4 Ways to Go for Grit Over Grades This Year
By Brad M. Griffin
"When it comes to achievement, effort counts twice. Why? Because effort develops grit. And grit is a better predictor of success in a whole host of outcomes than grades or talent." This article is a great reminder of the importance of encouraging your child to put forth effort no matter what he/she is working on and gives four simple tips for helping your child develop grit and endurance.
**Dr. Batson preached an incredible sermon in 2017 about the importance of raising kids with grit. You can view a clip here or
4 Ways Every Dad Needs to Be Intentional
By Andrew Linder
"When my kids were young, one of the highlights of my day was playing with them at night. But as a father of four, sometimes being a fun dad exhausted me. Working hard to provide for a family is also a tiring task...Over time, I realized there's a difference between having good intentions and actually being intentional with my kids." Not just for dads, this article gives practical ways you can create quality time with your kids.
The Five Love Languages for Your Children
By Jim Burns
"The five love languages...are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch...Most of us have a primary love language and perhaps a strong secondary love language...As you discover your child's primary love language, focus on using it regularly--but do not neglect the other four. The others will be even more meaningful once you are speaking your child's primary language." This article gives a simple explanation of each love language and suggests ways you can use your child's love language to strengthen your relationship.
Shepherding the Heart of
My Special Needs Child
By Jamie Ake
"How do I point my child to Christ? After all, this is her greatest need, even over her special needs...Helping my special needs child understand her purpose can be difficult to figure out in the shadow of her considerable physical and mental limitations...Allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work in my special needs child's life requires me to trust Him through the process. I wish there were an easy, well-worn path that believers in a similar situation have followed in the past that leads to a special needs child who loves the Lord, desires to follow and serve Him, and trusts Him fearlessly. But, there just isn't. What I must do is prayerfully follow the Lord's leading as I parent her." This article offers gentle encouragement for parenting your special needs child.
25 Things I Want My Kids to Know
By Carol Cuppy
"There are hundreds of things that are important to teach our kids during their lifetime Here are just twenty-five things that I want my kids to know as they grow up. What would be on your list?" This article gives simple, yet important, lessons to teach your children as they grow.
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