April 5th, 2019
The Friday Five 
The "Friday Five" is intended to be a weekly offering to those interested in the work of Middletown Youth Services Bureau and the Greater Middletown Community Collaborative and contains various news of interest around supporting youth and building community. Enjoy!

1. To Read:
True Representation By  Ted Wachtel

Founder of the International Institute for Restorative Practices, Ted Wachtel, has been active in his restorative practice social change work.  Follow Watchtel's contributions both in Building A New Reality - a non partisan evidence based social change movement and his most recent book, "True Representation: How Citizens, Assemblies and Sortition will save Democracy" Wachtel looks at both practice and policy as he continues to contribute to the behavior health field. Wachtel argues that the restorative process can be modeled by the American government to encourage better decision making in our increasingly polarized political system. Attached below is a free copy of True Representation. 

2. To Watch: 

Catch a showing of Resilience on April 12th at noon in the Baggish Conference room at Middlesex Hospital. Resilience looks at the impact toxic stress and trauma on the brain and practices that youth supporting communities should adopt to mitigate these effects. Resilience is a valuable teaching tool for our community and behavioral health system. 

"It's a film that is necessary viewing for a deeper knowledge of what you or others have gone through in life and also serves to enlighten us closer to a greater empathy and understanding for others in our community."
-David J. Fowlie, Keeping it Reel

3. To Attend: 
REMINDER: Special Education "Unconference" 

The Special Education and Pupil Services Department will be hosting a Parent "Unconference" for Families of Students with Special Needs in collaboration with Middletown School and Family Partnerships and Middletown Parks and Recreation Department. The event is comprised of a collection of unstructured discussion sessions, where families can talk with one another and with school staff to share information and talk about how we can work together to support our children's success.  

The event will be hosted at the Middletown Senior Center, 61 Durant Terrace, from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. on Saturday, April 6th. 

4. To Attend: 
Youth in Adult Prisons Event

Join the CT Juvenile Justice Alliance on April 15 at the LOB for a forum with Senator Gary Winfield on why we need youth out of adult prisons and jails in our state. A press conference will be offered immediately before the event and all are encouraged to attend. Youth incarceration rates are rising even as youth crime rates drop. This is a critical moment to take a deeper look into our juvenile justice system. 

5. To Explore: 
Not to miss programming and events 

1. Family Resource Center April Calendar:
The resource center has lots to offer this spring from play groups to Parent in Action meetings.  Mark your calendar with these not-to-miss opportunities.

2. Program openings!
Wheeler's extended day treatment program has openings available. The program is intended for children ages 5 to 17 who meet the Intermediate Level of Care criteria. 
"EDT is a community-based program that offers a structured, intensive, therapeutic milieu with integrated clinical treatment services. Services are provided year round during non-school hours for an average period of six months. A team of multi-disciplinary staff including psychiatrists, master's level clinicians, and para-professional direct care staff provide a broad range of treatment services and psycho-social interventions."

3. Explore Your Path Forward Conference:
All young men in the greater Middletown community are invited to come to the Augusta Curtis Cultural Center for a free half day conference discussing future opportunities for young men.  The conference will kick off with keynote speaker Michelon Dorzin followed by a panel discussion, and concluded with workshops. 

Have a suggestion?
For suggestions of meeting topics or Friday Five materials, please email Justin Carbonella at justin.carbonella@middletownct.gov or call 860.854.6030.