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eNews #245
24th June 2020
Events & Exhibitions
Join comics expert Paul Gravett and Tom of Finland Foundation President Durk Dehner in conversation to celebrate Pride – part of #TOMs100 and Islington Word Festival.
Online Exhibition - Through 26th June
No physical show will take place in Basel this year though visitors are still be able to discover artworks in the Online Viewing Rooms.
Online Talk - 27th June
Over the course of two days, the 12 hour event will feature discussions and live entertainment with over 50 guests, ranging from activists, non-profit organizations, political leaders, artists, musicians, drag queens and comedians.
Online Exhibition - Through 8th July
The exhibition consists of Sandford’s Polaroid suite 1421 Laveta Terrace, snap shots of his personal experiences and atmosphere at Tom of Finland Foundation taken during his time as artist-in-residence there and serving as an homage to Tom.
Exhibitio n - Through 19th July
As of 11th May, Fotografiska Tallinn’s doors have been reopened to visitors seven days a week. It is also possible to book a visit to Fotografiska in advance so that everyone can visit the exhibitions safely.
News & Announcements
Tom wanted to help create a world where everyone would be accepted as they are, to be able to live free from the scrutiny and judgments of those who seek to perpetuate a system of oppression.
Tom of Finland is credited with helping increase the visibility of Black gay male subjectivity throughout the final quarter of the 20th century. Critics point to this artistic period as his most overtly political statement on race.
“I collect many types of art, but drawings have always been a passion,” said Jonathan Anderson about his inspiration for the capsule. “And as a gay man and a designer, Tom of Finland has always fascinated me. 
During the month of Pride, the LGBTQ community is coming together to support our black community and shine light on remarkable queer people.
Join comics expert Paul Gravett and Tom of Finland Foundation President Durk Dehner in conversation to celebrate Pride – part of #TOMs100 and Islington Word Festival.
Year after year, art collectors from all over the world have made the early-summer pilgrimage to Switzerland to attend Art Basel, with some 93,000 visitors attending in June 2019.
Behind the artist name of the master of homoerotic art lies the advertising art director Touko Laaksonen (1920-1991), whose correspondence has survived from more than six different decades.
Former Artist-in-Residence Jordan Michael Green is back home at TOM House with a new mini web series. The series is filled with art, kink, and all the fun things it takes to navigate through the city of LA.
Seth Bogart is about to release his second LP Men on the Verge of Nothing on June 26th.
This online exhibition is an intimate collection of photographs and moving image works by British artist Stuart Sandford.
Published for the occasion of the centenary of Tom’s birth, this new book sheds light on his private life and his art in an entertaining and amusing manner, in the spirit of his joyful and pleasureful artworks.
The recorded concert debuted on Tom’s birthday and is now on YouTube to enjoy below.
In honor of Tom’s centennial, you are invited to watch and get to know the rural landscapes where he grew up and what inspired him.
The Finnish Diplomatic Missions in the US produce a Suomi–Finland Podcast series in English.
We are so happy that so many of you helped to celebrate from afar, and wanted to thank everyone, especially those who made something for Tom, on his special day.
Last Sunday on Daddy's Day we traditionally have held TOM's Bar.This year, please remember Tom, all the good times we have had together, and make this an occasion to support his Foundation by making a donation or becoming a member.

A message from our president and cofounder in these unprecedented times.
Enter your artwork into the Emerging Artist Competition today.
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