Good Morning,

Our Faith and Film series this week takes us to the story of Alexander Hamilton and the musical Hamilton. In honor of the lyrical genius that takes place in the show, I figured that today’s Friday Email should be done in the same medium. So today I present The Friday Email: Hamilton-style.

How does a poor young Jewish boy born in a manger
Grow up to be the hero to the friend and the stranger
Has 12 friends that he chooses to empower
And somehow overthrows a global superpower
With nothing but words and ideas that couldn’t possibly work
Meanwhile he stands to the side with nothing but a smirk
Turn the other cheek, love your neighbor, have you tried forgiveness
By the end of his story you gonna know who this is
But the greatest trick he ever pulled was long after he was gone
His chosen followers chose not to be withdrawn
The guys story traveled from nation to nation
Crazy thing is it traveled across the generations
To this day people gather to talk about who he was
even though he is now above
They all gather together to imagine a world centered around love
A new world that he envisioned that it’s our job to bring to fruition
It may take a lot of ambition but it has to be our mission
A world that costs no admission and does not require an audition
It loves with no condition no need to ask permission
It treats people without suspicion and puts all the bad things into remission
It gives us all the ammunition and all of the life definition
To begin this competition where we need no intermission
This new world deserves our recognition now its time to begin the expedition
Jesus was the original revolutionary. Join us this Sunday at 10 AM as we talk about our legacy. Our text is John 13:1-17 (The Message translation).

Grace and Peace,


P.S.-You can watch Hamilton on Disney+, but if you can't subscribe to that streaming service, you can listen to the soundtrack on all major music streaming platforms and still understand the whole story.