plumbing issues fixed, cleaned up our patio weeds, removed invasive plants in the wetland, fixed a clock, refined rental procedures, and got re-certified as a green business. We are currently working on plans to fully convert to LED lighting, repair our roof and HVAC condensation issues, and we're also figuring out what to do about fixing rotten wood on the building, reopening our labyrinth, and continuing the Sanctuary Gallery. Our wood doors to the Offices will be reinforced and looking good soon, too!
I'm so grateful for all of those who have stepped up to help make things happen. I'm sure I have missed a few things, so please forgive me AND tell me if you see I left something out! Big thanks to Maury Wyckoff, Jeff Bohrer, Steve Thompson, CQ, Julie Bragg, Jacob Nolin, Joe Law, Dawn Green, Phil Wise, Iris Carter, Bonnie Thompson, Sara Davis, Mike Fanelli, Bob Dover, Dori Dick, Gail Cyan, Kathleen Pennington, Joe Zimmerman, Bill Lange, and Jennie Freiberger for help on Operations this summer!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Bryan Stevenson, civil rights attorney and author of Just Mercy encourages people to "get proximate" to people in suffering. He has done just that, himself, by getting to know persons on death row in the prisons of Alabama and getting the death penalty lifted from many. And, he has worked to change laws, such as eliminating the death penalty option for minors or the mentally ill. He reminds us that people are not just the worst thing they've done - people are whole human beings worthy of grace and dignity. It sounds like a UU perspective, to me.
In my work on antiracism at MVUUF I became aware that I needed to put my privilege to work in some way, and after a lot of discernment, I decided that becoming a UU minister was the best way for me to do that. I was called by my faith that was asking me to live out the principles and I was being called by Bryan Stevenson to "get proximate." The criminal justice system calls to me to step up there.
I am beginning a ministry in reentry - working with people who are being released from prison, often referred to as returning citizens. The road ahead is difficult for returning citizens; they are challenged to find jobs or housing, to go to school, and in most of the ways people use to get ahead, they find barriers. They continue to serve their sentence even after they've done their time.
You must wonder what a minister can do about all this! For me, there are two paths. One is to co-create small group ministry for people who wish to build a community of support and acceptance. The other is to find ways to reform the criminal justice system. If either of these areas of work interest you, please let me know. I am already at work shaping these ministries with others who do similar work.
I also want to take a moment to thank MVUUF for sponsoring me as an aspirant for the UU ministry. This step was taken by the Board under the leadership of Gail Cyan and Rev. Greg Martin. I am so grateful to the Board for their support. Sponsorship is the first step for people who want to be UU ministers and seek "Fellowship" with the UUA - a process that credentials and assesses the minister's basic qualifications. Sponsorship does not mean the congregation vouches for our ministerial capability or pays our way. It means you have recognized us as committed to the Purposes and Principles - and at least shows some sense of confidence in our suitability for the ministry. MVUUF has sponsored many ministers, and I believe it reveals how strong our faith is in the power Unitarian Universalism can have in the world and in ministries of all kinds. I, for one, am grateful.
--- Alice Diebel

Some of you may already know that we have a collection of sermons on audio CD in our library. These sermons were delivered by our ministers and members, and have been recorded for future reference and playback. As the lead A/V tech here at the Fellowship, I've also taken on the responsibility to be the curator of the collection of CDs.
Our collection goes back to 2001, when we were at the building on Far Hills Ave. on Oakwood, and were recording sermons onto cassette tape. I've digitized all of the tapes, and am in the process of creating CDs of those sermons. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the accompanying Orders of Service, so I have to guess where the track markers are supposed to go. When we moved to our current building in 2003, we started recording the sermons digitally, using audio recording software (such as Audacity). As of this writing, we have approximately 900 CDs in the collection.
How can a member check out and borrow one of these CDs? We have special "placeholder" CDs in the library. To check out a disc, write the disc set number, the disc number, your name, phone number, and the date that the disc was checked out, using one of the grease pencils provided, and place this disc in the folder from where the disc was taken. This gives us a visual indicator that a disc is checked out, and a record of the person who checked out the disc.
While we don't have a set borrowing time or limit on the number of discs to be checked out at a time, I suggest that discs be returned no later than 4 weeks after checkout, and that members check out no more than two discs at a time. To check in a disc, return the disc, remove the placeholder disc, and wipe off the information with a cloth or paper towel.
As technology changes, so should our methods of recording and distribution, if it benefits us to do so. You may already be aware that we are starting to release sermons as podcasts available through our website. (Refer to Laura Vondenheuvel's article on podcasts published in the June/July issue of  The Forum .) Our podcast collection currently goes back as far as August 2008, when Rev. Kellie started her ministry with us. This may change in the future, but that depends on several factors, including demand for the old sermons, obtaining the necessary permissions for public release, and the available storage space by our hosting provider. I don't see the podcasts as replacing the sermon CDs, but supplementing them and making the sermons available to a wider audience, including members who are unable to attend services in person.
--- Jim Poltrone  

Have you heard? The monthly meetings of MVUUF's Board of  Trustees are open to all, and the first 10-15 minutes are provided for members & friends to ask any  questions they may have of the Board members.
The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for Sunday, August 21st, 1:30 PM, in the Founders' Room.

Remember, due to allergies, asthma, and other sensitivities of our members & friends, we ask that you please refrain from wearing scent at MVUUF (perfume, aftershave, scented hair products, lotions, etc.).

Thank you for helping us to be a safe as well as welcoming congregation!

You can order fair trade coffee after the Sunday Worship Service at MVUUF! Orders are placed on the first Sunday of the month (this month that's September 1st!), and then your order should be ready to be picked up on the third Sunday of the month (this month that's September 15th!).

There are many varieties and bean grinds to choose from...some are even organic! For more information, feel free to contact Lynn Buffington at or 937-657-0426.

Did you know we have a lost & found box at the Fellowship? It's located in the Office area, on the floor under the long table holding all the plants!

If you think you may have lost something while at MVUUF, it's the FIRST place you'll want to look!

Showing Up for Justice
Thursday, September 5th, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room
This group is a supportive place where white congregants can work on reducing and eliminating their own white fragility and internalized racism without harming our siblings of color. 

This group usually meets on the first Thursday of the month, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room. Questions, concerns or suggestions? Please email Rev. Kellie at .

Monday, September 23rd, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room
This group offers a supportive place where cisgender congregants can work on reducing and eliminating their own internalized transphobia and heterosexism, without harming our transgender siblings. Meetings are usually scheduled for the 4th Mondays of each month, at 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room.

Contact Rev. Kellie at with any questions or concerns.

Monday, September 16th, 7:00 PM, in the Founders' Room
The Social Action Committee meets on the third Monday of the month, 7:00 PM, at the Fellowship. On even-numbered months they gather in the Library, and on odd-numbered months they meet in the Founders' Room.
If social action issues are something you feel strongly about, why not consider joining them? The meetings are open to ALL.

Saturday, September 14th, 10:45 AM, 120 West Apple Street, in Dayton
Please join us on Saturday, September 14th, in providing our long-standing second Saturday lunch for women and families staying at the St. Vincent de Paul Shelter.   This will likely be the last month of our "summer" menu and our needs this month include sandwich filling (sloppy joes, BBQ pulled pork/chicken/beef, tuna salad and one batch of egg salad), vegetable dishes (pasta salad with LOTS of veggies, cole slaw, or other vegetable - green beans and vegetable medleys have been popular!), green salads, fresh fruit/fruit salads, 100% orange juice and 1% milk (we use buns from St. Vincent's pantry for the sandwiches). We need several donations of most items, with each donation serving 15-20 people. Please bring all items---heated if   applicable---to 120 West Apple Street (the St. Vincent de Paul Gateway Shelter) by 10:45 am.   You can sign up for Saturday, September 14 lunch on the clipboard in the Gathering Space, or you can contact Lynn Buffington at 937-657-0426 (call or text) or You can also check on what is needed at Sign Up Genius HERE (no need to log in unless you also want to sign up through Genius).
We expect St. Vincent's to continue to be very full with about 120 in house, but the number of Saturday lunch diners is unpredictable as some residents, especially families, take advantage of warmer weather to go elsewhere. In August we served 89 people; 53 in the women's group at 11:00 AM and 36 in the family group at noon. Thanks to the many who served (in the photo below) and/or provided food in August!
If you would like more information regarding volunteering, please take one of the info flyers near the sign-up sheet in the Social Action area in the Gathering Space.

Saturday, September 21st, 10:00 AM, on the grounds of MVUUF
Please plan to join us in a few weeks when members of the Five Rivers' Chautauqua visit MVUUF for their annual Peace Tree Planting in celebration of the International Day of Peace. Rev. Kellie will be on hand as a white pine tree is planted on the grounds of MVUUF...did you know that the Haudenosaunee (formerly Iroquois) believe t he white pine tree was the tree chosen by the Peacemaker as a symbol of the unity of the nations of the Haudenosaunee confederacy? Its needles which always grow in clusters of five are symbolic of the uniting of the nations. The white pine also has broad branches that can provide shelter and it is beneath the tree that the Peacemaker asked the Chiefs to join him (from ).

Please plan to attend this peaceful event; we'll enjoy coffee and light refreshments afterwards.

Update about large item donation : Donations of large items such as furniture and appliances can be   taken to St. Vincent de Paul for tornado survivors. St Vincent has drop off locations at the women's   shelter at 124 Apple St, Dayton and at the thrift store on 945 South Edwin C Moses Blvd. UCC Shiloh does still have need, but the need is posted on as needed basis. These needs can on Shiloh Tornado Resource Center page on Facebook and will be shared on the MVUUF Tornado Recovery group as well.
Love Notes : YRE is going to make love notes on Sunday, September 8th. Cards have been donated by our DRE, Jerry Leggett. The Tornado Recovery Team and YRE are collecting notecards, stickers, and $5 gift cards (Walmart and Kroger preferred) to help lift morale and hearts of the tornado survivors by helping UCC Shiloh, who is in touch with 30+ people recovering from the tornado damage.  Kristen Beireis is finding out how many children and adults there are to write to so we can have the adults in the congregation write notes too that Sunday. Also. gift cards for Walmart and Kroger and cash donations are being collected for UCC Shiloh. There will be a table to collect these items beginning Sunday, September 1st.
Be a Buddy : UCC Shiloh needs volunteers with case management experience and have time to help people through recovery. There are professionals that help set up plans but due to memory issues, disabilities, confusion or other issues, follow through becomes a problem. The role of the buddy is to provide reminders for appointments and paperwork with phone calls or texts to check to see how the appointments went. Transportation may need to be provided. If problems, the buddy reports back to the Assessment Team. Compassionate, reliable buddies are needed for this work.

Other Tasks : Donation runners and people willing to help provide transportation are still needed at UCC Shiloh. They are also looking for an administrative assistance for their tornado recovery efforts.
Next Meeting : The MVUUF Tornado Recovery Team next meets Tuesday September 17th, 7:00 PM in the Founders' Room.  All are welcome to attend and find out first-hand what we are doing and how to lend support. 

Saturday, October 5th, at Wesley Community Center
On Sunday, September 8th, we will begin collecting donations for our annual Baby Shower to be held on Saturday, October 5th at the Wesley Community Center. The Baby Shower is a key part of the Wesley Center's Baby Ready Program, which has the goal of reducing the infant mortality rate in Montgomery County. Expecting moms who attend the shower receive one of our gift baskets filled with essential baby supplies. The new moms are also enrolled in the Baby Ready Program, which seeks to keep mom and baby healthy both before and after delivery through home nursing visits and other services.
Each year we prepare to host up to 24 women at the shower: we provide 12 gift baskets and St. Andrew's Methodist Church provides 12 gift baskets. Last year we collected a surplus of donations so that leaves us with 8 baskets remaining to be filled. The list of needed items will be located at our display in the Gathering Space. Please sign up on the donation tracker spreadsheet next to the item(s) you wish to donate. We will also accept cash donations if you would like us to do the shopping. We will collect for four Sundays, September 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th. Return your donations anytime during that period, but no later than Sunday, September 29th.
The Baby Shower has been very generously supported by MVUUF for many years. Thanks to everyone for your continuing support of this important project. If you have any questions regarding the shower or the list of donations please contact me.
--- Steve Steel for the West Dayton Action Group

Monday, September 16th, 10:30 AM, 
at The Castle, 133 N. Main Street, Centerville
Did you know that members of MVUUF have been helping out at The Castle for quite some time? It's true! The Castle is a daytime, social/peer support gathering place for adults with severe and persistent mental health disorders, located at 133 N. Main Street, in Centerville. They provide so much for their members:  transportation, peer & social support, daily meals, summer camp, monthly field trips, and many more activities that support social, mental and emotional stability. 

The Castle will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary next month with a special "gala event" and we'll be sure to provide that info when it becomes available!

One of the ways our MVUUF members enjoy helping out is by serving lunch to the members on the third Monday of each month, beginning at 10:30 AM at The Castle. You'll find Mary Lou Heitkamp, Mike Fanelli, and Nick & Shirley Gezinski (among other volunteers) in the photo below. 
Other volunteer opportunities include playing cards and visiting with the members Mondays-Fridays.

Of course, The Castle is always in need of donations to assist in their endeavors, and because they are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization your donations are tax-deductible; if you'd like to donate please make your check payable to Friends of The Castle.

And if you'd enjoy volunteering, please contact Mary Lou Heitkamp at      937-657-2873 or Mike Fanelli at  

Wednesday, September 18th and Thursday, September 19th, 
in Columbus at the Statehouse
Rev. Kellie will be attending both of these protests, and would like to get a group together to attend each day due to the importance of each event. If you would like to attend one or both of these events, please contact Rev. Kellie at

Wednesday, September 18th, 12:30 - 3:00 PM
"Do Something - Stop Gun Violence."
A march and rally to demand an end to the growing culture of violence and hate.

  • The march will start at 12:30 PM in the Columbus Commons.   Rally will be at 1:00 PM on the High Street side of the Statehouse. 
  • We are then planning an action on the 4th St side.
  • We will be demanding that the Ohio Legislature pass a a series of gun control measures:  pass a Red Flag law; institute universal background checks;  raise the minimum age to purchase a firearms to 21; a ban on gun possession by those convicted of domestic violence; a ban on trigger cranks, bump stocks and devises that allow firearms to act like an automatic firearm; a ban on assault and military-style rifles; and a ban on high capacity magazines.  And maintain the need for permits, training and checks for those who carry concealed guns. This list is a work in progress so there may be some additions.
  • Many of these measures have already been proposed in the Ohio Legislature, but sit ignored in committees.

Thursday, September 19th, all day
"Freedom Demands Action"
A lobby day and action to stop Ohio SB 33
  • SB 33 is a bill that was originally written by the oil and gas industry and the Koch brothers' ALEC organization to stop protests like the one that occurred at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.
  • The bill makes it a potential felony to protest - even non-violently- at so-called "critical" infrastructure sites --  like pipelines, fracking wells,  oil refineries, oil and chemical and gas  storage sites, energy plants,  water treatment sites, mines,  railroad property, and so much more.
  • The bill would fine churches and non-profits up to $100,000 if they are found to be 'complicit' when one of their congregants or members is charged with felony protest.  
  • "Complicity" is not defined.
  • Churches and non-profits would be fined for helping pay a protestor's fines or any civil action damages.


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