There are a few things that bring a smile to just about anyone's face. I think bubbles are one of them! Every summer I sneak into the kids section at the Walmart and buy myself a new jar of bubble soap. Then, every morning, before work I stand out on my deck and blow bubbles for a minute or two. AHHHH... it just makes me happy!

What are some unique or special things you like to do with your family in the summer? Vacations are great, but summer is also full of simple activities. Biking, eating that first sweet piece of watermelon, going down the slide at the neighborhood pool, being amazed by fireworks. You know what brings you joy!

And that is what we are wishing you as you enter another summer.


Wise words from a MSW (Masters of Social Work) textbook,

"The client is the author of her own life

and the architect of the therapy"🌼 

Current Psychotherapies, contributed by Hannah Strege

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After four years of dating, Tim and Ellen were joyfully married in January 2013. They always talked about having children. Tim frequently joked that he wanted 2.5 kids (the national average).

Ellen’s younger brother was adopted from Russia at the age of two, so adoption was a part of the couple’s discussion about building a family. What they didn’t realize was how soon adoption was going to play a role in their lives.

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You may feel like creating a family profile for your adoption matching process is daunting. But never fear! Your Snowflakes team has created some helpful tools for you. First of all, we have short video guide providing you with a good overview of what to include and what not to include.

We provide you with a paper instructions outlining the same. Our team is ready and willing to provide you with feedback and suggestions (at your request, of course).

But, would you REALLY like to simply outsource the creation of your family profile? Yes, you can do that. We recently spoke with Katie at Purl Adoption Advisory. She and her team provide a reasonably priced service to create your profile for you. They have several templates to choose from - they give you a simple outline to complete and you provide the photos. How easy is that?

New Dads (and Moms) Celebrate


This month we welcome 13 new Snowflakes babies!




M & T welcomed their son Austin, #907

D & A welcomed their daughter Franny, #908

B & J welcomed their son Dominic, #909

C & R welcomed their daughter Grace, #910

J & A welcomed their son Aiden, #911

A & M welcomed their son Levi, #912

B & A welcomed their daughter Emory, #913

D and S welcomed their daughter Danica, #914

B & S welcomed their son Copper, #915

N & K welcomed their son Benaiah, #916

B & M welcomed their daughter Victoria, #917

G & A welcomed their son Matthew, #918

T & G welcomed their daughter Ada, #919

Franny doesn't realize how 'cool' she has been for many years!

Dominic is resting up as he dreams about his next dad and mom encounter.

Matthew is well-loved by his older Snowflakes brother Michael.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Emory is impressed by the room outside the womb!

One of many more big yawns to come before bedtime Danica!

Levi is prayed for and delivered!

Grace is truly a beautiful spring flower wrapped in pink.

Copper's dad and mom clearly have some future camping trips planned!

Oh my! What a cozy nest dad and mom have made for Benaiah.

Aiden and his folks will be going on MANY adventures together!

Blissful, that's how Miss Ada looks as she sleeps.

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