13 Tips for Teaching Device Etiquette at Home
By Disney Circle
"Kids looking at their smartphones while you're trying to make conversation or playing video games when it's time for dinner? Encouraging more family time often means disconnecting from our individual devices." This article offers simple, practical steps you can take to teach your child technology etiquette both inside and outside the home.
3 Reasons to Praise Your
Kid More
By Andrew Linder
" I look more often for reasons to be critical than I look for reasons to praise. However, I'm learning
that while my criticisms can be deflating to my family, my praise can be edifying and motivating." This article is a great reminder of how important of our words are and suggests easy, everyday ways you can
(and should) praise your kids more.
Helping Your Kid Navigate Their 27 Different Emotions
By Holly Crawshaw
"Imagine being six years old and waking up with an uneasy feeling in your tummy and not really knowing what it's all about. You don't even know the word anxiety--much less the source of your discomfort. That's the situation some of our kids find themselves in--experiencing a wide range of emotions and not having the context, life-experience, or even the language to talk about them." This great article helps you know how to guide your child to navigate his/her emotions and both process and express them in a healthy way.
5 Counterintuitive Ways to Make Your Child Happy
By Andrew Linder
"Every good parent wants to make their child happy. But what if a parent's good intentions to bring happiness to their child is actually working against them in the long run? {These are five things} parents are often hesitant to do with their children either out of inconvenience or because they're afraid of their child's disapproval." Based on the wisdom of Proverbs, this article suggests ways you can help your child develop character. Though hard right now, it will help your child grow into a happy, healthy adult in the future.
Should You Force Your Kids to Go to Church?
By Jennifer Waddle
"Think about it this way: We require our kids to go to school so they can learn and expand their knowledge. We require them to brush their teeth so they won't get cavities. We require them to be respectful in hopes they will grow up to be respectable members of society. So, why wouldn't we require them to go to church? No matter what our kids' ages or stages, it's important for them to attend church with the family." This article is a great reminder that, though you are your child's spiritual leader, coming to church plays an important role in your child's spiritual growth.
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