How to Help Your Family to be Grateful This Year
By Amanda Idleman
"What are you thankful for this year? This question could be hard to answer as the events of this year have unfolded in ways that none of us could have ever anticipated...Unfortunately, we can't control things like school closures or illness but we can help our kids see that it is possible to handle uncertain times while maintaining a joy-filled heart." This article gives five practical ways you can show gratitude for both the joys and challenges this year has presented.
10 Best Bible Apps for Kids
By Amanda Idleman
"These days screens are literally everywhere!... Technology has the potential
to be a great tool that we can use to expose our kids to key tenants of the Christian faith when used well. Using discretion about the kinds of games, apps, shows, and more that we allow our kids to consume is so important in the world of modern parenting." This article is a reminder of the importance of technology safety and gives some great ideas for safe, Bible-based apps your kids will love!
Five Ways to Stir Up Curiosity About Faith in Our Kids
By C.S. Fritz
"Our kids are curious by design. They are watching, imitating, pushing the boundaries, and constantly asking questions because they have an innate need to know why...It can be easy to spark that curiosity in our kids when it's something tangible,...but how can we as caregivers instill a Godly curiosity within our kids?" This article is a great reminder of the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity you have to point your child toward God and helping him/her understand how to grow deeper in his/her faith in Him.
13 Ways to Build Resilience In Your Children
By Sophia Auld
"Of course, all parents want their kids to be safe and
happy. But discouraging them from taking any risks can mean raising kids who aren't prepared for real-life adversities. And in times like these, where kids are surrounded by uncertainty due to the COVID-19 situation, helping them develop resilience
is more important than ever." This great article is a reminder of how important it is
to allow kids to face struggles and provides
a list of strategies to help your child
develop resilience.
Parenting Is Gardening
By Kelly Keller
"Some perspective is needed in order to maintain faithfulness in the routine,
the mundane. We don't see immediate results. Parenting is one of the most long-haul of all long-haul undertakings. We will not see the fruit of our efforts
for decades. But we need to plant the seeds." This article offers encouragement for parents and is a great reminder to rely on God when you feel weary.
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